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Season 6

Episode 76

(Enchanting People With Her Beauty)

Lin Che began doing sit-ups. He intentionally went so close to her that when she came up, she almost hit his face.

Almost touching the tip of his nose, she looked at him and grunted shyly, “What are you doing?”

Gu Jingze kept a straight face and said strictly, “Hurry up, don’t cheat.”

She went down and came up again.

She felt that he was even closer this time.

Her little shorts looked very playful. When she moved, her chest undulated.

Only clad in a cropped top, her chest moved about very tastefully. He stared and smiled as he said, “Again.”

When Lin Che came up this time, he didn’t tease her. Instead, he simply kissed her lips.

“Mm…” she grunted. He bit her and leaned upwards to her.

When Mo Huiling returned outside, she saw Gu Jingze’s car.

It looked like Gu Jingze was already home.

She hurried in but couldn’t see him anywhere.

She pulled a maid to the side and asked, “Where is Jingze?”

The maid was very angry about being pulled over, “Miss Mo, Sir is in the gym.” Seeing that Mo Huiling wanted to head in that direction, the maid added, “Sir and Madam are working out together.”

Sir and Madam…

He and Lin Che were working out together?

The maid didn’t expect Mo Huiling to still run over after she said that.

Mo Huiling also didn’t expect that just as she wanted to go in, she would first see the transparent glass door…

Gu Jingze was leaning into Lin Che silently.

Lin Che was lying on the exercise mat. Gu Jingze went up to her like a leopard that was slowly approaching her.

When the two of them were together, the maids would absolutely steer clear. This area had nobody else and they really had the whole room to themselves.

Mo Huiling watched angrily. The two of them kissed unabashedly. From the back, Gu Jingze’s body looked even more muscular after working out. Every muscle glowed.

He hugged Lin Che and that sweet image really made one’s heart as sweet as honey.

Mo Huiling thought about how many times this appeared in her dreams.

It was a pity that despite being with Gu Jingze for so many years, she never had such a joyous moment like this.

She also never thought that this was any good. However, after truly seeing Gu Jingze doing such intimate things with another woman, she really felt jealous.

This was all hers. It should have been hers.

She wanted Gu Jingze’s body so madly. She wanted to claim every part of his perfection.

But Heaven was so unjust that she… She actually couldn’t touch him.

She had to watch as only Lin Che could touch Gu Jingze’s perfect body. That kiss was so beautiful that it made one look forward.

Mo Huiling’s legs seemed to be stuck there. She wanted to move but she couldn’t.

However… Gu Jingze was already completely holding Lin Che down. Who knew what was going to happen next?

She couldn’t watch anymore, so she turned around and left.

Actually, Gu Jingze also didn’t want to do anything in the gym.

After he kissed her, he hugged her and smiled. “Come on. Let’s go to another place to continue our workout.”

Wh-… What?

No way…

Lin Che trained for a few days and was finally ready for her photoshoot.

Yu Minmin accompanied Lin Che to the shooting venue and said to her, “If you need to film in the next few days, go ahead with it. I’ll prepare some documents and wait for you to come back. We’ll start recruiting staff.”

“Okay. You can just do it.”

“No way. You’re the big boss. You have to take a look first,” Yu Minmin replied.

“Do we really need to be so definitive?” Lin Che asked.

Yu Minmin said, “The important thing is that I can’t make the decisions myself. It’s also my first time recruiting.”

They looked at each other and smiled.

After that, Lin Che did her makeup and went for her photoshoot.

She was quite okay with facing the camera, but she wasn’t very used to it in the beginning. After all, the cameras she faced were all for acting. Now that she was taking photos, she felt a little weird.

Thankfully, she later got used to it and the photoshoot was soon over.

The photographer shook hands with her. “Fantastic. If you stop acting, you can become a model too.”

Lin Che beamed and replied politely, “Thank you. It’s my first time having a photoshoot. Thank you all for having me.”

She left without removing her makeup because Gu Jingze suddenly called her, saying that something cropped up at home and she had to wait for him at home. Thus, she headed straight home.

Upon returning home, the maids were all stunned by Lin Che’s appearance.

“Wow, Madam.”

Lin Che touched her own hair. “What’s wrong? Do I look ugly?”

“Not at all, Madam. You’re gorgeous. Where did you go today? How come you’re all dolled up?”

Lin Che smiled as she walked into her room to change clothes. The maids helped her at the side. They looked at Lin Che and couldn’t help sighing, “Madam, you’ve always only put basic makeup. Today’s makeup is different.”

Lin Che replied, “Yes. I tried heavy makeup today. We were shooting for a magazine cover, so I had to do it. Why? Don’t I look scary? I’m so not used to this.”

“It’s not scary at all. Really, you’re too beautiful.”

“Yes, you look like a doll. So gorgeous!”

Mo Huiling heard the chatter from outside.

She was curious and wondered what was happening. She went in to take a look and she froze.

Lin Che was back.

Although she had already been staying in the Gu residence for a few days, she still couldn’t find a chance to interact with Gu Jingze. He was busy every day and ignored her completely. Even the maids at home didn’t bother about her.

In contrast, when Lin Che returned home, all these people fussed over her.

Every one of them was even praising Lin Che and saying how pretty she was.

Hmph, how pretty could she be?

It was only because she was Gu Jingze’s lawfully-wedded wife. That was why they all rushed to compliment her.

However, upon entering, Lin Che suddenly turned around.

She always had a pure and clean image. Even if she wore makeup, it was never heavy.

However, her lips were dark red today. It was so striking that it made one freeze. The heavy makeup made her petite face more prominent. The thick and black eyeshadow made her eyes appear twice as large. She looked like an exquisite Super Dollfie with her curled hair and midnight-black dress.

Even as a woman, Mo Huiling thought that… she was really very pretty.

It made her eyes light up and she couldn’t help but feel inferior.

Mo Huiling couldn’t utter a word she wanted to say. She grunted and turned to leave first.

After leaving, Mo Huiling then thought, This Lin Che… No wonder she could capture so many people’s hearts…

However… No matter how good-looking she was, it was just a face.

Lin Che thought she was being absurd and didn’t bother with her.





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