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Season 6

Episode 79

(I’m Really Too Ugly And Hideous)

The employee was already dumbfounded. This was a public figure with tons of fans. If she implicated herself, would she still be able to continue living?

Lin Che couldn’t care about anything else. She quickly went to the hospital first.

However, Yu Minmin immediately noticed that parts of her hair… were slowly turning gray and then breaking off.

Oh my God. What exactly was this…

They quickly reached the hospital. The doctor looked at her and also got scared. After a series of assessments and quick detoxifying medication, Lin Che was finally okay.

But her hair…

The doctor said, “An industrial dosage was probably added. We still need to find out what exactly was added. It looks like your scalp and your body are fine. As for your hair…”

Lin Che touched her own hair and felt that the remainder of it was messy and a lot shorter. Had she already become bald?

“How… How do I look? Minmin, give me a mirror to see. I… Is my hair all gone?”

Yu Minmin only looked at her speechlessly. “Don’t worry. It didn’t fall off completely. A large part of your hair just broke off.”

“How exactly is it? Tell me first. Don’t worry. I can take it,” Lin Che spoke with clenched fists.

Yu Minmin could only say, “Take a look at yourself then.” She held a mirror in front of Lin Che. Lin Che saw that her hair broke off until there were only a few inches left. There were also some long strands but the difference was so great that she simply looked like a crazy person.

“Oh my God. I’m hideous.” Lin Che quickly tossed the mirror away.

However, thinking about it, she picked up the mirror again to see if her hair could still be salvaged. But she really didn’t think there was anything left to be saved.

“No way. I still have to entertain Eric with the Gu family tomorrow. If I go like this, I… I’m going to be such an embarrassment.”

Yu Minmin could only say, “Don’t be like this… I’ll get the stylist to think of something.”

Lin Che collapsed right there. “I’m really down on my luck today.”

Yu Minmin said, “You should be glad that nothing happened to your face. If you didn’t feel that something was off just now, your face would really be gone if you continued to let her do your face.”

Lin Che touched her own face. Thinking about it, she really felt scared on hindsight.

She only felt that something was not right at that time and she didn’t think about anything else. Now that she thought about it, it was true.

“Oh my God, who would try to disfigure me…”

“I believe it’s very suspicious that someone is trying to disfigure you right now. It should be someone who has a grudge against you or the Gu family. They even know about you meeting Eric.”

“Mo Huiling!” Lin Che gritted her teeth as she said this name. She couldn’t think of anyone else besides Mo Huiling who would know about her meeting with Eric and also had such a deep hatred towards her.

When Lin Che returned home, Yu Minmin also followed her in.

The maids saw her and were all shocked.

“Madam, this is…”

“Where is Mo Huiling?!” Lin Che immediately asked.

“In-… Inside.”

The maids replied.

Without saying anything else, Lin Che immediately walked in.

“Mo Huiling, tell me what exactly do you want?!”

“Why are you yelling? Don’t you have any sense of manners?” Mo Huiling came out and immediately saw Lin Che’s appearance.

She froze and then burst into laughter.

“Oh my, is this your new style, Lin Che?”

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and looked at Mo Huiling’s mocking face.

“Isn’t this your doing, Mo Huiling?!”

Mo Huiling couldn’t contain her laughter. She held her hand over her mouth and said lightly, “I’m recuperating with a baby. How can I have the time to bother with you?”

“Hmph, I can’t think of anyone else who would be as vicious as you!”

“Ha, why would I be vicious? I don’t need to go against you at this point in time. As long as my baby is born, everything you have now will be mine. This is extraneous and I have absolutely no need to do such a thing.”


Mo Huiling looked at her triumphantly. “What? Do you want to hit me? Are you going to aim for my belly or my upper body? Come and try me. When you’re done, I’ll make sure you become nothing. Hmph. You’re a Madam of the Gu family who let someone else carry your husband’s child. Come and hit me. Let your fans see how their idol is truly like!”

Yu Minmin held Lin Che back. “Hold your horses. We will not fight.”

“Yes. I’ll not fight her.” Lin Che grunted. “I won’t hit you or scold you. I’ll see how long you can kick up a fuss. When the child is born and it’s not Gu Jingze’s, I’ll see what you’re going to do.”

Mo Huiling did not think that the child wouldn’t be Gu Jingze’s.

She scoffed and said, “Go ahead and continue deceiving yourself. You’ll know once the child is born!”

Lin Che walked in.

Mo Huiling was still laughing.

She deserved it. Lin Che’s appearance just now was really way too ugly.

If Gu Jingze saw her this time, he might not want her anymore.

Lin Che returned to her room feeling angry.

Anybody who was sabotaged like this would feel angry.

Hair could be grown, but she had a meeting tomorrow. She really didn’t know what to do.

Yu Minmin comforted her. Lin Che said, “Nevermind. What’s done is done. I can wear a hat or a wig.”

“Yes, don’t worry. There’ll always be a solution.”

“Go back home. You’ve been keeping me company for the entire day. I can fix myself. Don’t worry.”

Yu Minmin still felt worried about her. She informed Gu Jingze about this first. She felt a lot more at ease if Gu Jingze was by Lin Che’s side. Furthermore, Gu Jingze would always have a better solution than she did. He would be able to comfort Lin Che.

After Yu Minmin left, Lin Che sat there and scrutinized herself in the mirror.

She wasn’t a pessimist. She knew that what was done could not be undone. There was no point in harping over it. She only just couldn’t quite accept it yet.

Thinking about all these, she was once again reminded that her period was not here yet.

Since her hair was like this, people probably wouldn’t be able to recognize her. She decided to take this opportunity to go out to a drugstore.

She never bought this kind of thing before and felt rather embarrassed about it. The employee looked at her and probably also thought that a man would still want her like this…

Thus, there was still a curious look on the employee’s face. But the employee did not say anything and gave the pregnancy test kit to her.

She went home and started using it according to the instructions.

While she was waiting, she heard a noise from outside.

“Lin Che?”

Gu Jingze was calling out to her.

Lin Che panicked. She looked at the kit and it was not ready yet.

“I’m in the toilet.”

Outside, Gu Jingze heard her and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I’m just pooping…”

“…” Gu Jingze said, “I already heard about it. Come out. Let me see how is your hair.”




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