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 {Searching for love}

     Episode     56.


 I sigh but nevertheless, I didn't leave the door. 
I'm going to stay here, right by this side and wait for her to come and tell me what's going on. 

 I had been so happy about our date. 
My joy knew no boundary when she said she's gonna go on a date with me but now this? 
I have no idea whyshe's acting like this but I can't wait to hear either. 

 I lay my head against the wall and the in deep breaths. 
God dammit Skylar! 
What was she gonna say?
She said she has something to say but I probably shouldn't believe her. It's definitely some of her tricks. 

 I sigh before closing my eyes to sleep but I just can't. 
All that's in my head is Isabelle and I'm thinking of breaking the damn door but I possibly can't. 

 She would get even more upset at me. 
I grab my phone and sent a get to her. 

 *Isabelle, please open the door and let me explain. *
 Minutes later and there's no reply so I just force my eyes to sleep. 


 I groan before slowly opening my eyes to discover that I'm still in the gown from yesterday. 
I look up before looking at my phone and there are many calls and texts from Connie. 
It's only two in the morning.. My head is banging so hard probably from crying myself to sleep, my throat hurts and my chest hurts even more. 

 I sigh before going to stand before the mirror and I look like hell. 
My hair is disorganized, stucking at different directions and my face looks pale. 
My eyes are putty and swollen. 
 I need a glass of water. 
I sigh before walking out of the room and Jump when I see a figure sitting beside my door. 
I almost scream but stop when I realize it's only Connor. 
What is he doing here? 

 I bend down to his figure and stare at his frame, sighing. 

 "Why did yiu had to do that Connor. Why did you had to hurt me? 
Why did you pretend to care when you didn't? ''
 I ask him, staring at his sleepy form. 
His eyes are tightly shut. His eyelashes stick to his skin and a frown rakes over his features. 
 I sigh before getting up and walking downstairs,heading towards the kitchen. 

 I pour myself a glass of water and jump when I hear a voice behind me. 
I turn to see Connor, staring at me as if it's the first time he has ever see me. 

 "You dressed up. "
 He muttered. 
Yea Connor  I did, I fucking did. 
I rushed home from office before I couldn't wait for our date. 
I dolled myself up and waited for hours but you never showed up then I saw you with a lady.. Kissing. 
How could you? Just how? 

 "I don't want to talk about it. "
 I grumble better turning to walk away but he grabs my wrist and my body gears up just like it always does. Of course. 

 "Let go of me! "
 I mutter, my face calm but my time harsh.
I just want to shout we'd yell at him right now but then I figured in nothing to him. 
We aren't dating, the party can be with whoever he wants. 
I shouldn't make a big deal out of this when he isn't even mine. 
But still it hurts whenever thar image plays over and over again in my head.
I shake my head, pushing the image away before jerking my hand away from him. 

 "Don't touch me. "
 I growl and he stares shocked wr me.
Yea, for someone who was doing quite great, this is drfubteju a sharp turn but this time, it isn't from me. 

 It's from him this time.
It's not his mistake but mine and Ife learnt one lesson now. 

 Don't let people in too easily. 

  "Isabelle  please just let me talk to you and explain everything.
You can't keep is with this attitude, it'll kill me. "
 He groans and I scoff. 
He's really am actor, isn't it? 
He just said the right words and he's probably trying to mess with my head right now.

 "It shouldn't. I'm done Connor, I shouldn't give opened up to you very easily. 
Whatever it is that was between us. It's over. "
 I mutter before turning back and walking up the strays, not for once looking back at him even though I badly want to...



  1. Belle listen nah. Allow him to explain nah. Make a mistake you will regret later. Thank you my writer

  2. Belle pls listen na,don't over react

  3. Omg! What the fuck is happening



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