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Season 6

Episode 56

(People Still Suspected Lin Che Faked It)

Lin Che returned home, saw Gu Jingze, and ran over to him.

Gu Jingze was still working.

The maids couldn’t tell her that President Gu was busy in time. Lin Che already ran towards him and hugged his neck as she sat on his lap.

“Gu Jingze, something happened today.”

Gu Jingze froze. He stared at Lin Che with puzzlement.

Lin Che froze as she realized something was not right.

She turned around and saw…

Gu Jingze was in a video conference.

“Ah…” Lin Che immediately wanted to run away but Gu Jingze held her down.

Gu Jingze calmly turned off his computer.

Then, he turned to Lin Che and said, “It’s fine. It’s just some company matters. It’s not very important.”

If Lin Che saw correctly, the people on the computer screen were all his company employees gathered around for the meeting. They were watching the entire scene just now in alarm.

Ah… That was so embarrassing.

“My God, your employees… They wouldn’t be thinking why such an unruly woman would come in and sit on your lap, would they?”

Gu Jingze said, “But you are unruly in the first place. What are you worried about?”

“…” Fine. Being reserved was indeed something she wasn’t closely associated with.

However, it was still very embarrassing to be seen by so many people.

Gu Jingze said, “Okay, don’t care about them. You haven’t told me what exactly happened today.”

Outside, the maid who couldn’t inform Lin Che in time still worried that Lin Che would disturb Gu Jingze. She paced outside anxiously but saw that Gu Jingze didn’t seem to be disturbed. Instead, he even made Lin Che stay.

Just as they thought, Sir simply treated Madam differently and they had worried for nothing.

Thus, the maid looked inside at the couple embracing sweetly and quietly closed the door.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and told him about the charity gala.

She told him that someone spent a huge sum of money to buy her items.

Naturally, Gu Jingze already thought that because of his name, anything she donated would not be valued lowly.

He laughed and asked, “So what about it?”

Lin Che felt uncomfortable and thought that they were spending money to buy a relationship with Gu Jingze.

“I just don’t feel happy.”

Gu Jingze said, “Think about it this way. This is all for charity anyway. Where will the money raised today go to?”

“Oh… It will go to some schools and children with leukemia. The main objective is to help those poor kids,” Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze said, “Selling my name for the benefit of so many children is not a big deal.”

Thinking about it… It was indeed true.

Lin Che said, “Okay. Thinking this way makes me feel much better.”

“Yeah, but I don’t feel good now.”


Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes at her, “What? Don’t you feel it?”

“…” Feel it…

Yes, she felt it.

That thing below was poking at her thigh.


“Hey, Gu Jingze, you…”

“You came running straight to me and sat on my lap. What do you think…”


Lin Che blushed. She only needed someone to rant to just now and that was why she came to find Gu Jingze. She wasn’t feeling good and didn’t think about anything else. Who would have thought…

Gu Jingze lifted Lin Che up.

“Hey, you forgot that you’re still in a meeting.”

“They should probably also have guessed that with you on my lap, I won’t be able to hold a meeting.”


Lin Che felt as if she could not look at anyone else again.

The next day, the news about Lin Che at Weili’s charity gala made people feel amazed as her items were snatched up by her fans. It made outsiders feel that she really was famous and she had so many fans.

But insiders in the circle only felt that Lin Che was really toying with these spoiled heirs.

People even deliberately turned up at her studio to bribe Lin Che’s stylist as they wanted to poach her. They thought that Lin Che’s style must have been so unique that all those spoiled heirs would like her so much.

However, Lin Che actually didn’t even know what style she had.

However, there was still some disagreement in the report.

Some netizens questioned whether these people were real or not. Perhaps Lin Che specifically found people to pass off as her fans and snatch her items in order to raise herself up. It was just like in some auctions where there would always be a few people to make bids and it was actually to elevate the value of the auction item. They would then auction it off to unwitting people.

The report also talked about these netizens’ guesses.

Fortunately, some people very soon found out that these spoiled heirs were no ordinary people. Each one of them could easily take out the Four Brothers of Peking.

But these spoiled heirs usually kept a very low profile and they didn’t need to show their faces to promote their family businesses. Thus, not many people knew them.

Those blindly guessing netizens were instantly slapped in their faces and became quiet.

Lin Che’s fans saw this and immediately came out to say that the innocent Lin Che had been maligned too many times. All these people simply loved to talk about Lin Che, but Lin Che couldn’t be bothered to retaliate. She only let the truth speak for itself.

Lin Che didn’t bother with all those. She was busy packing up and getting ready for a shoot in a rural area. They were going to get outdoor shots in a mountainous area. Because the TV series had many outdoor scenes and the director strove for excellence, he wanted to use actual outdoor settings. Thus, they were already going to the ravine ditch at the beginning.

Gu Jingze had the attendants help her with her packing.

She packed mosquito repellent, mini fans, sunscreen, an oversized umbrella…

He said, “It’s very tough outside. Why don’t you take some people with you?”

Lin Che hastily said, “It’s okay. This little suffering is nothing. When I acted as a dead person in the water for one whole day, that was tough.”

Gu Jingze naturally felt his heart ache. He looked at her and said, “Alright then. Take good care of yourself. I’ll come and find you if I have the time.”

“Okay. You don’t have too. You’re so busy.”

“I also want to offer my condolences to you from time to time.”


Alright then.

The maids actually already helped Lin Che pack up many things.

Their hearts also ached as they thought that Madam was going to suffer. She took so many instant noodles, mustard, and ham. They thought that it really wasn’t good that the Young Madam and the Gu family still had to go out and suffer like this.

However, there was no choice since she had to film.

The maids also thought that there was only one such Madam who was like Lin Che. She was already a young madam, but she still liked to work so much. For other young madams, they would be so pleased to shop and travel every day.

However, this also proved that their young madam was a good person. She was independent and self-reliant.

The nanny car was already prepared to send Lin Che all the way to the film set.

She kissed Gu Jingze and finally left.

The crew of Witch’s Diary was all already prepared. Lin Che joined the crew just in time as some of the actors had already begun filming. When she arrived, the crew already had everything they needed ready.

The crew was indeed in a ravine. It was a two-hour drive between the place they were staying and this film set. Thus, they would go back if there was enough time. Otherwise, they would simply set up camp there.





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