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  {💘Searching for love💘}

       Episode         57.


I watch as she walks angrily away from me. 
I don't think she's angry about me standing her up at the date but what could have happened apart from that? 
Why is she so angry? 

 I sigh before following her upstairs. 
Everything has been going so well, I can't bare to have her go jack to how she was before. 
I have finally been making progress. 
I should be moving forward and not backwards, around this damn cycle over and over again. 

 I open the door and thankfully for me, it's open and I can hear the shower running. 
She's in the shower. 

 I pace around and wait patiently for her to come out. 
After what feels like forever, she comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrap round her body and I couldn't help but to let my eyes linger down her body. 

 "I thought I made myself clear earlier. "
 She says, jerking me out of my eye raping session and I blink my eyes before letting my eyes meet with her gaze. 

 "What happened? Why are you so angry at me? 
I'm sorry I asked you to a date and ended up being late. 
I really didn't mean it to.. I was just.. "
 I start saying and she chuckles. 

 "You think this is about that? "
 She raises her brows and I raise mine too, wondering what she's talking about. 
What could possibly make her angry apart from that? 

 "But I didn't do anything else... "
 I say slowly and she laughs, shaking her head. 

 "There's no need to hide anything Connor. "
 She says and my eyes widens as I stare at her. 
How did she found out? 
She really found out that I'm not who I said I am? 
I've tried to keep it so much from her until I know she wouldn't be that much angry about it but how could she have found out? 

 "Yes, Connor. There's no need to hide your girlfriend away from me. "
 She says and my eyes widen, even more. 

 "You can be with her all you want. I'm bot gonna be between you guys but please, just help me out of whatever game you were trying to play on me. "
 She says calmly. Too calmly and I'm still confused about what she's talking about. 
Which girlfriend? 

 "But I don't have a girlfriend. "
 I chuckled and her eyes shoot at me, fire blazing in them. 

 "I can't believe you're lying right now. "
 She shakes her head before walking away and I trail behind her like some sort of lost puppy. 

 "In not. I really don't have a girlfriend. "
 I repeat again. 

 "Just stop it! "
She yells, turning back to me with her face so red. "Stop lying to my face. I saw you kiss her! "
 She yells, even louder and I'm still confused until realization hit me. 

She's talking about Skylar but how? How did she saw us? Was she outside… waiting for me? 

 I don't know what prompt me to but I actually start laughing. I don't know why but I just did. 
Maybe the fact that I just found out she was outside, waiting for me... Only for me.. To return back here to her. 

 Or maybe because she actually got mad because she saw me kissing someone or someone kissing me. 
She actually got this angry and that's something. 
It shows that she cares and it hurts to see me with the person and for that, it makes me so fucking happy. 
In the possibly messed up way ever. 

 "So you think this is something to laugh about?! "
 She yells louder and I smile before crossing my arms against my chest. 

 "I don't know. I just find your jealousy quite cute. "
 I tease and she glares at me, causing me to laugh even more. 

 "No baby. It's not. Trust me it's not "
 I wink at her and I watch her features softens before she looks away from me and walk towards the closet. 

 "She isn't my girlfriend. I promise, she is just a ex who wants me back but I made it clear to her never to show her face again. "
 I mutter calmly but she still isn't talking to me. 

 "Can you leave? I need to change. "
 She mutters coldly and I look at the clock. 
Almost three.

 "I'm not leaving Isabelle, not until you talk to me at least. "
 I shrug and she stares at me for a while before looking away. 

 "What do you want me to say? "
 She looks down and I sigh before raising her chin to look up at me. 

 "You don't believe me? "
 I arch my brows but she only stares into my eyes, not saying anything. 

 I breathe out before taking another step towards her but she pushes her arms against my chest and fucking hell! That stirred something in me. 
How can she be angry at me and even have a effect on me at the same time? 

  "I don't. "
 She whispers. Her voice barely audible and with her hands against my chest, I step more closer. 

 "It's only you. I promise, no one else. Only you. "
  I mutter and her eyes lingers down my lips, making me know that she wants me just as badly as I want this and to pull us both out of our miserable, I place my lips on hers.



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