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 {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode   65.


 I stare between Connor and the girl again. 
Calvin McQueen? 
What the hell is happening here? 

 "I heard you haven't been in office, these past few weeks. I've went there and couldn't find you. Is everything alright? "
 The girl says and my eyes widens immediately as I turn back to Connor who isn't saying anything but only staring at the floor. 

 Is this all a joke or something? He... He has been lying to me? 
Oh god. I can't believe this. 
He fooled me all these while! 

 "Calvin, why are you..?"

 "Shut the fuck up Skylar. Shut the hell to! "
 He shouts at her and I shake my head before grabbing my bag and storming out of the restaurant while he runs after me. 

 "Isabelle, please! "
 He finally catch up with me and pulls me back by the arm. I turn back, jerk my hand away from him and hit him across the face, as hard as I can possibly do. 

 "You lied to me! "
 I yell and he shakes his head. 

 "I didn't mean to. I swear to you I didn't mean to, I really have my reasons. Please, just.. "

 "You fooled me! "
 My voice cracks as tear rolls down my cheeks 

I can't beliebe this right now  
This hurts so damn fucking much! 
He lied to me! Told me he has no one and has been chased away from his office. 
Told me he has nowhere else to be. 
He fooled me and played with my feelings. I can't believe this right now and it hurts so fucking much. 

 "Isabelle please, you have to listen to me. I really have my reasons, I promise you. 
I didn't mean to do that, I really do have good reasons for doing it. "
 He says and I shake my head, moving back away from him. 

 "You have reasons for playing with my feelings and toying with my emotions? What possible reason could you have to have done this?! "
 I yell harder, tears keeps screaming down my cheeks and I care less about then. 
Just when I thought I've found someone I could open up to. 
Just as I wanted to give him a chance... To let him in again, this fucking shit has to happen. 
 "Drive me home right now. "
 I mutter, cutting him off from wherever crap he's gonna say and I can see the tiny tingling of smile across his lips. 

 He pads over to the car and open the door. 
I sniff and get in while he closes the door and pads across the car to get to the drivers seat. 

   He starts the engine and I lay my head against the window, breathing hard with the tears still rolling down my cheeks. 
I try stopping them, I tried to wipe them off but as soon I wipe them off, they keeps screaming down. 
It hurt so damn much and that's when I realized I truly care about him. 
That's why it hurts this much. 
I've let him in even more than I let on, that's why it breaks me this much that he had played with my feelings. 
He didn't care... Not even once to tell me who he really is. 
He just played along. For what exactly? 
To what end? 

 He stops the car and I look up to see that we are already at home. 
I get out of the car immediately and walks over to the door. 
I open the door and walk inside the house, slamming the door hard behind me. 

 Connor or should I say Calvin walks in behind me and I scoff before turning to him and crossing my arm against my chest, staring down at him. 

How couldn't I have noticed? 
I had been so caught up in him that I didn't even notice who he truly is.
Of course I should have.

 The first day we went on a real date. I remember a old man calling him Calvin but he denied it and told me he's mistaken for his boss and I foolishly believed it. 

 Also, the car and the suit and everything. Even claiming to know the owner of the restaurant. Oh god. I've been fooled so much and I didn't even notice. 
I didn't thought that he could have ever fooled him. 

 That's why his skin looks so smooth, even though he told me he's suffering. 
He lied about his relatives also. 
 "I really have a reason Isabelle. "
 He says and I nod, signalling for him to go on and talk me. 

  "All my life. I've always been fooled. I love the girls but they only want me for either my looks or my money.. "
 He stops and sighs, taking a step toward me. 
"It has always been this way and I was getting tired of everything. I'm not getting younger and I need someone that wouldn't love me for my money. That's why my friend brought a plan. 
To act as if I'm not rich and see if any girl would want me. 
That was the day I let you, I liked you instantly but I was afraid you would dump me also. That's why I pretend to be Connor just to gain your affection "
 He says and I shake my head. 
So it's really true. He's Calvin McQueen. 

 "But I promise you. I swear I was gonna tell you tonight. I've been waiting to but I needed it to be the time you would have cared for me. 
That's why I decided it to be tonight. I'm so sorry you found out that way Isabelle but I swear I didn't use you. "
 He says and I nod slowly while he stares at me, obviously waiting for my answer. 

 "Get out. "
 I stated.



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