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 {💘Searching for love💘}

    Episode        51.


 I raise my head and smile before tugging the loose strand of her hair behind her ear. 
She looks so beautiful like this, sleeping peacefully. 

 Never had I thought this would happen tonight but I'm glad she's opening up to me. 
This is what I've always wanted and I'm glad it's working now. 
I couldn't be any more happy. 

 At first, when we kissed. I thought she was gonna get angry but now, we ended up on the couch with her laying on top of me. 
Nothing would ruin this moment for me.. Nothing. 

 Yes, let's see about that. When she finds out you aren't really who you say you are. 

 My subconscious butts in and I shake my head. 

 I know I'm lying to her right now but it isn't a lie I mean intentionally. 
I had to... Love is something that has always been hard for me. 
Everyone wants me because of my wealth. 
Some girls even conspire with their boyfriends to dupe me. 

 I've really suffered because of love and I have to do something. 
I will tell her soon. I know I will but not now. 

 When I know she's surely in love with me. It'll be more easy because she'll understand me and forgive me. 
Then, I will tell her. 

 And if she refuses to listen to you and think you lied to her. 

 My subconscious butts in again and I shake my head. 
That won't happen. Isabelle is a kind hearted lady. 
She'll understand my pains and she'll forgive me. 
For now, I need to make her love me. 

 I grab the remote, making sure not to wake her and I turn the TV off. 
I stand up gently with her head on my chest, shifting the two of us together. 

  I lay her head gently on the couch and stand up before carrying her in my arms and walking up the stairs to her room. 

 I lay her on the bed and turn on the light since I've noticed she likely sleeps with the light on. 
I pull the duvet over her body before proceeding to leave the bed when she suddenly grabs my hand. 

 I turn to look at her and her eyes are open. Not fully opened but open enough for me to see it. 

 "Sleep with me. "
 She mutters and I smile before tucking her hair behind her ear again. 

 "Do you want me to? Won't it be uncomfortable? "
 I ask her but she only replies me by shifting a little to the side and I smile before getting on the bed. 

 She turns her back to me and I wrap my arms round her waist, kissing her hair. 

 "Goodnight. "
 I whisper but there's no reply. 
I think she's asleep already. 
I sigh and close my eyes also. 
Everything will be alright. Right? 


I slowly open my eyes and I smile when I see that Connor is sleeping underneath me with his arms wrap possessively round my waist. 

 I move his hair away from his forehead and smile before running my fingers through it. 
He's really beautiful. Sometimes, when I look at his face. 
It's truly hard to believe that he's poor. 
His skin is so soft and smooth and he looks neat too. 
Even his clothes are expensive but I shake my mind off it. 
It's probably because he takes care of himself. 

 His eyes flutter opens when I trace my finger down his face to his nose and he stares at me while I move back a little. 

 "What are you doing? "
 He says, his voice raspy and deep and I shake my head. 

 "Nothing. Good morning. "
 I smile before proceeding to get off him. 

 "Where are you going? "
 He holds me and I turn to look at the clock then turn back to him. 

 He sighs before letting go of me and I chuckle, getting off him. 

 "Isabelle.. "
 He calls when I'm almost near the bathroom. 

 "Hmm? "
 I turn to him with a raised brow and he smiles at me. 

 "Will you go on a date with me ?"



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