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 {πŸ’˜Searching for loveπŸ’˜}

        Episode          64.


 I smile as I stare at myself in the mirror. 
I'm dressed in a red gown that stops a little above my knees. It has one sleeve and the other one is strapless. 
There's a net at the front with a love shape and it's really tighter than I thought it would be. 
It brings out my curves and my cleavage. 

 I wore this just three months ago. Did I gained weight already? 
 I look good in it anyways. 
I smile and turn my back to the mirror before grabbing a band and packing my hair up I'm a ponytail. 

 I do just red lipstick and mascara before grabbing my flat white sandals which gas a golden bow on it. 
I put it on and look at myself once more in the mirror. 

 Being satisfied with my look, i grab my bag and stuff it with all the necessary things I would be needing before walking out of the room. 

 I walk downstairs and stare at my clock.
It's almost seven. Connor left already and he should be here any minute. 

 The front door opens and Connor walks in and I watch the way his pupils dilate as his eye rakes down my body. 

 "Fucking hell! "
 He curses, taking slow steps towards me and with the way he's looking at me, it makes me feel pretty confident. 

 "Stop acting like that. "
 I flush under his intense gaze and he takes his eyes to meet mime. 

 "You're really beautiful. "
 He says and I smile as my cheeks flush and I'm blushing already. 

 "Stop it and go get ready, would you?! "
 I playfully roll my eyes. 

 "I'm not joking. You look stunning. "
 He says and I thank him. 
He walks towards my frame and gives me a swift kiss on the lips before going upstairs and I breathe out. 
I really can't wait for the date to begin. 


 Connor got dressed and we both drive off with my car. 
I keep asking him where he's taking me but he said its a surprise. 

 He stops the car at a restaurant and my eyes widens as I stare at it. 
This is a big restaurant. How did he..?

 "You don't have to worry, a friend helped me out. "
 He smiles at me and get out of the car then paces around the car and opening my door. 
I get out of the car and stare at the restaurant with my eyes widen. 
It's really such a big restraint. I'm sure it must be expensive. 

 "Are you sure it's okay? "
 I ask and he chuckles before putting his hands in his pocket. 
 "I know the owner of the restaurant when I used to work before I get sacked so it's okay. "
 He assures me and I nod while we both walk in. 

 We were taken to a table and I couldn't stop looking around the restaurant, it's really beautiful and big also.
The light is dimmed but you can still see the people around. 
 "It's really beautiful and big. You really know a lot of people now that I think about it. "
 I stop looking around and turn to Connor. 
We already placed our orders and it's gonna be here soon. 

 "I guess I do. "
 He flips his hair playfully and we both chuckles as he stares at me. 

 "I'm glad that you accepted my date. "
 He says and I smile. 

 "I'm glad you asked me. "
 I retaliates and he nods before grabbing my hands from across the table. 

 "Isabelle... "
 He calls and I gulp in, patiently waiting for what he is gonna say. 

 "Calvin?! "
 A voice says behind and Connor drops my hands as he turns to the girl who just called his name. 
I recognize her instantly. She's the same girl that kissed him instantly. 

 "I knew I couldn't mistake Calvin McQueen. "
 She smiles and I watch Connor body goes tense while I look between the two of them. 

 Calvin.... McQueen? 

 What's happening right now? 
Why is she... Why is she calling him Calvin McQueen?


  1. Good for Calvin. Something you would have told he at home. Thanks writer

  2. Calvin u would have just tell her at home,

  3. I knew something was surely going to happen 😿😿😿
    What even brought that witch there sef πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. busted
    Now u are in for trouble



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