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   {💘Searching for love💘}

        Episode     55.


 I dash towards the house immediately as tears rolls down my cheeks. 
I enter the living room and close the door behind me. 
This is why I didn't want to let anyone in. 
I knew it would always come to this, me getting hurt. 

 Something always happens. 
They always do something and I always end up getting hurt. 

 I wipe away my tears and run towards my room. 
I throw the bag against the wall, not caring what happens to it before ploping down on my bed and burying my face inside the pillow. 

 That's why he didn't come back.
 I was here waiting patiently, over excited about the date. 
I wanted to let him in. 
Wanted to forget about the past and focus on the present. 
Wanted to show him that I care but I should have known that something will always happen. 
Something always does. 

 I still remember that kiss vividly. He was staring at her, who could she be? His girlfriend? 
If he already has a girlfriend then why is he messing around with me? 
I shouldn't have done what I did. 
Shouldn't have let him in. 
I shouldn't have and now I'm regretting it. 


 "What the fuck are you doing?!"
 I push Skylar away from me, glaring at her. 

 She just came and latch unto me. She's fucking insane. 
Skylar is my first love. I loved for deeply but of course, she only played with my feelings. 
She's already engaged and only want me for my money. 
I was broken when I found out. I was so hurt. 
I truly loved her so much that I could feel the pain down to my bones but she only played with my feelings. 

 I was coming back from home. I was already late for the date and I've been trying to reach Isabelle to tell her I will be a little late but her contact isn't going through. 
I had to stay with May for some time and also look through the statistics of my company before coming back here. 

 I arrived here, only to meet her. I don't know how she found me. She must have been following me. 
I'm just glad I wasn't that much close to the house. 
God knows what would have happened if Isabelle had seen me. 
She would have probably found it about everything and that would be so messed up. 

 Now Skylar is telling me Bullshit abut loving me.
After dumping me? This is quite hilarious. 
I was still snapping at her when she suddenly kiss me and my eyes widens before I push her off me. 

 "Are you crazy?! "
 I shout, my chest heaving up and down. 
What type of a psychotic lady is this? 

 "Please Calvin. I know you love me, I can see it in your eyes. You still do. You're just trying to deny it. 
Just admit it, I'm ready to be with you now. No one else. Just please, you have to accept me back. " 
 She pleads, her eyes wide. Someone should remind me how the hell I fell in love with this girl in the first place. 
Is she joking with me right now? 
After cheating on me, she wants me back? 
Just how stupid does she thinks I am? 
I'm not that desperate for love. 

 "No, I don't. Go away Skylar, I don't want to ever see your face ever again. 
If I do, I will have you arrested. I promise you. "
 "But Calvin. I have something to talk you. "
 She starts saying again and I shake my head. 

 "I have nothing to say to you. "
With that, I walk away from her and walk towards the house. 
What could she possibly have to say? 

 I open the door and sigh before walking in. 
Isabelle must have been so worried cause I bailed out. 
She isn't in the living room. She must be in her room. 

 I take the stairs up and try to open the door but it's locked. 
I knock on the door but there's no response. 

 "Isabelle.. "
 I shout, knocking in the door harder, still no response. 

 "Isabelle please open the door. I beg you."
 "Go away Calvin. "
 Her voice comes out cracked and I wonder what's happening to her inside. 

 "Isabelle please I'm sorry for bailing out on you. I was just busy, let me in and I will explain. Isabelle. "
 I bang my hand harder against the wooden door but she isn't opening up nor saying anything. 

 I sigh before sitting beside the door.
Everything was fine until now. What could have happened?


  1. She saw it but misunderstood it. Will you be able to convience her

  2. I just hope it's not what I'm thinking that Skylar wants to tell you oh 😔😔😔

  3. Omg!! You have to open up to her before its too late



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