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Season 6

Episode 7

(Situ Qiong Turned Out To Be Her Master)

Qin Wanwan was still waiting anxiously for the final decision. She urged someone again to ask how the decision was on the production’s side. Had they decided to switch to Qin Wanwan yet?

Unexpectedly, the production crew told Sister Lin, “We are still prepared to wait and see. We don’t intend to switch the cast out for now.”

This was very euphemistic, but they still heard that the crew was not going to change the lead role.

Sister said in surprise, “You guys are really not going to change the lead? Lin Che’s reputation is now as bad as a fly in the pit!”

“We’re still considering it. It’s not like you don’t have a chance.”

“Forget it. Don’t try to fool me. I advise you to think about it carefully. Our Wanwan is now making a dash to the frontline. If you want to change in the future, it may be too late by then.”

“Alright, since you’ve phrased it like that, we have nothing else to talk about,” the other party simply hung up.

Sister Lin said angrily, “This Lin Che! Did she do something in the dark?”

Qin Wanwan was also very exasperated. “They’re not going to use Lin Che. How could they? Lin Che’s status is so bad now.”

“Then they probably have some other idea. Maybe they’re going to use another actress?”

At the production crew’s side, they only scoffed coldly at Qin Wanwan’s threat.

“Qin Wanwan was threatening us over the phone.”

“They must be confused as to why we still dare to use Lin Che.”

“Seriously. They said that their Wanwan is making a dash for the frontline. Yes, indeed, but who would have thought that Lin Che would actually know the Situ family? Situ Qiong is even willing to pay the penalty for her… It looks like their relationship is not simple.”

“Exactly. One Orange Light Organization cannot compare to the Situ family.”

They were scornful of Qin Wanwan’s performance. They sat back and waited for the day when Qin Wanwan became regretful.

Meanwhile, Lin Che also never expected Situ Qiong to come to her rescue at this moment.

Lin Che thought for a while and then quickly called Situ Qiong.

Situ Qiong said, “What’s up, disciple?”

Lin Che asked, “Did you call the production crew and say that you were helping me with my penalty?”

“I can’t watch anything happen to my disciple.”


“Furthermore, it’s not like you can’t afford it actually. But now, the worrying issue is that after you pay yourself out, you won’t be able to answer where you got your money from. Others are already suspecting that you have a gold mine backing you up. If you fork out so much money on your own, it is only going to ascertain that suspicion. That is why you guys are cautious and didn’t say that you’re forking the money out yourself.”

Situ Qiong said everything that Yu Minmin indeed said before.

Since she still didn’t intend to expose her relationship with Gu Jingze, it was not convenient to reveal where she was getting these millions of yuan to pay her penalty.

“I did this also to help you clinch this show. It won’t be snatched by Qin Wanwan for the time being.”

“Alright, but I’m still very thankful for you.”

“Anyway, it’s just a few million yuan. A master like me can still do that for a disciple like you.”


Alright, the Situ Family had a big business. A few million yuan was nothing to them.

But Dynamic Pictures now assumed that Lin Che wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Lin Che was famous now, but the period of her fame was too short. She shouldn’t have been able to accumulate that much money and her lifestyle was so extravagant. She didn’t look like someone who would save money. They had no idea that this extravagant lifestyle was all because there was indeed someone behind her. To this person, this little bit of extravagance was nothing.

The lawsuit soon started.

In the court, Dynamic Pictures assumed that Lin Che didn’t have money to redeem herself. They simply said, “We are also reasonable people. Just give us the penalty fee and we will naturally terminate the contract.”

Yu Minmin requested for a lawyer in the court. Before the verdict, Yu Minmin looked at Chen Jingde at the back.

Chen Jingde said, “It’s still not too late to change your minds, Minmin.”

Yu Minmin asked, “How do you spell ‘regret’?”

Chen Jingde grunted, “Minmin, I know that Lin Che cannot raise this amount of money at all. And you also don’t dare to give her this money because you wouldn’t be able to say where you got it from. You may be Madam President, but it’s even more sensitive for political players like you. So you can admit defeat now and apologize to Wanwan. We can make peace.”

“Forget it. I don’t have that intention.”

Yu Minmin finished speaking and turned to leave.

“You… Don’t you regret it.”

The court quickly announced the verdict. If Lin Che’s studio wanted to terminate the contract, they needed to pay seven million in penalty fees.

To many people, seven million yuan was a mythical sum.

Because Lin Che’s lawyer didn’t bargain that much about the price, this lump sum was considered a huge victory in the hearts of the people from Dynamic Pictures.

The people from Dynamic Pictures were very happy. They immediately announced a press conference and said, “We didn’t want to come to this stage either. Now, as long as Lin Che apologizes to Wanwan and the company, we will still welcome her back. Otherwise, according to the court verdict, we will release her immediately once we receive the seven million yuan in penalty.”

But at this moment, there was new information.

Lin Che already handed over the penalty fee at the first minute and was waiting for the court’s procession. Once the penalty fee was handed over to Dynamic Pictures, Lin Che and her team would officially be separated from Dynamic Pictures.

Dynamic Pictures was stunned.

Lin Che handed over seven million yuan?

But in the next moment, Lin Che’s crew once again released a statement, saying that they had applied to the court for the second time. Lin Che’s name was tainted by Dynamic Pictures to a great extent. It damaged her name and reputation, causing great loss. They requested Dynamic Pictures to apologize to her and compensate her.

The people in Dynamic Pictures were so angry that they took it to Weibo and asked where Lin Che got her money from.

They asked directly on Weibo where Lin Che’s money came from. It was unclear because Dynamic Pictures believed that Lin Che didn’t earn seven million yuan this year.

However, Yu Minmin had already prepared beforehand. She partnered up with Situ Qiong and registered for a new studio in advance. They established a company under the Situ family’s name.

Yu Minmin did not need to say anything else. She simply used the studio number to reveal the company’s full name and industrial and commercial records.

It was written clearly on it. The investor was Situ Qiong.

Which meant that Situ Qiong invested in a company for Lin Che.

The Dynamic Pictures people then suddenly recalled seeing Situ Qiong waiting for Lin Che at the company.

It turned out that Lin Che had long ago established a vague relationship with Situ Qiong and found herself a huge backing.

Without waiting for Dynamic Pictures to say anything, Lin Che’s team already released an announcement explaining the entire situation.

“Lin Che previously took a month-long leave from the company so that she could train herself. She learned to fence from Situ Qiong for a month and became Situ Qiong’s fencing disciple. The two of them were like old friends from the first meeting and their relationship is now deep. As a result, Situ Qiong ended up willing to invest in Lin Che this time. He wants to help his own disciple move forward in her acting career.”

The Witch’s Diary crew saw that Situ Qiong indeed paid the penalty for her. They took the opportunity to announce the list of cast members, saying that they already decided that Lin Che would be the female lead in the Witch’s Diary TV series.




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