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Season 6

Episode 8

(Lin Che Was Confessed To)

Lin Che’s sudden turnover made the media unable to react in time.

However, people still didn’t feel good about the separation from the company.

There were so many opinions online.

On one hand, people said that it was simply a betrayal for an artist to leave their original company after becoming famous.

Some said that the terms of the financial company were too harsh. It was right to leave.

However, people thought even more about the fact that Lin Che knew Situ Qiong…

They were supposedly master and disciple, but were they really? Wasn’t he the gold mine behind her back?

In this regard, when the media met Gu Jingyu again, they interviewed him. They asked him about his view on Lin Che leaving the financial company.

Gu Jingyu had always been straightforward. Naturally, his family background and power also didn’t require him to pretend. He simply asked, “What did you say? Lin Che is a traitor? I just want to say that if she really wanted to betray the company, I told her that I could totally let her join my company. I would have supported her and she wouldn’t have had to pay a single cent. Everything she earned would have been hers. Why would she need to stay in her original company and still give that – whatever company? Is it Dynamic Pictures? She still needs to give them a seventy percent cut.”

The reporters thought that if the Dynamic Pictures people saw what Gu Jingyu said, they would be furious.

However, the Dynamic Pictures people could only endure it because nobody in the entire circle dared to provoke Gu Jingyu.

Chen Jingde could only watch himself being insulted to nothing. After all, what Gu Jingyu said was right. In comparison, although Gu Jingyu only had one studio, it was more prominent than the entire Dynamic Pictures. It was said that the Gu family gave him a few floors to set up his company. He had the best position in the building and it was especially unique.

In comparison, what was Dynamic Pictures?

Sister Lin read the report angrily.

“This Lin Che… Situ Qiong actually wants to let her set up a company? He still dares to say that he’s not providing for her?”

Qin Wanwan only stared at the report about Witch’s Diary.

In the end, did Lin Che still take that show?

Furthermore, was Situ Qiong really the gold mine behind her back?

Chen Jingde was also looking from the side. He looked at Sister Lin and said, “I also didn’t think that Lin Che would have such a huge connection and have a relationship with the Situ family.”

If he had known, he wouldn’t have been so casual towards Lin Che.

It was pointless to regret it now.

Now, she had gone out on her own to set up her own company and it was Situ Qiong who invested in it.

Yu Minmin told Lin Che about everything in detail.

Lin Che asked, “How did you get into contact with Situ Qiong?”

“I was looking for someone to act as our investor so that nobody would question where you got your money from. My original thought was to ask Gu Jingze to simply find some wealthy person he knows to be the investor and use their name. It would also serve as a shield for Gu Jingze. Since Situ Qiong was willing now, it made his name more justified. Your relationship with him as master and disciple is real anyway. When we publish a photo of you and him fencing together, everyone will know.”

Lin Che sighed, “When I signed the contract with the company, I didn’t care that much about all these compensation clauses. I didn’t expect myself having to pay so much in the end.”

“Nevermind. What is a few million yuan to your husband? It is as good as buying a car for you.”

“I just don’t like it that my money will be taken by them as a benefit. It feels as if I worked for nothing.”

“Relax. We will be suing them for damaging our reputation. I won’t rest until I can make them spit out some money on their own.”

On the other side, Qin Wanwan looked at the online comments angrily. Because of Gu Jingyu’s words, people started siding Lin Che.

“How is Lin Che so lucky? So many people are standing on her side. Am I going to be stomped on by her this time? She took Witch’s Diary and now, people are asking whether I made the video myself.”

Sister Lin was also feeling very exasperated. But seeing Qin Wanwan like this, she said, “She’s being kept by Situ Qiong and she still has the cheek to announce it. I’ll immediately tell people so that they’ll scold her. Hmph.”

Sister Lin immediately found people to raise this topic, saying that Lin Che flouted rules. Her gold mine backing, Situ Qiong, said that he was her master, but who knew what was actually going on?

Her people made it very ugly and said, “This Lin Che is living such a good life as a celebrity. All she needs to do is spread her legs and she would get anything she wants.”

“From winning over Gu Jingyu to being kept by Situ Qiong, Lin Che has been simply sleeping her way up all along.”

“I heard that Lin Che used to be just an errand girl. She slept her way up from the crew to the director, so she became Number Two immediately. She latched herself onto Gu Jingyu and slept with him. Again, she slept her way up. How tainted are her nether regions now?”

Seeing Lin Che get insulted like that, Qin Wanwan felt a lot better.

Although it was a blind accusation, Qin Wanwan also believed that if Lin Che didn’t sleep with these men, they absolutely wouldn’t have supported her this much.

However, whether it was Gu Jingyu or Situ Qiong, their looks and family background would make anyone jealous.

But she seemed to have forgotten that she did the same thing before. All she cared about was that Lin Che slept her way up and she was worth nothing.

However, she was only happy for a night.

The next day, Situ Qiong suddenly spoke up.

He simply announced on the company’s website and said, “Someone said that I’m providing for Lin Che. I want to say that you guys really sounded out my heart’s desire.”

“I do indeed want to provide for Lin Che for the rest of her life. I want her to become Mrs. Situ, but it is a pity that I don’t have this opportunity.”

“After I wooed Lin Che with no results, I already backed down and became Lin Che’s good friend and good master forever. From her, my passion for fencing was reignited and I also learned to have a ‘never say die’ spirit. She made me see that there were other colors in life, so I am willing to become her good friend. I will be her trusted friend for as long as I live.”

“Of course, if she changes her mind and decides that I’m not a bad option, I am always ready for her.”

This obvious confession stunned everybody.

Even Lin Che who was across the ocean was stunned.

This Situ Qiong…

This raw confession of Situ Qiong’s instantly made him a popular candidate for passionate men.

Everybody dug out Situ Qiong’s past fencing photos and published his glorious history on Weibo. They even talked about his fancy family background.

Just one event made many people know about Situ Qiong. It turned out that he was a true fencing champion and also C Nation’s true aristocratic gentleman.

Lin Che was confessed to by such a dazzling man and even became his disciple. She was way too lucky.

Everybody was so envious of Lin Che. To be confessed to by such an extraordinarily dashing man with a deep family background. He was a new age Prince Charming.





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