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Season 6

Episode 77

(You Will Have A Wealthy Fan Wanting To See You)

Just at this moment, Gu Jingze returned.

The first thing he saw upon entering was Lin Che with her heavy make up like that. He paused, walked towards her, and held her arms as he looked at her.

Lin Che felt uncomfortable from his stare. “What…”

Gu Jingze asked, “This is for the magazine shoot?”

“Yes. I told you about it before.”

Gu Jingze really thought that… he should just buy all the copies.

He didn’t want so many people to be looking at her this way.

There would inevitably be plenty of men going crazy over a woman like this.

And he was not willing.

Lin Che looked at him and asked, “Oh right, why did you call me back?”

“Do you know of a financial tycoon overseas named Eric?”


“Okay…” Gu Jingze overestimated her knowledge in this aspect. However, practically everyone knew of him because he was always on the Forbes list. She actually said that she didn’t know who he was?

Never mind. Her brain capacity also probably did not have such standards.

“He will be coming for a few days and we’ll be hosting him. However, his daughter is very fond of you.”

“Huh? His daughter?”

“Yes. His daughter is mix-blooded. Her mother is a C National and her father is American. She’s only twelve this year and is a fangirl. When she was in C Nation, she saw your TV drama. She used to like Gu Jingyu very much. Now, she likes you, so…”

“So you want to take me along?”

“That’s right. I’d like to take you to meet him. Since we are responsible for hosting him, of course, we hope to make him happy. This is one of his three daughters. However, he treats each daughter very well and they are all dearly beloved. If his daughter is happy, he should probably be happy too.”

“Of course you can, but I’ve never met such an important little fan.”

“Take it as if you’re meeting a normal fan. Just sit in with us.”

“Alright, but I don’t really know how to talk to kids…”

“You can try,” he bent down and replied. “We’ll have kids in the future anyway. It’s better to get used to it sooner.”



Lin Che asked, “Then how should I dress when the time comes?”

“Anything. Dress up a little so that your little fan can see that you really look better in real life than on TV. She’ll definitely fall in love with you. Isn’t it also good for you to have such a little fan?”

“Ah, it’s my first time meeting such a wealthy fan. Seriously, I’m not prepared at all.”

“Alright, I’ll be with you. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just be yourself.” He pinched her cheek.

Lin Che still felt a mountainous pressure.

Little did they know, on the side…

Mo Huiling eavesdropped on their whole conversation.

Eric was coming to C Nation?

That was a well-known international tycoon and Lin Che actually said that she didn’t know about him.

It was natural for him to first contact Gu Jingze if he was coming here. After all, anyone who came to C Nation and didn’t first visit the Gu family could really forget about mixing around. However, it was also only the Gu family who had the ability to invite Eric over.

It looked like it was going to be huge. By then, who knew how many well-known figures would come too.

Lin Che returned to the room and turned on the laptop to see what kind of person Eric was.

She also told Shen Youran about this through WeChat.

At this point, Shen Youran asked, “Who did you say it was? Eric??”

“Yes. Have you heard of him?”

“Woah, Eric? The financial tycoon Eric? He is the king of the stock market…”

“Really? I’m not very aware…”

However, just then, Eric already appeared on the browser. His details were written very clearly on Wikipedia.

Damn. She realized that she did know this person.

Although she never really looked him up, she had naturally heard plenty of tales about a person like him. He started with nothing and became king of investments and the stock market. He was consistently the top few on the Forbes list… She had only forgotten his name. Now that she looked at the picture, she then realized who he was.

So she was going to meet this person?

And his daughter was her fan?

She should clearly be the one rushing to suck up to them…

Lin Che said, “Youran, I must definitely take a picture to show off then. This is great!”

“Stop it…” Shen Youran said exasperatedly. “I’m dying of jealousy and envy. Please help me ask him what stocks I should be buying…”

“Get lost. I’m not going to ask this kind of stupid question.”

Lin Che went filming for the next few days. On the way back to the crew, she kept thinking about how she was going to please Eric.

When she returned to the crew, they were indeed stricter with her but also nicer to her.

The director felt responsible and rented a villa for her and her crew. He even hired someone to look after her accommodation and made security guards stick close by for protection. It really…

Made her feel very helpless.

Although she had such special treatment, at least the crew knew that she had just been kidnapped. Thus, they were understanding.

Everything was fine with the crew over the next few days, but she was still dead tired.

However, Lin Che’s period suddenly did not come…

This made her feel somewhat surprised.

Her period was usually rather on time. This time, it seemed to be two days late.

As she counted the days, she rested and somehow felt a little anticipation in her heart…

Thinking about this month… they didn’t really take many precaution. Was she really… pregnant?

On this day, she rushed back home from the film set. She was going to meet Eric soon, so she had to come back and try on clothes.

Yu Minmin was also there. As she read about Eric, she said, “Who would have thought that you’d have such a good fan… Oh my God. When the time comes, you must definitely give a good performance. Maybe the big one will also become your fan and then you’ll be able to head straight for Hollywood…”

“Please. Me? Hollywood? I haven’t even conquered C Nation properly.”

Yu Minmin said, “But it looks like there’ll be a lot of people going to meet Eric this time.”

“Huh? Isn’t it going to just be at the Gu household?”

“How can that be? When Eric comes to C Nation, so many people in this country would rush to see him.”

“No way. I thought I was just going to babysit at the Gu household.”

Yu Minmin looked at her and shook her head. “Seriously? Don’t you know how to ask if you’re unsure? I can only say that your husband has too much faith in you. Never mind. I’ll get the stylist to style you up. You can bring her with you.”

“It’s so rare to see you value something so much. It’s just a personal event and you’re sending me a stylist.”

“But of course. This is a big shot; it’s different.”

Yu Minmin kept to her word and quickly called a stylist to the Gu residence.

When the stylist finished styling Lin Che, she looked at herself. It was indeed very different.

If she went alone she would have been casual about it. At the very most, she would have used the hair curler to curl her hair a little. But now, her hair was long and flowing. It was really not bad.

Her hair was not considered long; it only went to the middle of her back, but it still looked very nice when curled.

Lin Che looked at herself in satisfaction and said, “This style is not bad.”

After that, she continued with her filming. She was going to go home again that day and go with Gu Jingze to meet Eric.


Mo Huiling was outside chatting and having tea with a friend.

Her friend saw that her arm was still bandaged. She said quizzically, “How did you injure this hand? Really…”

“I was just careless. Jingze said that I needed to recuperate well and that was why I moved into the Gu residence.”

“But if Gu Jingze actually let you move in, then it looks like that wife of his isn’t making the cut.”



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