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 {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode        60.


 I could feel her body, thrashing against mine. 
I could feel her pains. The way she had screamed. 
The way the tears rolls down her cheeks. 
The way she hold onto her head like she just want it gone and it hurts me down to my bones to see her in such a way. 
It hurts so fucking badly. 

 I have over seen someone like this and it hurts that I had to see it again. 
Seeing Isabelle like that made me think about my mother. 

 I could remember her screams at night. 
I could remember the way she would be covered in sweats when we got to her. 
I could remember the way her eyes were full of fear and panic. 
I could remember everything vividly well and it hurts to remember such a dreadful experience. 
It hurts that this had happened to her. 

 I couldn't save my mother then. I couldn't do anything about it but I wouldn't make the same mistake with Isabelle. 
 I watch as she lays her head against my chest and her body relaxes immediately. 
I feel her relax in me and I sigh knowing that she had feel this way because of me. 
How will she so this when I'm home? 
What would she do with her constant nightmares? 

 I shake my head and try not to think about her on her bed, body thrashing and sweats rolling down her forehead. 

 "Sebastian. "
 She utters and I know instantly that that's the name of the motherfucker that made her this way. 
The cause of her nightmare. 
The reason she's like this and so uptight. 
I want to find him and beat his ass up. 
Maybe kill him also. 

 I shake my head off the thought and think about her body in my arms, relaxed against mine. 
And in her calmness, I found my own sleep. 


 I breathe out as I slowly open my eyes and roll to my side. 
I remember yesterday. This time was the worst and I don't know what would have happened if Connor hasn't been here. 

 I sigh before standing up and seeing that Connor isn't in the room anymore. 
Where could he have gone to this early? 

 I sigh before getting off the bed and walking into the bathroom. 
Today is Sunday which means no work for me. 
Stephan is gonna return soon. 

 I walk out of the bathroom after brushing only my teeth and I walk out of my room towards downstairs.

 I walk into the living room and that's when I see Connor all dressed up with his bag beside him. 
He was on a call when I see him. 
Immediately his gaze meets mine, he smiles at me before dropping the phone and turning to me. 

 "Did you sleep well ? I was just about to call you. "
He smiles. 

 "Where are you going? "
 I say and ignore his question about me sleeping well. 

 "Anywhere. I don't really know but I would be fine. "
 He smiles and I shake my head. 

 "You don't have to leave for anywhere . You don't even have somewhere to go. Just stay! "
 I snap, trying not to let my anger about him trying to leave show.

 "I don't have to. I will find somewhere, don't worry about that but I think my time here is over. 
Thanks for allowing me to stay up until this period Isabelle. 
You're really a kind hearted and good lady. 
I hope you find someone who will relieve you of all your pains. "
 He smiles at me and kiss my forehead before stepping back.

 "Tell Stephan I ask for him to take care of you. "
 He smiles before turning back and dragging his bag with him. 
I watch as he takes one step. Two steps away from me. 

 He turns back and smile at me before turning back. 

 Three steps. Four. 






 "I don't want! "
 I finally yell, my chest heaving up and down and he turns to me with a raised brow. 

 "A guy that will relieve my pain. I don't want to find him. "
 I say breathing hard and he turns his entire body to me. 

 "Cause I only want you. "
 I whisper but hope he hears anyways and when I look at him, his eyes are widens. Giving me the indication that he did.




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