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 {💘Searching for love💘}

      Episode       47.


 I get inside my car and start the engine, driving along the silent road. 

 Remembering the fact that I'm going home to meet Connor alone makes my heart skips a beat. 

 I should probably stop acting like this. It's probably nothing but thinking about the fact that it's only us in the house for a week makes my cheeks heat up than they should. 

 Soon, I'm already home and I get out of the car before knocking on the door. 

 The door opens revealing Connor who's dressed in a crazy black Jean with no jacket and his trouser hanging lazily round his waist. 

 His hair is sprawled across his face in a messy way and he gives way for me to walk in, closing the door as soon as I step in and the aroma of garlic fills my nose. 
He's cooking something. 

 "Welcome back. "
 He smiles at me and I nod before dropping my bag on the couch. 

 "What have you been doing at home all alone? What's all this? "
 I ask as I stare down at the papers on the table. 

 "nothing really, I'm just looking for some jobs. Staying at home all alone bores me and I need to get out of here soon. 
I can't stay here forever. "
 He says and suddenly I feel hurt, remembering the fact that one day he's gonna pack his bags and leave. 

 "Oh, yeah. That's right, you can't stay here forever. "
 I smile nervously before grabbing my bag and walking up the stairs. 

 I walk inside my room and drop the bag on the bed before collapsing on it. 
Of course he has to leave, what was I thinking? 
That he's gonna stay here till eternity? 
But I don't want him to leave. 
What if I told him not to look for a job and can stay here as long as he wants. 

 I shake my head and sleep on my side. 
No, I can't do that. 

 "Isabelle, come down for dinner! "
 His voice shouts from downstairs and I sigh before getting up. 

 Yesterday, I didn't had any nightmare because of him. He has been taking care of me and making me forget about the messed up that's me. 
But what's gonna happen when he leaves? 

 I'm probably gonna return to my old ways. 
 I breathe out and walk to my closet. 

 Opening it and taking a black shirt. 
I pull off my clothes and put on the shirt which stops at my mid-thigh. 

 I thought of changing it but it's only Connor so nothing will happen. 

 I arrange the files and plug in my laptop before walking out of the room with my phone in hand. 

 I walk down the stairs and Connor is already setting the table. 

 He looks up at me and my cheeks flare up as his eyes rakes up and down my body. 


She's so fucking beautiful. 
The shirt she's putting on makes her look so sexy with her hair loose down her shoulder. 

 The black shirt falls down on her right shoulder and the red strap of her bra is showing and I gulp in as she walks down the stairs with a smile. 

 I smile nervously before gesturing for her to sit down and she did before looking round at the food. 

 "Wow, this looks delicious. "
 She grins and I take a seat across from her. 

 "So you do admit that I'm good at cooking. "
 I tease her and she rolls her eyes at me before grabbing her fork. 

 She grabs a mouthful and munch it in her mouth but the only thing my eyes are focused on is her lips. 

 She raises her head and caught me staring at her and I look away, coughing. 

 "Water. "
 She raises a glass of water to me and I take it from her before taking a sip. 

 "Why are you looking at me like that? "
 She chuckles and I shake my head. 

 "Nothing, you're beautiful. "
 I smile and she blushes. 

 She watches me and I watch her. 

 She suddenly stands  up and I thought she'd leave but instead, she walks over to me and bravely straddle my lap, surprising me as hell. 

 I call really surprised and she smiles at me before claiming my lips.



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