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 {πŸ’˜Searching for loveπŸ’˜}

         Episode     53.


 What the hell is happening here? 
When this these two started fucking each other? 
What exactly is going on here? 

 I turn to May and she's staring down, trying not to meet with my eyes. 
Same goes to Adam. 
Of course they shouldn't, I can't even believe what I'm seeing right now. 

 I know she loves him but Adam is a playboy, he isn't ready for serious relationship. 
How could she have been so foolish to have allowed this get to this extent? 

 "What are you guys doing? "
 I ask even though the answer is obvious. 
It's just hard to believe that they're at this stage. 
Maybe I shouldn't have left them home all alone but the maids are here. 

 "How long has this been happening? "
 I ask instead when it seems like none of the two is ready to talk. 

 "May.. "
 I call but she only sniffs. What, is she crying? 
She better don't. She don't even get to cry after doing this! 

 "Adam.  "
 I turn to Adam whose eyes are on the bed also. I'm getting real frustrated right now. 
Out of every girl he could have had his way with. My sister? 

 "I'm taking to you fuckers! What the hell is going on here?! "
 I tell and May sobs harder. 

 "Calvin, I'm really sorry. This is all my fault.
Your sister had nothing to do with it. "
 He says and I groan loudly. 

 "Get the hell out. "
 I say to May and she finally raise her head. "I ask you to get the fuck out! "
 I yell louder and she jumps up a little. 
I'm sorry that she's afraid cause of me but hell. I'm mad, I'm so fucking mad. 

 With the duvet wrap round her body, she walks slowly out of the room and as soon as I hear the door close, I charge towards him. 

 "Seriously, you had to go this far? I told you to stay away if you don't mean it, didn't I? "
 I yell, grabbing his arm harshly and he shakes his head. 

 "I'm sorry. I just couldn't control myself. "
 He says and I couldn't help but to laugh. 

 "Hell you could. You just didn't try to, where have you guys gone? How long has this shit been going on??"
 I yell and he breathes out.

 "The other day you called to ask about Isabelle's information but I swear, I haven't touched her. "
 He raises his hands in surrender and I cock my brows. 

 "What do you mean by that? "

 "We haven't had sex yet. I promise. "

 "I met her naked. "
 I growl but he shares his head harder. 

 "Yea but I haven't fucked her. I promise. "
 He says and I sigh before getting go of him. 

 "I'm not against you guys but I know you aren't ready for anything serious and I'm not gonna allow you to hurt my sister. 
If you can't keep your hands to yourself Adam then you're gonna have to leave. 
If you can then you can stay but stay away from her if you know you don't love her but only want her for her body. "
 He starts to speak but I raise my finger to silence him. 

 "As much as I love you and appreciate you for everything you did. 
My sister still means the world to me. "
 With that, I turn back and walk towards May's room to see her curled up on her bed. 

 She's putting on clothes now and when she raises her head, tears stream down her face. 

 I sigh before walking towards her and sit beside her. 

 "I didn't mean to. I swear but I couldn't control it. "
 She cries and I sigh before sighing. 

 "And You thought the next thing to do is to throw your body at him? "

 "I love him."
 She croaks and I sigh. 

 "He will leave. "
 I mutter and she raises her head immediately. "If you don't know how to control your fucking hormones! Then I Won't Leave you two here cause you're gonna get hurt in the end. "
 I snap and she cries harder. 

 "I love him. "
 She repeats. 

 "So you thought the next best thing to do is to be his sex buddy? He is a playboy May, you know that. He has many whores with him and now that you have done this. What makes you an exception? "
 I raise my brows and she stands up immediately. 

 "Are you telling me that I'm a whore? "
 She shouts and I stand up also. 

 "If that's what you think then maybe. I'm not saying you are but I'm only trying to protect you from the stupid decision You're trying to make. "
 I growl and her palm collides with my cheek. 

 "How dare you Calvin? How dare you insult me and call me names?! "
 She yells, shaking her head and I sigh before pulling her to my chest and she hits me repeatedly. 

 "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that, I just don't want to see you hurt. "
 I sigh, patting her hair and she cries harder on my shoulder. 

 I will have to quicken things with Isabelle and come back here to take care of her. 
I can't leave her all alone here with her mixed feelings. 

 My sister means everything to me.



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