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Season 6

Episode 84

(Lin Che Said Thank You For Giving Me A Makeover)

The Lu and Gu families had been very close recently because of the marriage. This allowed both families to move up another level in wealth and power.

Mother Mo said, “Back then, I even wanted to tell the media and set you up with Lu Beichen. You didn’t want to go at all and insisted on waiting for Gu Jingze. See what happened now…”

Mo Huiling replied, “I have Gu Jingze. Why would I want to be matchmade with Lu Beichen?”

“The Lu family is also reputable in C Nation. They are not an ordinary family.”

“But you didn’t think about it. I’m already with Jingze. Why would I be thinking of other people? This one is not even confirmed. What if Lu Beichen didn’t agree at that time? Now, it looks like it was the right decision to not go for the matchmaking. Lu Beichen and that younger sister of the Gu family hung out so much that they are together now. If I went ahead back then, wouldn’t I still be the embarrassed one in the end?”

Mother Mo thought that it made sense to the Mo family. The Lu family was elite. Back then, the Mo family had to plead and pull strings. Chances of success were also small.

Just then, someone said that Lin Che had arrived.

The girl at the side quickly stood up and said, “Lin Che is here. Look.”

“How come she came here alone?” Another girl asked, “Why didn’t she come with Gu Jingze?”

“Don’t you guys know? Gu Jingze went to the airport. Eric and his family are coming here via the Gu family’s private plane.”

“Quick, come and see how Lin Che looks like. You guys have no idea how trendy her fashion has been recently. So many girls are imitating her.”


“It supposedly captivates men because so many handsome guys are in love with her. Everyone feels that the way she dresses must be very attractive to men.”

“Quick, look! She’s here.”

Mo Huiling sat there as she quietly thought about their words. Trendy? Captivates men?

Lin Che really let people praise her so highly. Wasn’t she afraid that it would get too high?

No. She was going to let people laugh at her completely. That ridiculous look of hers yesterday…

Thinking about it, Mo Huiling still found it funny.

Just then, she saw the door open. When Lin Che walked in, everyone really turned to look at her.

After that, Lin Che’s black outfit mixed beautifully. When she strode in, everyone froze.

“Is that Lin Che?”

“Of course it’s Lin Che. Her face is still the same.”

“When did she cut her hair short?”

“Wow, this is the first time seeing her with short hair…”

Mo Huiling scoffed coldly as she turned to look.

Lin Che wore a simple, black sleeveless top that was broad and cropped. It made her slim body look even slimmer. She also wore a simple pair of blue skinny jeans and a simple pair of open-toed black shoes. Her hair, which was originally past her shoulders, was now extremely short and black. Her wispy short hair looked extremely neat because her face was petite, to begin with. Now, the short hair made her face look even more petite.

People with big faces simply wouldn’t look good in this kind of hairstyle. Only petite faces like hers would have no problems.

Unexpectedly, she changed her image and also her style. She wore smokey eyeshadow that was not exaggerated. It just looked more punk. It was as if she was an interesting Hollywood star. When she walked, she was casual but her eyes were sharp. She was a girl, but she wouldn’t fall behind men. In the Hollywood world filled with men, she would still be able to pave her own way.

She was filled with confidence but was also graceful. She was a goddess.

Once again, people saw a different version of Lin Che. Thus, they couldn’t take their eyes off her, thinking that no matter how fast they tried to follow trends, they really couldn’t keep up with her style changes.

Her face was really too fair and tender, so the smokey eyeshadow didn’t look dirty at all. Instead, it made her skin look even fairer.

If it was another person dressed up this way, it would probably not look as good. However, Lin Che simply didn’t have to worry because her skin was fair and soft. She had a slim figure and a petite face. Thus, this whole body was advantageous and only brought out her good parts. It did not reveal a single flaw on her.

Everyone looked at her in surprise. They were all stunned and amazed.

“Wow, Lin Che looks so pretty in this style.”

“She looks like a big shot.”

“And she doesn’t look childish at all. Instead, she looks like a Hollywood star.”

Mo Huiling froze for a long time with her mouth slightly opened. She actually forgot to close it.

Lin Che already saw Mo Huiling.

She didn’t walk straight in. Instead, she walked bit by bit as she looked at Mo Huiling and reached her side.

Up close, her makeup was not thick at all. It only felt graceful, grand, and it did not look heavy.

It was really… so perfect.

So pretty.

Lin Che looked at Mo Huiling’s face and scoffed, “I see that Miss Mo is here.”

Mo Huiling snapped back to reality. She gritted her teeth and looked at Lin Che. “What’s wrong? Can’t I be here? Did you think that only you could come? Well then, you are wrong. I am the eldest daughter of the Mo family. Furthermore, I’m carrying Jingze’s child now. There is no place that I can’t go. Hmph.”

Lin Che smiled coldly and said, “I didn’t say anything else. Why are you so anxious? I just came to say thank you. Thanks for encouraging me to switch up my style. I was thinking of finding a chance to change too, actually.”


Lin Che never thought about changing her style, but she wanted to anger Mo Huiling on purpose. Seeing Mo Huiling’s face fall, Lin Che then said, “Go and take a seat, Miss Mo. You have nothing to do and you have a child in your belly. You can’t keep standing around. You don’t look good either. It’s really not good for the baby. An expectant mother should be more relaxed, isn’t that right?”

“Y-y-you…” Mo Huiling was really hopping mad. However, Mother Mo quickly held her back.

So many people were around them looking. If things blew up, they would be laughed at even more.

Lin Che found a seat here and sat down.

Normally, she wouldn’t play with Mo Huiling like this. Neither did she want to sit here and be looked at like a panda on display. However, she really wanted to make this Mo Huiling angry. It was all her fault for wanting to provoke her for no reason. She even wanted to disfigure her.

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth and looked at her. She then also sat down.

No way was she going to leave. Why should she leave just because Lin Che was here? It would seem like she could not fight against her and was trying to run away.

Who couldn’t fight against whom? She was carrying Gu Jingze’s child now. The one running away should be Lin Che.

Sure enough, when Lin Che sat down, everybody looked over at her.

Some girls smiled and looked at Lin Che. They wanted to go up and talk to her but were stopped by Mo Huiling’s aloof appearance. They also didn’t dare to casually barge in like that. Otherwise, they would have become pulp.

Lin Che sat down and took out her phone. She texted Yu Minmin about what happened over WeChat.

She sent, “I’m going to drive her to her grave. She thought that I didn’t dare to come? It’s all the more that I must come!”





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