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Season 6

Episode 57

(Taking Lin Che As The Breakthrough Point)

Thankfully, there were already infrastructures outside. They even rented some old village homes. They just needed a little cleanup and the crew could sleep in there.

When Lin Che just arrived, the director personally received her. There was uncertainty on his face as he looked at this completely spotless girl. She looked so clean and wealthy like flowers in a greenhouse.

He then said to her, “The conditions here are very rough. If you don’t want to, we can space out the daily schedule so that you can start and finish earlier. There’s a guesthouse over there that should be much nicer than here.”

Lin Che looked around and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. As long as you don’t make me sleep on the ground, I will persevere.”

The director hastily said, “Don’t think that we are complimenting you, but it’s because you’re a girl.”

Lin Che immediately replied, “Don’t underestimate girls. If a man can go through hardship, so can I. Don’t worry. I won’t drag the crew down. I’ll shoot however my scenes need to be shot as long as I have a place to sleep.”

The director was also extremely surprised. The celebrities these days were not the same as those in the past. He was a veteran director and had experienced those actors. They were really hardworking and would go through any hardship. They weren’t paid a lot but they still did the most difficult jobs. They went through the same hardships as the rest of the crew and would even help to move things around. However, the generations after that weren’t actors anymore. They were celebrities and celebrities couldn’t do it. They became so precious that they could only be served.

Thus, there really weren’t many left like Lin Che who said that she didn’t care about anything.

The director thought that it was indeed the right choice to pick her.

He said, “An actor who is willing to endure hardship is a good actor. Your achievements in the future will definitely be very high.”

“Director, you’re too kind.”

“I’m telling the truth. Only actors who focus on their acting rather than enjoyment will produce great work.”

Lin Che said, “I know, Director. I will definitely act well!”

Mo Huiling received calls from the Gu family every day, asking why she had not aborted the child.

By her side, Li Mingyu was already getting annoyed. He looked at Mo Huiling and said, “You should just give up and abort the child. You thought that they would be able to accept the child but now, it looks like you have been completely pushed to the sidelines.”

How could Mo Huiling be willing to concede defeat?

“No…” She thought about how the Gu family was so ruthless to her, especially Mu Wanqing. That was her grandchild and yet she didn’t care at all. These people were too coldhearted. What exactly was a life to them?

Mo Huiling said, “Not everybody in the Gu family isn’t interested in children…”

Li Mingyu looked at her, “What are you trying to do? You’re now a pregnant lady. Don’t put yourself at stake.”

Mo Huiling said, “Help me contact Gu Jingze’s big aunt…”

That woman’s position in the Gu family could not match up to Mu Wanqing since the latter was the family’s matriarch. However, she was still a member of the Gu family and should be able to help her somehow.

Sure enough, upon contacting Gu Lanshan, she immediately agreed to meet.

Gu Lanshan actually didn’t have much contact with Mo Huiling. She neither liked nor hated Mo Huiling.

Gu Lanshan only hated that Mu Wanqing had full control in the house.

Even her father, Gu Xiande, was particularly fond of Mu Wanqing.

Gu Lanshan said, “Huiling, it’s useless to look for me. I know that your past relationship with Jingze was deep, but Jingze is already married now. You…”

Mo Huiling continually touched her belly on purpose with a sad face, “Yes, Jingze is married, but I’m carrying his child. He can’t possibly be so ruthless to me. He has to give me an answer.”

“Sigh. You know about Jingze’s illness too. I suspect that there are also problems between him and Lin Che. That is why they still have no child. Since you’re pregnant, I do want to keep this child… It’s a pity that I’m not as influential as Mu Wanqing. All these years, she has curried favor with everyone in the family. Now, it is all practically set in stone.”

“Big Aunt, only you can help me this once. Only you can save the child in my womb…”

Gu Lanshan looked at Mo Huiling. “I only know that… If you go to Jingze directly, it’s not going to do anything. He is extremely stubborn and he has been this way since he was young. Nobody can change that about him.”

Mo Huiling’s eyes shifted nonstop.

Gu Lanshan said, “Then you should… target Lin Che. After all, her time with Jingze is still short. Her position and status don’t match up to yours.”

Mo Huiling instantly understood. She smiled and quickly said to Gu Lanshan, “Thank you Big Aunt.” She caressed her belly and added, “Big Aunt, I’ll definitely protect your nephew well. In the future, he will be filial to you.”

Gu Lanshan didn’t really care about that. She only hoped that this child could really be born. When the time came, it would also smack Mu Wanqing’s old face.

After Mo Huiling left, she immediately went to find out the whereabouts of Lin Che.

She then found out that Lin Che left the Gu residence and was out filming in a ravine.

Mo Huiling was elated. Heaven was really helping her.

Mo Huiling immediately went home and made preparations. Taking the chance that Lin Che wasn’t around, she told everyone she met that she was carrying Gu Jingze’s child. It had already been two months and this would be the Gu family’s heir.

Outsiders who didn’t know were also extremely shocked. If it was someone else saying this, they wouldn’t be able to believe it. However, since it was Mo Huiling who said this…

She was with Gu Jingze for so many years in the past. Gu Jingze should have had some feelings for her at least. If he snuck out after marrying Lin Che and accidentally had a child with his ex-girlfriend, this kind of matter was common in any family and even more so for these rich playboys.

Soon, many people came to visit Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling heard that people wanted visitor passes to see her. She tossed the passes aside and said to Li Mingyu, “These people are really superficial. When I was dumped by Gu Jingze, each one of them avoided me and didn’t want to meet me. Now that they know I’m carrying Gu Jingze’s child, they immediately want to see me. Hmph. Now, I understand.”

Li Mingyu remained silent and let her rant.

Mo Huiling scoffed and said, “I heard that Lin Che went on her own. It looks like I have a chance to meet her properly.”

Li Mingyu said in astonishment, “Don’t tell me you’re going to go find Lin Che? Are… Are you crazy? It’s so far away.”

Mo Huiling said, “Gu Lanshan told me that I should target Lin Che. I must go talk to Lin Che and make her give up. I’m carrying the Gu family’s heir. Once the child is born, her position will not be stable anymore.”

Not wanting to listen to Li Mingyu’s protests, Mo Huiling got up and went out.



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