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Season 6

Episode 9

(People Are Enjoying Themselves In France)

Later, everyone began to talk about the two of them on Weibo.

Some people said, “Young Master Qiong, don’t cry. If Lin Che doesn’t want you, we’ll all marry you.”

Qin Wanwan who still wanted to continue the rumor of Lin Che being provided for was instantly silenced. Everyone even no longer mentioned Qin Wanwan anymore. The entire Internet was filled with Lin Che and Situ Qiong.

Qin Wanwan was so angry in the company that she wanted to fling her stuff.

Lin Che was envied like a princess while she went through all the work and got nothing in the end. Nobody even talked about the video anymore.

There was completely no sound from Dynamic Pictures. Meanwhile, Lin Che posted a picture on Weibo. She had been away from the country for a few days and was having fun in Provence. She took a few nice photos, hinting that she was not trying to run away. She was doing very well and didn’t need anyone to worry about her.

Seeing that the situation seemed to have come full circle, all that was left was the compensation for defamation. They would have to chase after the company for this slowly. Lin Che was in a small villa in Provence as she happily posted her pictures on Weibo.

However, there were thousands on comments below her picture that said, “Lin Che, say yes to Situ Qiong. He’s so nice.”

Lin Che looked speechlessly at everybody’s comments.

This Situ Qiong really knew how to cause trouble for her.

Just then, her phone alert rang again. She saw that it was Chen Jingde.

Lin Che thought, He still has the cheek to call me?

However, she still picked up the phone. The person who should be hiding now was no longer her anyway.

Chen Jingde said, “Lin Che, you’re having fun outside.”

“President Chen, if you have anything to say, just shoot. I’m on international roaming, so it’s very expensive. ”

“Seriously… You have Young Master Situ as your support. Why would you still care about this little money?”

Chen Jingde’s voice sounded much more humble.

“I just used all my money to pay the penalty. It’s not like President Chen doesn’t know.”

“Lin Che, this is also only because Qin Wanwan has a relationship with Orange Light’s boss. I had no choice but to stand on her side. Actually, you are the one that I nurtured with my hands. You have what you have now and you’re able to connect with so many top-notch wealthy people. I’m also very happy for you. You…”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“I just want to say that this matter is not my fault. We have bosses… We have no choice…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t attack you for this.”

“I just know that Little Che is the most kindhearted…”

“But I also won’t keep in contact with you again. Don’t ever call me again. We’ll meet each other on the other side. I’ll be like a stranger, looking at President Chen. Let me give you advice; be flexible and take advantage of the situation. Even though it seemed like there was no choice, sometimes, it is still better for one to leave a way out for oneself.”

When Lin Che finished speaking, he simply hung up.

On the other end, Chen Jingde stared at his phone and shook his head depressingly.

He was done for. He completely offended Lin Che because of Qin Wanwan.

Provence was very beautiful during this season. The weather was neither too hot nor too cold and it made people feel extra lazy.

Lin Che stretched herself lazily. It was early in the morning and she saw people picking lavender on this side. She found it interesting, so she deserted Gu Jingze and went out to pick flowers with those old grandfathers.

They were picking lavender to make essential oils, which were excellent when made during this season. The grandfathers picked the flowers and introduced them to Lin Che at the same time. They said that the lavenders here were very ugly because they were not specially nurtured. These were naturally-grown lavender and were specially to make essential oils. The particularly pretty ones on the other side wouldn’t be able to produce pure lavender essential oil.

Lin Che also kept seeing many new people outside who seemed to be taking wedding photos. There were also people from C Nation who came all the way here for their bridal photoshoot. These wedding photographers really knew how to do business these days.

Lin Che stood there and watched. She saw on the other side that Gu Jingze was already up and walking plainly towards her.

He faced the clear sunlight as he walked towards her. Although his get-up was very simple, it didn’t hinder his exquisite aura. He was so godly and handsome that he looked charming at all angles.

Before Lin Che could go to him, she saw the daughter of the manor’s owner pestering Gu Jingze again. The young girl was only thirteen, but her eyes were filled with infatuation as she handed him flowers.

Lin Che pouted.

That girl was only thirteen…

But she still felt jealous.

Gu Jingze’s charm was too great. So many girls fawned over him in C Nation. Coming over here, he still had such great charm.

However, Gu Jingze refused the little girl’s flowers. He walked towards Lin Che and embraced her.

The little girl at the side watched as he hugged Lin Che intimately and even spoke to her softly beside her ear. The little girl made a silly face at Lin Che.

Lin Che was filled with triumph. Although it was very childish, she still felt very happy that the little girl was so jealous.

Thus, Lin Che stuck her tongue out at the little girl.

Hmph, Gu Jingze was hers. He was hers!

He was hers no matter how handsome he was!

Gu Jingze frowned when he saw her making a silly face. He asked, “What are you doing?”

Lin Che turned back, feeling awkward. She was too embarrassed to say that she was jealous of a thirteen-year-old child. She only laughed and said, “It’s nothing. I’m just playing.”

It was all Gu Jingze’s fault. Without even looking at his appearance, his poise was too outstanding. That was probably why he attracted a lot of attention.

To think that Lin Che would have to worry about some tiger lady lunging at him everywhere he went, it was really mentally tiring…

Just then, Gu Jingze realized that she had something in her hands.

“Why did you come here to do this?”

“Oh, yes. They said that they were going to make essential oils and I wanted to learn. I have nothing to do anyway, so why not make something that I can take back to give as a souvenir?”

Gu Jingze looked at her, thought for a while, and said, “Alright. I’ll do it with you.”

“Okay okay! Come, let’s go do it.”

There were still people taking photos in the distance. They looked over here and then looked at each other. They looked at the old castle of the manor. They wanted to come over but were stopped.

Lin Chea asked, “There are so many people taking photos outside, but are they not allowed to take photos in this manor?”

“Yes, this is a private manor.”

“Wow. A private manor meaning that this place belongs to one person?”

“Yes, this place belongs to Streis. Streis is a royal British aristocrat. This private manor is only meant to serve him. No outsiders are allowed in.”

“Foreigners also really know how to enjoy… No. Rich people really know how to enjoy life.”

No wonder the people outside weren’t allowed to come in although they wanted to. They must have also been puzzled when they saw two people from C nation walking inside here.



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