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My Beautiful Bride

Episode 78

(I Came To Ask You For Help)

Mo Huiling laughed as she sat there, letting her friend talk.

“How is the Gu residence? Is it especially big? I heard that it’s very strict and there is a herd of maids. When are you going to bring us for a visit?” Her friend looked at Mo Huiling enviously. Nobody thought that she could actually turn things around on her own. Everybody thought that she and Gu Jingze were over for good.

Mo Huiling smiled and said, “Not just anybody can enter that place. Visiting is all the more impossible.”

That person heard this and pouted. Deep down, she thought, How proud.

If I can’t go, then so be it. It’s only because you’re riding on the coattails of your child that you can move into the Gu residence.

Mo Huiling had been announcing everywhere outside that she had already moved into the Gu residence. Everyone looked at her enviously. Once again, she felt the kind of happiness she had when she was with Gu Jingze in the past.

No. This was even better than in the past.

Because when she was with Gu Jingze, she had to be cautious and didn’t quite dare to show off too much. Neither did she think of showing off. After all, they were together for so long that she took everything she had for granted.

It was only when she left Gu Jingze that she immediately felt worthless in this circle.

This time, when she once again had a connection with Gu Jingze, everyone’s compliments and envy made her feel even better.

It felt so satisfying to be by Gu Jingze’s side.

Mo Huiling said, “Oh right. I asked to meet you because I’d like to seek your help for something.”

“Huh, what?”

“You’re aware that Eric is coming to C Nation soon. The Gu family will be hosting him.”

“Yes yes. Since you’re with Gu Jingze, you’ll have a chance to go too.”

Mo Huiling’s heart hurt.

No, Gu Jingze didn’t let her go at all.

Mo Huiling didn’t say that because even if Gu Jingze didn’t invite her, she would think of a way to go on her own.

Mo Huiling said, “Lin Che is also going. Furthermore, she’s going to suck up to Eric.”

“Tsk tsk. Actresses will be actresses. They would suck up to anybody.”

“I hope that this time, she’ll be unrecognizable.”

“What? Is… Isn’t that bad?”

Mo Huiling said, “Don’t you know that the stylist she often goes to is under your family business?”

“You… You mean…”

“You can put a little something in her hair and skincare products… Haha, when the time comes, she’ll…”

Wasn’t this too evil? She wanted to disfigure a pretty girl who was a celebrity at that…

She didn’t quite dare to do it because this was Lin Che. If she got caught, she wouldn’t be able to afford the consequences.

However, Mo Huiling said, “Hey, what is Lin Che to you now? She doesn’t know you at all and would never cross paths with someone of your status. I, on the other hand, am your longtime friend. If you help me become the house mistress of the Gu family, my child and I will never forget you. Hm?”

How… How could she do it?

When Lin Che normally did her hair, she would first wash it and do a treatment. Otherwise, frequent styling would be damaging to the hair.

As an artist, she had to anticipate such things. No matter how expensive a styling product was, it would still damage the hair. It was unavoidable. Thus, she had no choice but to spend time protecting her hair.

On this day, Yu Minmin took her for her hair treatment as usual.

Upon entering the salon, Yu Minmin said, “Eric is coming tomorrow. After your hair is done today, you have to treat it tomorrow morning. Your hair must be smooth and shining when you meet Eric. You’re guaranteed to enchant thousands of people.”

Lin Che said speechlessly, “Please, I’m just going there as a babysitter.”

It was Yu Minmin who found this salon. Ever since her career picked up, she would come here. This was on the higher-end in B City and privacy here was good. Thus, many famous people would come here.

Upon seeing Lin Che arrive, the employee took out Lin Che’s usual products.

“Miss Lin… You’re here. Please give me a second. I’ll be ready soon.”

However, they thought that the employee acted a little weird today.

Yu Minmin remarked, “She seems weird.”

Lin Che agreed, “Yeah, I feel the same way. Is there anything wrong with me today?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I don’t have any shocking news recently. I’ve been occupied with filming and I didn’t participate in any activity at all.”

“But your cover photo for Weili has been published online today. Perhaps she saw how different you looked, so she also feels very weird.”


Because of that cover photo, many people indeed said that they saw another side of Lin Che.

They thought that she only knew how to play one type of role. Now, it looked like it might not be a bad thing if she changed her style.

Thus, everybody highly anticipated when she could portray a role like this.

But a rising star like Lin Che would have arrangements made by the company. They normally wouldn’t change her image out of a sudden. Instead, they would focus on establishing her fame first. When that and her fan base were stable, they would then slowly try out other styles and roles.

Lin Che had not gotten to that stage yet. Hooking everyone’s appetite first was also not a bad way.

She lied down and didn’t bother about anything else. She waited as the employee treated her hair. She thought that it smelled different but she did not say anything. It just smelled a little different from usual. After that, she saw that the employee kept looking back at her fearfully.

Lin Che asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m going to start on your face. Give me a second.”

She quickly took out skincare products. Lin Che watched her and all the more thought that something did not feel right.

Especially when the employee quickly mixed the skincare products and walked towards her…

Just as the employee’s hand was close to Lin Che, she grabbed it.

The employee was so frightened that she went weak.

Lin Che asked, “What is going on?! What exactly is happening?!”

The employee hastily said, “Nothing, nothing. It’s nothing at all. It’s just that we changed to a new line of skincare products. Really…”

Lin Che already felt that something was not right. She pursed her lips and looked at the employee in front of her. “Only changed products? I’m advising you to best explain clearly. You’re merely an employee here. If something really happens, are you sure you want to be a scapegoat for someone else?”

The employee was so scared that she shivered and went down on her knees, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with me. I just felt that there was something off about the products…”

The employees handled these products on a daily basis so they could immediately tell if something was wrong.

Lin Che’s eyes halted. She wanted to say something but already felt that her entire scalp was starting to feel itchy.

“Yes… It’s not right. Something is off with the product. My scalp is itchy…”

Yu Minmin heard this and immediately made Lin Che lie down. She took the water and rinsed her hair.





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