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Season 6

Episode 82

(Everybody Surrounded Madam President At The Class Reunion)

The reunion was held in a reserved room.

Yu Minmin was still blushing. Before she went in, she could see Feng Shaoqing outside.

Upon seeing her, Feng Shaoqing smiled and walked towards her. “You came! Come on in. Many of our classmates are here.”

Yu Minmin still hadn’t recovered from the chaos just now. This Gu Jingming suddenly pulled a stunt like that, seriously… Did he intentionally want to embarrass her?

She smiled at Feng Shaoqing and followed him inside.

Their classmates were all talking and laughing amongst themselves. When they saw Yu Minmin and Feng Shaoqing enter together, all eyes turned to the two of them.

Yu Minmin really came.

“Wow, Madam President is here.”

“Who would have thought that Madam President would grace us with her presence.”

“Or is it because Shaoqing was charming enough to persuade Madam President to come?”

Everybody rushed up to them excitedly, making Yu Minmin rather uncomfortable.

Feng Shaoqing helped speak up for Yu Minmin beside her. “That’s enough. Madam President or no Madam President, it is our class reunion today. There will be no taboos.”

Seeing Feng Shaoqing bring Yu Minmin in, the ladies felt indignant in their hearts.

Seriously. Everything was different now that she was Madam President. Feng Shaoqing even personally welcomed her and protected her.

Yu Minmin sat in the middle and everyone began asking her questions.

“Minmin, are you living in Glazed Tile Palace now?”

Yu Minmin said, “Yes.”

“That’s nice. You’re with Mr. President every day. Plenty of people must be waiting on you,” that person said.

Another person immediately said, “Of course. Can there be any fewer attendants by the president’s side?”

Yu Minmin replied, “It’s actually not that different normally.”

That girl was quite pretty. Yu Minmin knew that she was very popular in their class back then. She wasn’t that good in her studies, but she was clean and pretty. When kids were clean and fair at that time, they were all adorable. Kids like Yu Minmin ran about under the sun and became tanned. Thus, she was not as adorable in comparison.

She heard that the girl later had a rather good marriage. She married a wealthy businessman and was living a good life.

She looked at Yu Minmin and asked, “Do you still remember me? We used to sit quite close to each other. I sat at the same table as Feng Shaoqing.”

“Yes, I do,” Yu Minmin replied.

Everyone looked at Yu Minmin. Naturally, some were envious and some also jealous.

Someone then said, “At that time, I didn’t think you would become Madam President now. I remember that you have a younger brother?”

“Oh yes.” Yu Minmin thought about it just now. She would probably gain too much attention if she came here. However, she didn’t expect everyone to be so impolite and directly ask her questions.

That girl looked around. Yu Minmin came alone and didn’t bring anyone else. She smiled and said, “How come Mr. President didn’t come with you? Nevermind. He’s such an important person. He probably wouldn’t come to our class reunion. But why didn’t he send someone to accompany you at least? Isn’t it degrading for Madam President to go around all by herself?”

Yu Minmin turned to her and said, “I merely married a man. It’s not like I go out of my way to become Madam President. There’s nothing degrading about that. I don’t think people should be considered according to their value. If there’s no value, then there’s no degrading of a person.”

That woman’s face went blank as she was stumped. She looked at Yu Minmin. Her face distorted a little and she said, “Oh my, you didn’t like to talk a lot when we were younger. You’re indeed different after becoming Madam President. You’re more smart-mouthed now.”

“Well, before I married Gu Jingming, I was already working. Whether I’m smart-mouthed or not has nothing to do with who I marry or what kind of person I become.”

Hearing Yu Minmin simply mention Gu Jingming’s full name, everyone in the crowd looked at one another. They weren’t quite used to hearing that.

However, she had the right to call Gu Jingming by his full name. He was her husband and she could call him whatever she liked.

Thus, it was their own problem if they weren’t used to it.

That woman still wanted to speak, but Feng Shaoqing said from behind, “That’s enough. Are we all done talking about this? Let’s eat.”

Yu Minmin looked at Feng Shaoqing gratefully.

Yu Minmin was always clear about what to love or hate. She would remember anyone who helped her.

Feng Shaoqing also smiled and quickly asked for the food to be prepared.

Everyone said that this meal was paid by Feng Shaoqing. He wanted everyone to have a good meal.

People were thus amazed and said that Young Master Feng was really wealthy. He was still wealthy even now.

Feng Shaoqing sat beside Yu Minmin and said, “Wealthy or not, the important thing is that it is such a rare occasion that we can all see each other. It is just a treat for you guys. It’s not like I’m giving you money. There’s nothing wealthy about that.”

Everyone didn’t say anything else and began eating. Some people even asked for Yu Minmin’s WeChat number or any form of contact with her. They took a group shot and talked about all the childish things in the past.

Many people even specially said to Yu Minmin, “We were young and immature back then when we bullied you.”

“Not at all. That was not considered bullying.”

The humiliation she went through when she really started working was considered bullying. When they were children, some were arrogant and childish. Thinking about it made her angry. However, she could handle it.

In comparison, the actions of some of those teachers were really bullying.

After all, sometimes children could be ignorant but teachers should not be. However, the teachers started the bullying.

Yu Minmin knew that there were many teachers who were good. However, she was unfortunate and all the teachers she crossed paths with were bad. That was why it was such a tragedy for her.

After the meal, Yu Minmin didn’t see the point in staying and was prepared to leave.

Feng Shaoqing asked, “Why? You don’t want to continue hanging out? Everyone wants to go to karaoke.”

Yu Minmin replied, “It’s okay. I should leave. I’m a little tired so I’ll head home first. You guys go ahead. I’ll see you next time.”

Feng Shaoqing could only say, “Alright then. Give me a heads up if you’re coming to our company next time.”

Behind them, someone said, “Minmin, you’re a manager now. Do you have singers under your care? You must be sick and tired of hearing those singers sing all day.”

Yu Minmin smiled and left.

When she left, that girl from just now said, “Hmph, I just knew it. There is nothing special about her. You think she would be some impressive person after marrying the president? Let me tell you guys. The more capable these people are, the shadier they are underneath the surface. Just see how she goes about on her own. What kind of standard is that? She obviously doesn’t hold great importance to this Mr. President. Otherwise, how can Madam President be like this and not put on airs?”

“Yeah, I’m also puzzled. How did Mr. President take a liking to her?”

“If Mr. President didn’t want to find a commoner as a cover, he would actually have plenty of women by his side.”

“I’m sure it would have been like that. A modern-age Cinderella? I don’t believe there is such a good thing.”




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