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Season 6

Episode 6

(The Person Who Redeemed Lin Che Is So Capable)

When the statement was out, everyone saw that the company made sense and had proof. There was also that video as evidence. Some people said that there wouldn’t be smoke without fire. It looked like Lin Che indeed had a problem. The company probably wanted to protect her in the past but not anymore. Her own public relations were so bad right now because she didn’t utter a word.

Qin Wanwan looked at the comments online. It seemed to be leaning on one side and she was extremely elated.

It seemed as if Lin Che was just like this.

At the same time, Qin Wanwan quickly asked the company to contact the production crew of Witch’s Diary to ask if they could replace Lin Che with herself.

This was the very first problem. Now that Lin Che’s reputation was already so bad, wouldn’t they want to quickly replace her?

At night, Lin Che called Yu Minmin to ask about the situation.

Yu Minmin replied, “If you want to have fun in Europe, go and have fun. Don’t bother about whatever that’s happening over here.”

“I’m worried that something might happen there.”

“I have been in the company for so many years. I still know one or two people in there. I heard that they are going to the Witch’s Diary side to settle the casting issue.”

“Now that things are like this, even if they booked me initially, they probably don’t have to do that now.”

Wasn’t this the result that Qin Wanwan and her gang wanted? They were going to drag her down and at the same time, snatch Witch’s Diary over.

Yu Minmin said, “I’ll think of a way to get Witch’s Diary back.”

Lin Che also didn’t want Witch’s Diary to be taken by Qin Wanwan. She thought angrily that this was such a good show that she deserved on her own effort. Why should it be snatched by Qin Wanwan?

In the Witch’s Diary production office.

The planning team was also actually discussing what to do based on the past few days’ events.

At this moment, Qin Wanwan’s representative looked them up and asked if they could switch cast.

Besides Lin Che, the one who did well that day was actually Qin Wanwan. Her fame, poise and acting skills were all compliant with the script. It was just that Lin Che was naturally the better choice.

That day, she had already used her acting skills and familiarity with the book to conquer over everyone.

However, if she couldn’t do it now, there was no other choice but to switch her out.

“Nevermind that there’s an issue with the agreement. Her image outside is indeed not good now. If we continue with our casting choice…”

“Yes, and Qin Wanwan has the greater ability now. Lin Che can’t fight her and she can’t fight her in the future too. Looking at it now, Qin Wanwan will definitely be victorious. Lin Che wants to start afresh this time but it won’t be a good idea. After all, she doesn’t have the kind of backing that Qin Wanwan has. I heard that… she and the director of Orange Light Organization…”

Without needing to say anything else, everyone all understood.

Just as they settled on their decision, they saw someone outside.

Yu Minmin arrived.

Everybody saw Yu Minmin.

They didn’t think much about Yu Minmin in the past. She was considered well-known in her industry and it was also because she nurtured Lin Che, but things were different now.

Who didn’t recognize her?

“Welcome, Madam President…” everyone smiled and said.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m here to talk about work.

They naturally knew why she came here.

The producer of the crew worked with Yu Minmin before and he also knew Yu Minmin’s character. He said, “We chose Lin Che in the beginning. You also know that we have already informed Dynamic Pictures that we chose Lin Che. But now, she can’t even choose her own agreement. What are we going to do?”

Yu Minmin said, “After we settle the lawsuit, there will be a new company to sign with immediately. We can also go solo.”

“The compensation is not a small sum. Are you going to use the national tax?”

“That’s impossible. Gu Jingming and I… I mean, my relationship with Mr. President has nothing to do with my work. Don’t accuse me of using public funds.”

Hearing Yu Minmin mention Mr. President’s full name made them pause in their tracks.

However, given their relationship, it shouldn’t matter that she called him by name.

Every dog will have its day. Knowing someone close to the president made them feel even closer to the president.

“Well, well. Then you guys have absolutely no money to fork out. Filming is going to commence for our show soon. If you guys can’t pay, then we can’t film. We have no other choice.”

Yu Minmin asked, “What I I tell you that we can raise the money?”

“We really can’t believe it.”

However, at this moment…

Someone suddenly asked for the director.

The director was puzzled and asked, “What’s going on? Can’t you see that I’m talking to Madam President?”

That person heard this and looked at Yu Minmin nervously.

Yu Minmin said, “Don’t bother about him. He was ridiculing me.”

He then smiled respectfully and quickly said to the director, “It is an important matter to do with Madam President’s visit today. You’ll know when you go over.”

The director immediately understood the seriousness of the matter. He nodded and went out.

Upon entering, he heard someone say, “Situ Qiong, the Second Young Master of the Situ family, sent a representative saying that he is prepared to invest in our movie. He asked if we needed money.”


This was a TV show; the movie had not been confirmed yet.

“Yes. Mr. Situ said that after we finish filming our show, wouldn’t we want to film the movie version?”

Of course, they did…

“Really? He wants to invest?”

“Yes, that was what he said.”

The Situ family made ships and they made ships for a long time. They never invested in a show before. However, anyone would naturally be happy to have an investment. Money was always needed and it would be such an honor that they could establish a connection with this big family group.

“But he also mentioned one thing.”

“What’s up?”

“He asked if the TV show could have Lin Che as the female lead.”


It turned out that it had to do with Lin Che.

No wonder he would initiate an investment.

“What did you say?”

“After I said no, Situ Qiong said that Lin Che’s contract wouldn’t have any issues. He will pay everything for Lin Che.”

No way…

So, the rumor that had been going on about Lin Che having a backing was really true. And this person was Situ Qiong?

The director froze for a long time.

When he went out, Yu Minmin was there, treated like a VIP guest.

When he approached her, he grinned even more.

“Minmin, you didn’t tell me earlier that Lin Che has someone redeeming her. Of course, that will work. We will book Lin Che and once she pays off her penalty, we will sign a proper contract.”

Yu Minmin asked in surprise, “Really?”

“Yes yes.”

“You’re not kidding me, right? You’re not going to go sign a contract with Qin Wanwan after I leave, right?”

“No, no. If you said earlier that the Situ family’s Second Young Master was paying for Lin Che, I wouldn’t have talked so much crap. Quick, come. Let’s take a photo. I want to brag to my family that I know Madam President.”

What was this…

How did it come to this?

But Situ family’s Second Young Master…

Situ Qiong?

No way… Lin Che’s fencing master…

Was so good to his own disciple?





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