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Season 6

Episode 83

(Was It Mr. President Who Picked Up The Call)

Although they said that, their hearts still felt sour when they went out and saw Yu Minmin get into a luxurious car.

After all, this contrast was too huge.

She was such a normal girl in class.

The main thing was that her demeanor was definitely different today. Especially when she acted as if she didn’t care, it was as if her life now was natural and given to her. She also didn’t boast with her words or actions and this made them all the more frustrated.

When Yu Minmin returned to Glazed Tile Palace, Feng Shaoqing sent her a WeChat message.

He told her not to mind what all those people said.

Yu Minmin sat on the windowsill and replied to him, telling him that it was alright and she was fine.

After that, she left her phone there when she saw Gu Jingming return. She quickly got up and said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Gu Jingming nodded. As he took off his clothes, he heard the phone ring.

He narrowed his eyes. When he entered just now, he noticed that Yu Minmin was chatting with someone.

Seeing the name on the phone now, he narrowed his eyes and immediately walked towards it.

He picked it up and immediately heard Feng Shaoqing’s voice on the phone. “Minmin, they went overboard today, but you handled them very well and they couldn’t do anything.”

There was silence. Feng Shaoqing continued, “What’s wrong? Are you really angry? Don’t be. They’re just jealous of you. Really.”

There was still no reply. Feng Shaoqing said, “Minmin, actually…”

“Minmin is not here.”

“…” Feng Shaoqing was completely stunned.

Gu Jingming continued speaking plainly, “She is showering. I’ll relay your message to her.”

Feng Shaoqing remained silent for a long time and then replied, “Tha-… Thank you.”

He quickly hung up as he looked ahead in a daze.

The one on the other end of the line… Was that Mr. President…?

When Yu Minmin was done, she came out and saw Gu Jingming holding her phone. She asked, “Ah, was there a phone call?”

“Yes. Someone by the name of Feng Shaoqing.”

“Oh, one of my classmates…” Yu Minmin hastily walked over, wondering if he picked up the call for her.

However, just as she took the phone, he pulled her over in one swift motion.

“Ah… I…” Yu Minmin instinctively tried to avoid him.

But Gu Jingming held her forcefully in his arms.

“Why are you trying to avoid me?”

“I… I…”

Gu Jingming kissed her passionately.

The two of them moved to the bed.

On this night, it was really like a punishment for her as she was ruthlessly tortured in all kinds of positions.

The next day.

The news of Eric’s arrival in C Nation was gradually well-known.

It was not Eric’s first time coming to C Nation, but it was the first time his visit was so high-profile. Thus, this news naturally began to hype up in C Nation.

Many wealthy figures wanted to get a piece of the action and see this world-renowned billionaire.

Mo Huiling also let her family know about it. They would come to one of the Gu family’s manors as guests and then she would come here with her own mother.

At the entrance, the guards stopped Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling was not invited, but she was confident that she didn’t need an invitation.

Looking at the Gu family’s guards, she grunted and asked, “What are you doing? Don’t you know that the child in my belly carries the blood of your Gu family? Seriously. I’m even staying in Gu Jingze’s house now so obviously, he acknowledges it. You dare to stop me here? Are you asking for a death wish?”

“Sorry, you can’t enter today.”


Mother Mo also said speechlessly, “What is wrong with you guys? You dare to treat us this way? Where is your master? I want to see them and ask them in their faces. Huiling is Jingze’s benefactor. Is this how you guys treat your benefactors?”

Mo Huiling was also huffing angrily.

Mother Mo quickly touched her belly and said, “It’s okay, Huiling. Don’t be angry. Your child is more important. Getting angry is not good for the baby. Where is that Lin Che? You have been staying with Gu Jingze for so long. Didn’t you have a good talk with him yet? He doesn’t even allow you to be here.”

“Mom, just wait and see. That Lin Che probably won’t dare to show her face here today.” She actually felt unjust to put the blame on her mother. She wanted to let Gu Jingze take a good look at herself. However, Gu Jingze didn’t even glance at her. They were living independently in one house and he never comes out of his study room. Otherwise, he would always be with Lin Che going out or hanging out in some part of the house.

The Gu residence was huge and they could always find a place to be by themselves.

Mother Mo asked, “Really? She might not come today?”

Mo Huiling scoffed as triumph filled her eyes. “Of course. I saw her yesterday and she was hideous. Coming out here will only scare everyone. It’ll be even better if she comes. Let everyone see her so that she’ll be a laughing stock for sure.”

Mo Huiling thought viciously. The only pitiful thing was that her face was not ruined. They only managed to ruin her hair.

Mother Mo held a fan and fanned herself. She thought that if they kept standing there and these people refused to let them in, the embarrassed ones would be themselves.

Just then, someone suddenly said, “Miss Mo.”

Mo Huiling turned around and saw Gu Lanshan.

“Aunty, you’re here,” Mo Huiling quickly welcomed her.

Gu Lanshan let mother and daughter Mo in.

Seeing that Mo Huiling’s belly was still not obvious, she asked, “Why aren’t you resting at home?”

“I’ve been at home too long so I wanted to come out and take a walk. Oh right, is Jingze not here yet?”

“No. He should be at the airport to personally receive Eric.”

“I see.”

Gu Lanshan looked at her and wondered why she didn’t manage to make Gu Jingze give her special rights despite moving in so long ago. She couldn’t even enter the manor. It looked like she indeed was not as capable as Lin Che.

However, she still let her in.

Mo Huiling was extremely grateful to her.

Gu Lanshan only smiled and said, “Just take care of your child. Don’t need to thank you. Once the child is born, we will all be one family.”

Gu Lanshan did not want to help her and neither did she have any special feeling towards this child. Anyway, if Gu Jingze wanted a child, he would be able to have one no matter what it took.

It was just that she didn’t like Mu Wanqing holding the reigns of her family and that was why she wanted to go against her.

She wanted to see what Mu Wanqing would do when the child was born.

Once Mo Huiling went in, Gu Lanshan left.

Mother Mo and Mo Huiling looked around and immediately saw many familiar faces.

Mother Mo said, “There are some familiar faces here.”

“Of course. All those visiting today have a relation with the Gu family. The manor is open to the public and some people would find a way to come in. However, most of them here must have some relation with the Gu family.”

“Go and take a seat. There’s a place for you to rest. You shouldn’t be standing so long with this belly.” Mother Mo quickly held Mo Huiling as they walked over.

At the area with chairs, a group of girls sat and chirped about, seemingly talking about seeing Lu Beichen here.




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