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Season 6

Episode 75

(I’m Here To See You Workout)

Lin Che had no choice but to let Shen Youran accompany her to the magazine photoshoot.

The two of them set off from the company. Seeing that her company looked rather decent now, Shen Youran said, “It looks like it was the right decision for you guys to go solo. Even if you’ll be missing out on some resources, at least you have freedom.”

Lin Che said, “Yes, but we are still short-handed. We probably will have to hire more people later on.”

Shen Youran said, “To think that the two of us had nothing to our names in the past. We thought that we’d never get married in our lives… In the end, you a big star now and you’re married to such a good man…”

Shen Youran hugged her waist.

Lin Che smiled and looked at her. “I can say the same about you. You and Dr. Chen were at loggerheads at the beginning. Who would have thought that you’d gradually end up together?”

Shen Youran blushed. “Stop it. Don’t talk about him anymore. He’s so stupid. He’s not romantic like President Gu. He’s literally a block of wood. I… can take it as if I’m caring for a disabled child. That’s why I’m stuck with him…”

“Please, I can see that you clearly worship him to death. Don’t try to pretend in front of me.”

“Go away.” Shen Youran leaned into Lin Che shyly.

The two of them arrived at Weili’s headquarters.

Upon entering, their chief editor was already at the entrance welcoming her.

“Excellent, Miss Lin! You’re finally here. Our stylist is inside. I’d like to first bring you to see what style would better suit you.”

After Lin Che went in, the few of them discussed what style they should give her.

“Miss Lin, your skin is flawless. You’re so fair and you’re not picky about colors. We can try some bold styles,” the stylist complimented her.

Lin Che smiled, “Just do whatever you like. I don’t really know much about fashion. It’s good to try something new.”

The stylist said, “How can that be? A lot of celebrities are imitating Miss Lin’s style now.”

“Huh? I have a style? I’ve always been wearing casually. I just wear whatever that is hung up for me.”

“Yes, wearing casual is also a style. Actually, it’s also useless for them to imitate you. The important thing is that Miss Lin has poise. Furthermore, you’re pretty so of course, you look great in anything.”

After Lin Che and the stylist made their final decision, she left with Shen Youran.

Shen Youran said, “I got goosebumps from hearing them praise you.”

Lin Che said, “They see who they’re talking to. When I went out in the past, nobody bothered about me. Now, even the chief editor personally welcomed me. Sigh, seriously…”

Shen Youran said, “Well, you’re a big star now after all. Everybody would want to welcome you personally. People talked about you more than anyone else this year.”

“But fame in the entertainment industry comes in waves. You would become famous all of a sudden. Ultimately, I feel that it is also about time for me to take a back seat. Otherwise, the audience would also get tired of me.”

“Really? I do think that you’ve been getting plenty of coverage lately. What you said makes sense too. Why don’t you take a break after you’re done filming this drama? Quickly have a baby. Hehe. Ever since you started out, you’ve been filming nonstop. You’ve never taken a break.”

“Get lost. What baby…” Lin Che thought about it but felt depressed. Recently, she and Gu Jingze…

Seemed to be a little careless when it came to contraception.

Sometimes, they would forget in the midst of all the chaotic passion.

Indeed, he was always well prepared previously. That was why she didn’t worry at all. Now, he was getting careless with it and when she was touched by him, she would immediately not care about anything else and also become careless…

She soon reached home.

Since the photoshoot was coming very soon, Lin Che wanted to quickly find a personal trainer for her gym workout.

When Gu Jingze returned, he asked the maids where Lin Che was. The maids immediately replied, “Sir, Madam is in the gym.”

The Gu residence’s gym had everything and was comparable to any major gyms outside.

Lin Che wore a broad and cropped athletic top that revealed her smooth and flat stomach. She wore tight-fitting boxers which made her entire self look very petite.

When Gu Jingze entered, she was doing stretching exercises.

She seemed to have just started. She was slicing off and not stretching completely.

Shaking his head, he said, “The way you work out is practically a waste of time.”

Lin Che froze. She saw that Gu Jingze was here and she stood up sheepishly.

She stuck out her tongue, thinking she had been caught.

She didn’t want to skive off, but working out really depended on willpower. Now that she didn’t have a big push factor like that the WW banquet and she was working out alone, she naturally started to skive off…

She replied, “Idiot, what are you doing here?”

“I came to check if you were working hard. Sure enough, you weren’t.”

“I… I was just resting.”

“Right. It’s no use to lie to me. I know you too well,” Gu Jingze reached out and tapped her forehead.

Lin Che felt even more helpless. Hugging his waist, she said, “Fine… It’s just really easy to skive off when I work out alone. Nobody is watching me so it’s easy…”

Gu Jingze thought for a while and then said, “Okay. Wait for me. I’ll help you with your workout.”

“Huh?” Lin Che looked at him in surprise.

Gu Jingze said, “To stop you from skiving off. Wait here. I’ll go change.”

Gu Jingze quickly changed his clothes.

He wore a gray gym tank top and broad exercise shorts.

His honey-colored skin pulsated inside, making one want to take a big gulp.

Gu Jingze said, “Come on, let’s workout.”

Lin Che obediently sat down and began working out.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze also kept to his word and began his workout seriously.

Stretches, jumps, pull-ups…

Lin Che was getting out of breath. However, she followed her breathing and felt that she still had energy and strength.

Sweat droplets started forming. Her body also felt much more relaxed.

She looked up and saw Gu Jingze pulling the horizontal bar.

This action made his body very straight. Every single muscle of his was in use.

His clothes were already drenched in sweat. As his muscles danced inside, he looked even better.

His wet body looked so sexy that she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Lin Che stopped moving and she couldn’t resist looking at him.

Suddenly, Gu Jingze turned his head to her.

“Skiving off again?”

“…” Lin Che replied speechlessly, “No no, I’m working out.”

Gu Jingze jumped down neatly.

The smell of sweat was strong. Thankfully, his clothes were already sprayed with deodorant. When it mixed with his sweat, he smelled even more refreshing.

He walked towards her. Lin Che quickly continued stretching when Gu Jingze said, “Let me help you hold your legs.”


Lin Che said okay. She lied down and his hands held onto her legs. His large hands didn’t seem to use any strength, but they were already pressing her down firmly.





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