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Season 6

Episode 74

(Couldn’t Tell That Mr. President Is So Passionate)

Yu Minmin really didn’t want to get up anymore. However, she heard Gu Jingming already leave. She hoisted herself and slowly got up.

Just then, the door suddenly opened.

Gu Jingming stood at the door. True enough, Yu Minmin immediately sat up when he left.

He walked towards her, “Were you pretending to sleep?”

“Ah… No… I… I woke up when I heard the door,” Yu Minmin quickly said.

Gu Jingming walked slowly until he was right in front of her.

He gently lifted her chin. Seeing that she kept avoiding his gaze, he asked, “What’s wrong? Am I that scary?”

Yes, very scary. He was especially scary.

Looking at his calm and quiet eyes, she was reminded of how fiercely he treated her last night. Her body couldn’t help but tense up.

Gu Jingming scoffed, “You’re so scared of me and yet you keep disobeying me. You’re really…”

“How am I disobedient… I’m not afraid of you either, really…”


Gu Jingming asserted strength in his hand. He caught a glimpse of the scattered marks on her body. He couldn’t help but think of how her legs clung onto his waist last night and how her wet body hugged him so tightly.

His gaze deepened. His body, which he originally thought was exhausted, once again became energized.

Yu Minmin immediately felt that something was not right. She wanted to say no, but his tall figure already suppressed her at the speed of light.

She… She really thought that she was going to die…

Gu Jingming already sent his men to settle the incident last night.

The guards said that they couldn’t contact Yu Minmin. Thus, he sent his men to search inside.

After investigations, an abnormality was discovered.

Originally, he shouldn’t have revealed himself.

Linda looked at him, “Mr. President, the club is already settled. All the staff who saw you last night have already been sent to other places to work. They will not speak of this incident again.”


“The suspect says that he didn’t know how he got into contact with Madam President. He couldn’t see clearly and thought it was a woman sent to him. Thus, he was so presumptuous. He has already been evicted from C Nation.”

“Okay.” Gu Jingming looked up. “About the drug…”

“As for the drug… The staff is not sure how it got there. The suspect also claims that he didn’t drug Madam President. But in that kind of place, drugs like this are not uncommon.”

“Continue investigations.”


“Make sure Madam is looked after.”


Linda looked at Gu Jingming, took a deep breath, and walked out.

People wouldn’t be able to tell, but she could. Gu Jingming seemed to be tired. He didn’t get a good rest last night.

She shook her head. It looked like this afternoon’s official interview would have to be pushed back. Otherwise, if there was any flaw on Mr. President’s face, it would probably spark a lot of wild guesses and people would wonder what happened to him.

After Lin Che heard about this, she quickly rushed to Glazed Tile Palace with Shen Youran.

Yu Minmin was still resting in bed. When she saw Lin Che and Shen Youran come in, she quickly got up.

“How come you guys are here?”

“We’re here to see you, of course. Linda called us and said something happened to you last night. Why didn’t you tell us?” Lin Che asked.

Yu Minmin shook her head and said, “I didn’t want to tell you because it was no big deal. It was just an incident.”

Although Linda already told the two of them what happened over the phone, Yu Minmin still told it from her own perspective.

Lin Che said, “No way. That Yin Suya was there and then something happened to you after that. Don’t tell me it has something to do with her.”

Yu Minmin said, “We don’t have evidence for that, so we can’t say that.”

Lin Che said, “Alright then.”

“Furthermore, she is the president’s dearly beloved. If I say it and she denies it, she can bite back and say that I’m framing her… Sigh. We’ll have the chance to talk about it again. We can forget about it now.”

Yu Minmin was really afraid of Gu Jingming now. She didn’t want to see him at all, much less talk about this.

Shen Youran said, “Nevermind. You should rest well. Tell us if you need anything.”

“Okay… Oh right, there’s still the photoshoot. Youran, can you help me accompany Lin Che?”

“Alright, I’ll go in your place. Don’t worry and rest here.”

Yu Minmin got up to open the drawer to take something inside.

When she bent over…

The marks on her body inside were revealed.

“Oh my God, Minmin! What happened to you at the club? That… that bastard hit you?” Lin Che exclaimed.

Yu Minmin intentionally wore longer pajamas. However, it was rather loose so the marks still got revealed when she bent over.

Yu Minmin froze. She looked down to see all the red patches that had been sucked, pinched and rubbed…

It did look like she went through something, but it wasn’t at the club. That bastard was…

Shen Youran took one look and burst out laughing. “I don’t think she was beaten up… Look at how Minmin is blushing… I think these are traces of love.”

Lin Che froze and then understood what that meant.

She immediately looked at Yu Minmin suggestively. “You can’t be serious. We were still thinking how badly injured you might be and we rushed over to see you… but it looks like last night… you clearly had a fun night.”

“So rough… It looks like your life at night must be very passionate…”

“Exactly. I would never have guessed. Big Brother usually looks like a very cool and collected person. He actually has such a passionate side to him.”

“No wonder you look so glowy even though you’re so tired…”

“Yeah. Your complexion even looks better than it was in the past few days. This kind of regular exercise is indeed beneficial.”

“…” Yu Minmin looked speechlessly at the two of them who were chirping about. “Alright, you guys. That’s it! That’s it! Go on with your work!”

It was all Gu Jingming’s fault.

Shen Youran said, “Oh my. I didn’t think that I would be able to appreciate Mr. President’s hidden side first. Mr. President is very healthy.”

“Why not? Do outsiders think that Mr. President is not healthy?” Lin Che asked.

“Yes. In the past, there were rumors saying that Mr. President didn’t get married because he must have had some illness.”

“Tsk… Well, the Gu family was worried before too,” Lin Che recalled that the family was always trying to find a partner for him.

However, they didn’t know that Gu Jingming had someone in his heart. He was dumped and that was why he didn’t want to marry.

Shen Youran looked at Yu Minmin suggestively. “It looks like that isn’t the case today. Hehe. Who would have thought that Mr. President would have such stamina? Oh my, Minmin. Tell us honestly. Does Mr. President have a good figure?”

“Get lost! Get lost! Go quickly. Stop being a nuisance here!”

“Hahahaha… This one is embarrassed now.” The three of them caused a ruckus in the room.

On the outside, Gu Jingming still wanted to come in. But he heard the noise and believed that Yu Minmin seemed to be fine now. In the end, he did not open the door.





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