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  {💘 Searching for love💘}

        Episode         63.


 I smile as I use the spatula to turn the pancakes. 
I'm very happy that Connor says he's gonna stay and although it's only gonna be the a short time since he says he would be leaving soon due to feeling uncomfortable. 

 But I'm glad I will have him here for the next few days and even if he does leave, we would be I'm good terms... I hope. 

 I feel him wrap his arms round my waist and I know it's him already cause of his scent. 
I smile and snuggle into him even more and he plants a kiss to my neck. 

 "I'm cooking Connor. "
 I groan and he hums against my skin while I chuckle. 

 "Let go. "
 I mutter and he turns me to face him while I sigh , smiling at him. 

 "I need you to promise me something. "
 He says and I raise my brow at him. 

 "What's that? "

 "Promise me you would do it first. "
 He says and I sigh. 

 "Connor.. "
 I whine.  

 "Promise. "
 He repeats and I sigh before nodding.
It's probably nothing big. 

 "Promise me that whatever happens. You would always allow me to explain before making your decision if situations arrives. "
 He says and I breathe out.
Is this about the girl again? 

 Okay, I know I went a little extreme but only because I was hurt to have seen him with her. It still hurts right now but I know now that it wasn't his fault. 
He didn't do it intentionally abd he would never hurt me purposely.
I know that now. 

 "If it's about that girl I saw with you. It's okay, I forgot about it already. "
 I say and he shakes his head. 

 "Just promise me. "
 He insists and I'm about to talk when I remember the pancakes.
 Oh god. 
I quickly turn back and flip then again thank god that none got burnt even though one nearly did. 

 "Isabelle. "
 Connor calls while I'm busy taking the pancakes into the plates and I huff. 

 "I promise okay, I promise I would listen to your explanation before making any decision now help me with that cloth! "
 I yell and he gives me the small towel.
I use it round the handle of the pan and carry it up while flipping the pancakes. 

 "Thanks for that. "
 Connor sat from behind me and kiss my cheek. 
I smile before nodding and turning off the gas. 

 "Can you make coffee? "
 I turn to him and he smiles then nod before walking away while I drop the spatula and use the towel to wipe my hands. 

 I grab the syrup and spread it all over my pancake before grabbing milk and spreading it over mine again. 
I was about to drop the milk when I remember Connor said he would also like it.

 I smile and spread small quantity of milk over his pancakes then I grab the plates and walk over to the dining table. 

 Connor comes with the coffee mugs while I pour water into the cups. 

 "It looks delicious. "
 Connor says and I smile at him before taking a sip from my coffee and nodding my head at the taste. 
He prepared me just Exarctky like I like it. 

 "Thanks for this. "
 I raise the mug ti him and he assures me its nothing before we start eating. 

 "When are we going to the date?"
 I ask him and he smirk at me. 

 "Seven. I just have to go somewhere to grab some things. "
 He says and I groan remembering the last time we had a date and he had to go somewhere. 
It ended badly. 

 "Don't worry, it's nothing like that and I won't keep you waiting. "
 He says and I smile before nodding. 

 I really hope this date works out. 
I want to be moving forward with him, not backwards anymore. 

 This date will be a step forward and I won't nothing would ruin it for me.



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