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  {💘Searching for love💘}

      Episode        48.


 "Isabelle.. "
 He mutters and push against my shoulder and I shake my head before trying to kiss him again but he shakes his head. 

 "You can't. What are you doing? "
 He asks with his brows raised and I smile at him. 

 I've let this get to me just too much. 
I'm not gonna allow my past to affect my present right now. 
Connor only has few time left to spend with me and I will enjoy the moment while he's still here. 

 I bend down and take his lips in mine again. 
It tastes just like it always does. Strawberry. 
I smile and push my body against his and his lips move along with mine. 

 I guess it takes him by surprise cause his hand is still hanging down on my thigh. 

 He pulls away again and this time I frown. 

 "Kiss me Connor. "
 I whisper in his ear and he shakes his head. 

 "You're gonna get angry after I do. I can't. "
 He says, shaking his head and I roll my eyes before taking his lips in mine. 

 I take his hands and wrap it round my waist and that seems to let him take the cue. 

 He stands up and drop me against the wall and I moan when he nibs on my lower lip. 
His hands drop to my thighs and he grabs it, wrapping his legs round my waist. 

 He leaves my lips and trail kisses down my neck before biting my earlobe then sucking on my neck. 
I moan out as his tongue graze over it and he bites it a little. 
I think that's gonna leave a mark. 

 He kisses down my cleavage and I moan as his hands roams up and down my thigh. 

 He pulls back to look at me and he attachs his lips to mine again, sliding his tongue in and taking over mine. 

 My hands goes to his hair and I tug at the loose end while he sucks on my upper lips. 

 He begins to move away from the wall and grab me, walking upstairs while kissing me. 

 He opens a door and I don't know where but I care less to ask right now. 

 He closes the door behind us and have me against the wall kissing me everywhere. 
My nose. My lips. My face. My neck.
Literally everywhere.

 My body is in fire and the room is suddenly hot. 
Heat rises through my body, settling on my core as I moan out in sheer pleasure. 

 He moves away from the wall and soon my back hit against the bed. 

 He hovers on top of me and stares at me while I give him a small smile. 

 "Are you sure about this? "
 He asks and I wrap my hands around his neck , bringing him towards me closer. 

 "If I wasn't, I wouldn't do it. "
 I mutter and he smiles at me before his lips meets with mine again. 

 I'm gonna try to move on with my life.
I won't remain trap after all these years. 

 I'm gonna try to be free from everything. 
I'm not gonna be held down by him again. 
Not now... Not anymore. 
I've already been hold down for too long. 

I couldn't do and be with someone I want because of him. 

 But now, I will  I will do want I want with Connor and I will stop running away.



  1. If mountain won't come to Mohammed then Mohammed should go to the mountain

  2. Finally
    letting go is the best
    and am glad u are Isabella



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