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 {💘Searching for love💘}

     Episode        62.


I have to go. I have to go back to May and back to my company but here I am, with my arms wrap around her and me, pulling her possessively to my chest. 

 I love her. Fuck, I love her more than I can ever express. 
She doesn't want me gone. She wants me to stay and knowing could ever bring me so much joy. 
To know that she truly cares for me; just like I do for her. 
I love it. I had thought she wouldn't reciprocate my feelings but maybe I'm wrong always. 
Maybe I still have a chance with her but I have to speed up things. 

 I can't leave May all alone there. 
I will have to be going to see her everytime and prevent anything that's gonna happen between those two. 
I can't keep lying to Isabelle either, I have to tell her the truth soon.. Sooner than I thought. 
I just hope she understands and I hope by then, she would have love me enough to not let go. 
 I grab her hips and shift it against my body before pulling away from me and laying my forehead against hers. 

 She smiles at me and look down at my lips. 
I know she wants to but that would have to wait for now. 

 "Do you think you can go on a date with me tonight? "
 I raise my brows at her and she tilt her head to the side like someone who's seriously thinking. 

 "You mean to make up for the one you ruined yesterday? "
 She frowns and get down from me and I smile. 
She's cute when she's jealous. 

 "Yesterday wasn't my fault.
You just got the wrong idea. How's that my fault? "
 I playfully roll my eyes and she chuckles. 
I love seeing her smile. 

 "Fine. Let's see what you have for today then. 
I will get ready. "
 She smiles at me and I nod before pecking her forehead. 

 "Okay, I will go unpack my things. "
 I smile before dragging my bag towards me. 

 "Okay, I will go prepare breakfast. "
 she smiles at me before walking away while I walk upstairs, back to the room. 

 I drop the bag on the floor and grab my phone, caking Adam. 
I had told him that I would come today but it seems the plans changed already. 

 I will just go on Monday. I will have to tell Isabelle about me tonight. 
I know she'll get angry at me.. Maybe but I know she'll understand and forgive me. 

 His voice comes in and I walk to lock the door, in case Isabelle just come and overhear everything. 

 "Hey, I called to tell you that I might not be returning today. Tomorrow, yeah. "
 I sigh and there's silence at the other background then movement. 

 "Sorry, I was talking to someone. Um, okay but why? I thought you said you are returning. "
 He says and I nod, even though he can't see me right now. 

 "Yea, I know and I didn't mean not to come but I have to do something first before I return. "

 "Okay. Anytime you're ready, how are things with Isabelle? "
 His voice is cool and strained. 
I've notices this eve since I caught him together with Isabelle.

 This is one of the reasons I didn't want them together. 

 "Adam, I will be home tomorrow and Isabelle is fine, thanks for asking. 
And stop acting like that, I know what you did was wrong and you're sorry but you really don't have to sound so distant. "
 I say and he sighs. 

 "I know. I just feel bad that you had to catch me in that position. "
 "I know. I know you do but it's alright. As long as it doesn't repeat itself anymore."
 I say and he hums. 

 "I Will be excepting you tomorrow. "
 I hum before hanging up the call and staring around the room. 

 I need to tell her tonight. 
How do I explain to her in a way that she would understand?




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