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Season 6

Episode 81

(He Pulled And Kissed Her At The Hotel Entrance)

Because at that time, while her family wasn’t as obviously superior as now, the teachers were simply biased towards those cleaner and neater children with better families. She didn’t have any nice clothes and always wore old ones. She was always going in and out and didn’t have time to stop and tidy herself up. Thus, the teachers also were not fond of her. Her classmates didn’t like students that the teachers didn’t like too.

Thus, at that time, she was always subjected to bullying.

But these were no big deal anymore. She later grew up and when she met her old classmates again, she would simply laugh it off when they brought these things up.

Yu Minmin instructed Yu Chengcheng, “Study hard. Don’t bother with those things that aren’t important. I’m going back.”

“Don’t worry, Sis. The school treats me like a precious gem now. I’m not as tragic as you were. You were even bullied while you were in school. Nobody dares to bully me now.”

“Hey, don’t be so arrogant.”

“Don’t worry. This is only my motivation. I’ll definitely study hard and live up to my years of awesomeness.”

“…” Kids these days, really…

Yu Minmin left home and went to an advertising firm to talk about collaborating.

Unexpectedly, just as she stepped into the company, someone called out to her.

“Yu Minmin?”

She turned around.

Behind her stood a tall and lanky man who had a sunny disposition.

Yu Minmin froze. “Feng Shaoqing?”

Feng Shaoqing was her classmate.

Back then, he had a good family background and was good in his studies and at sports. He was simply the male idol in school.

Many girls in the entire school carried a torch for him.

Yu Minmin remembered… that she also liked him very much then.

It wasn’t because he was the school beau. Instead, it was because he was in the same class as her and they joined the same hobby group. They were grouped together and had to make a robot as a team.

Since then, the way he treated her warmed her heart a lot.

However, her hidden feelings at that time were as brisk as passing wind. Once it was gone, it was gone. Most people knew that carrying a torch for someone was just that. Nothing would ever come out of it.

He smiled as he walked towards her. “It’s really you! I never thought that I would meet you here. I thought Madam President… doesn’t usually step out of the house.”

Yu Minmin paused for a moment and then smiled rather sheepishly. “I’m out to work. I merely married a person. I’ll still do what I need to do. I’m no different from a normal woman.”

In the first place, Madam President also had to have her own activities. This would make the citizens like her more.

Thus, Gu Jingming did not object to her working.

Feng Shaoqing asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I came to talk about a collaboration. Why are you here…”

“This is my dad’s company.”

“Ah… I see. Right, I forgot… You were a rich heir when you were in school.”

“What rich heir?”

He laughed as he let her go up with him. He asked her who she was going to talk to and how.

He helped her along the way and then said, “So you’re helping Lin Che find collaborations. Go ahead. If you encounter any problems, just ask me.”

“Thanks for your help.”

“It’s nothing. We’re old classmates. There’s nothing to be so polite about among old classmates.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Minmin relaxed and smiled. She then went in.

They had already had multiple discussions about the collaboration. Now, it was the final discussion about the contract details and they would be ready to sign it.

Thus, it was completed very quickly. When she went out, Feng Shaoqing was still waiting for her outside.

Seeing Yu Minmin come out, he walked her out and said, “Oh right, the class reunion is in a few days. Have you received the invitation?”

“Ah… I haven’t decided if I want to go yet.” She didn’t say that she did not feel like going.

“Go for it. You haven’t seen your classmates in a long time. Everybody misses you.”

When they walked out, Yu Minmin saw the presidential guards waiting outside.

Feng Shaoqing also paused as he saw the people outside. He turned to Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin said, “I’ll be on my way.”

“Oh, they’re here to pick you up?” Feng Shaoqing asked, “Don’t tell me that is Mr. President…”


Feng Shaoqing looked up in that direction.

Yu Minmin already hurriedly ran over.

The guard opened the car door and sure enough, Gu Jingming was inside.

He looked outside.

That man was still standing there.

Gu Jingming asked, “Who is that?”

Yu Minmin turned back, took a glance, and then said, “An old classmate.”

She didn’t realize that when she talked about this, there was some femininity on her face.

Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes at her and looked at the person behind more intensely.

In the end, Yu Minmin decided to go for the class reunion at night.

She dressed up a little.

Gu Jingming noticed it quickly.

“Where are you going?”

“I have a class reunion,” Yu Minmin replied.

Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes. An attendant was helping with her clothes and hair behind.

She put on some light makeup and was soon ready. She said to him, “I’ll be back early.”

“Come on. I’ll send you,” Gu Jingming said.

“Huh? That’s not necessary,” Yu Minmin said with a surprised voice.

Gu Jingming said, “I have to go back to the Gu household. I’ll send you and then go over.”

Yu Minmin thought that it was too troublesome. However, he didn’t give her a chance to reject him and had the chauffeur prepare the car.

They drove straight to Yu Minmin’s class reunion venue. It was a high-end hotel.

Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming. “Thanks for taking me here. I’ll be on my way.”

She put one foot down and her chest was slightly revealed.

She wore a low-cut top today, but it actually wasn’t very low-cut. It was just that her **** were too big…

Gu Jingming pulled her back in one swift motion.

Yu Minmin froze.

Gu Jingming looked at her and looked like he was ready to kiss her. This shocked Yu Minmin.

“Ah, you…”

She instinctively tried to dodge him. Gu Jingming’s eyes deepened further. “Why are you dodging? You don’t want me to touch you?”

“It… It’s not that…” Yu Minmin turned to look behind. There were probably many people attending this reunion dinner and they would be walking around here. If anybody saw them…

However, her expression did seem as if she was not willing.

Gu Jingming’s eyes deepened. He pulled Yu Minmin to himself. Without waiting for her to reject, he kissed her on her lips.

She was practically kneeling in his embrace. She tilted her head as he kissed her deeply.

The car door was still slightly opened. This made her heart palpitated. It was too exciting.

It was too scary. It was too embarrassing…

Gu Jingming finally released her. However, he licked her lips as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

Yu Minmin’s face was red. On the other hand, Gu Jingming’s expression was back to normal, overbearingly intoxicating. It was as if what just happened did not happen at all.

She hastily said, “I’m going in.” After that, she opened the car door to go out. She quickly looked around to see if anybody noticed them.

Thankfully, she didn’t see any familiar faces. She then hurriedly went in.



  1. See love! Oh men! Thank you my writer

  2. The men from Gu household, really know how to take care of their women. They are real husband material



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