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Season 6

Episode 73

(Dared To Treat Madam President This Way)

“I don’t know…” Yin Suya said. That woman was Yin Suya’s very close friend. She was also from a wealthy family in their circle. Her name was Han Yu.

“Suya, since she so happens to be here, I thought of something that will make her and Gu Jingming divorce immediately.”

“What is it?”

“If the First Lady got involved with some other man, do you think that the C Nation citizens will still want a dirty First Lady like her?”

Yin Suya’s eyes sharpened.

She looked at Han Yu and was still hesitant.

If Gu Jingming found out about this…

Yu Minmin was soon in the private room.

But the person she was supposed to meet was not there yet.

The meeting was to discuss a collaboration. Since her studio was new, certain things still required her to personally discuss so that she could garner more support.

Seeing as she hadn’t ordered food, the staff gave her some drinks. She drank a little and just as she was waiting in her seat…

The light in the room suddenly went out.

Only some wall lights remained lit. It was very dark and she couldn’t even see the table and chairs clearly.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why did the lights suddenly…”

Right at this moment, the door opened swiftly.

A drunken figure walked right in.

“Hey, pretty lady, where are you? Why is it so dark? Are you playing hide-and-seek with me?”

Yu Minmin asked, “Who… Who are you?”

“Me? I’m your hubby tonight.”

Hubby? This voice was so disgusting.

Yu Minmin wanted to hide, but that fiery man came straight in front of her.

“Pretty lady, let me look at you. I can’t see you clearly with the lights off. Are you trying to be mysterious? It’s okay, I’ll play along with you.”

His rough and huge hands felt fat and swollen as he grabbed her arm.

“Ah… Let go of me! Let go!”

“Heh. Pretty lady, you want to play this game with me? But I have no strength to play with you today. Hurry up and serve me well. Once you do, I’ll give you however much you want.”

The man reeked of alcohol when he lunged at her.

Yu Minmin avoided him and was almost kissed by him.

“Let go of me! Let go! Do you know who I am? You dare to touch me? Do you want to die?”

“I dare to touch you. I don’t care who you are. I have money and I don’t care who you are. I’m going to have you tonight.” The man was really impatient. He held Yu Minmin down on the sofa.

“Let… Let go… Ah…”


Yin Suya looked at Han Yu, “Will it work?”

“We spiked her drink, but the time was too short. It is probably not working on her yet. Soon, you’ll be able to see how she clings onto the guy begging for love.”

Yin Suya looked ahead. Sound insulation was so strong that she couldn’t hear anything. However, thinking about Yu Minmin getting raped inside, she felt very happy.

Inside, Yu Minmin pushed that fat body with all her might but she couldn’t push him away.

No, no, she was not going to be touched by such a disgusting person.

However, her body could not react the way she wanted it to.

She was helpless and stifled…

“Let… Let go of me. Do you know who I am? If you dare to touch me…”

She was still mumbling unconsciously but her voice was only getting softer.

The man laughed. “Come on, pretty lady. Serve me well tonight and you will be famous tomorrow. Do you understand…”

He came up to her and wanted to tear her clothes away, but just then…

Someone kicked open the door forcefully.

Two beautiful bodyguards ran in. When they saw what was going on, they were shocked.

Without saying anything, they quickly dragged the man up.

The man yelled, “Damn it! Who dares to touch me?”

Then, another man walked through the crowd and into the room.

There was coldness in his dark, sharp eyes.

Seeing the man who wanted to get up, he kicked him ruthlessly in the chest. The man helped in pain.

He still wanted to scold whoever it was but when he looked up against the light coming in from the outside, he saw the man in front of him. His entire face fell.

He seemed to be in shock as he couldn’t believe who he was looking at.

No way. The president?

The man in front of his eyes was the president?

The nation’s president… was suddenly right in front of him.

Gu Jingming looked down at the woman curled up on the sofa.

That demeanor deepened his gaze. He walked over and lifted the woman up in his arms. He looked at the stunned man and again ruthlessly kicked him in the face.

The man collapsed on the floor but this time, he was so shocked that he could not utter a word.

When Gu Jingming left this place, the entire club was locked down.

The people inside didn’t know what was going on, but they knew that the presidential guards seemed to have been here.

In the room.

When Yu Minmin was laid on the bed, she couldn’t stop moving.

Gu Jingming patted her arm. “Yu Minmin, it’s okay. You’re already back home.”

She mumbled and reached out to tug at her clothes.

Gu Jingming frowned. “What happened to you? I told you to take the guards with you and now, something like this actually happened.”

But then, she already took off her clothes.

Everything inside was revealed in front of him.

He froze as his gaze fell on her.

He then realized that she seemed a little different.

Gu Jingming grabbed her hand.

Yu Minmin immediately reached up to him.

“No… No…” she said as her lips grazed his neck.

“Yu… Yu Minmin, let go.”

“It’s hot. It’s so hot. Your body is so cool… I want you… Gu Jingming,” she said as she looked up. Her distant gaze was sweet and appetizing like brewed alcohol.

“I want you…”

Gu Jingming’s head went blank. Her chest was already pressing against his perfection. He grabbed her chest with both hands and pushed her onto the bed.

He actually was not fond of indulgence. Whenever he felt himself giving in, he would also stop himself.

But he seemed to get enchanted when it came to her.

He loved the flesh on her chest to death. It made him forget about everything else. He pushed her onto the bed and began tossing her around.

This little vixen was like a crazy person. She kept clinging onto him again and again.

Just as he calmed down, she pestered him again. Seeing such a passionate Yu Minmin immediately made his body recover at full speed. He flipped her over once again.

Just like that, it was almost daylight.

Gu Jingming looked at the white belly of the sky and then caressed her already drenched body.

“Okay, okay, you just want my life tonight, don’t you?”

Yu Minmin was in deep sleep.

He looked at her as she curled up.

He frowned. Even in their most intimate moment, she still harbored some fear towards him.

Of course, he could tell.

He lowered his head and bit her lower lip. Feeling that she actually shunned away, he reached downwards with his hand in a punishing manner.

He only let go in satisfaction when her entire body climaxed.

Yu Minmin already couldn’t take it anymore. She laid there and felt as if she had already died once. Her head was a lot clearer now and she knew that the person in front of her was Gu Jingming. However… she couldn’t avoid him even if she wanted to. She had no strength at all and it was as if her energy was dried out.

She even remembered some details last night like how he moved her around in different positions and how he seemed to get stronger and stronger each time. On several occasions, she thought that this meager man was crazy.

She could feel his sweat dripping on her body. Looking at the man on top of her body under the dim light, she really thought that he was indeed sexy…

But before she could react or think, this man who was the president in charge of the country’s regime already suppressed all the thoughts in her head.

He was too good. She really had to hand it to him. Especially when he stood there with her legs propped on his shoulders, she really had no temper at all. She could only let him do it while she felt as if she was coming back to life. However, he was still overbearing.




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