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  {💘Searching for love💘}

  Episode       49.


I can't believe this right now. 

 Isabelle is beneath me. In my room. On my bed. 
I'm kissing her and she ain't complaining about it neither is she pushing me away. 

 If I'm told that this is gonna happen tonight, I will say that person is insane but Fuck! It's really happening. 

 I pull away and stare at her face again. 
She's so beautiful. So spotless. 
So hot and sexy. 
You could stare at her all day and never get tired of it. 

 I slowly bring my hand to the hem of her shirt and stare at her to see if she'll push me away but she didn't. 
She's watching me and her breathing is hard. 

 I smile at her before pulling the shirt up to her stomach level revealing her black lace pant. 

 She sits up and I pull the shirt off her head and she's wearing in a white lace bra. 
She's like the devil and angel herself. 
Good plus bad. Black plus white. 

 Her breathing is fast as I lay her gently on her back and plant a kiss on her stomach. 


 My shirt is off and I'm half naked. 
Seeing him see me like this made me remember memories. 
Memories that I've keep buried deep down in me. 
Memories I detest and memories that disgusts me. 
Memories I promise i won't let it interfere in my life anymore. 

 I watch Connor eyes darkens as he stares at my half nakedness. 

 My breathing gets loud and I doubt if he's hearing the fast rate at which my heart is beating. 

 He leans down and plants a kiss on my tummy and my body trembles a little. 
Fire cackles under my skin and I gulp in, anticipating whatever it is he's thinking of doing.

 He trail his fingers from my head down to my tummy, letting it linger around the waistband of my pant. 

 He kisses the top of my breasts then trail it down to my tummy with his fingers still playing with the waistband of my pant. 
 He brings his hand to my bra and looks at me again while I breathe out. 
He leans in and claim my lips as I wrap my legs round his waist to bring him closer to me. 

 I moan into his mouth and inch my back for him to unclasps my bra. 
He did and I feel almost naked beneath him as his eyes darkens even more, the blue in his eyes is almost thin. 

 He bends down and take my right nipple in his mouth and my body jerks. 
 He uses his second hand to squeeze my second breast while his tongue danced around the right one. 
My toes curl and I close my eyes as sensations drives me mad. 

 I wrap my legs round his waist tighter and he sucks on my breast like he wants it to produce something. 

 He trails his fingers down my tummy and rubs over my pant and my breathing hitches. 

 "You're so wet. "
 He whispers against my breast and rubs faster over the thin material. 

 "Oh god.. "
 I can't help the moans that falls from my lips as he sucks and squeeze my breast while he rubs over my pant. 

 He leaves my breast and I open my eyes to see him beneath. 
He drops my legs from his waist and gets in between them. 

 He pulls down my pant and toss it aside while staring at my sensitive part. 
I mentally praise myself that I've already waxed this week. 

 He rubs over my sensitive part lightly and my mouth form a o shape as my heart beats faster. 

 He collects the moisture from My sensitive part and brings it to his lips, licking me off. 

"You taste so fucking good. "
 He grins and my cheeks flush. 

 He bends down again and slide his finger into me while my body buck off the bed. 

 "So fucking tight. "
 He groans while pumping his finger in and out of me. 

 "Oh god. Oh god. "
 I miss as I close my eyes in sheer pleasure. 

 He doubles his fingers to two and my eyes shoot open as I wince in pain. 

 "Sorry. "
 He smiles at me and stay still, giving me time to adjust. 

 I nod and he starts sliding his fingers in and out of me again. 

 I feel a pinch at the bottom of my stomach and with more few thrusts, I come undone under his fingers. 

 And for the first time since forever, I feel my body relax immediately.



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