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Season 6

Episode 55

(Lin Che’s Item Was Snatched Up)

“This piece of jewelry is a diamond accessory donated by Lin Che. As you can see, the diamond is very big and it is valued at 400,000 yuan.” The host looked in her direction. Because the jewelry’s value was rather complicated, it looked like it wasn’t new. It must have been an old piece and Lin Che didn’t give a descriptive introduction about it. Thus, the host was rather dismal.

Everyone else below looked toward Lin Che, thinking that Qin Wanwan was obviously much more generous. This stingy Lin Che donated an item that was only worth 400,000 yuan and it didn’t even look like something she wore before. Thus, the bidding price had to be raised up significantly. Since the starting price was so low, it probably was not anything good. If a diamond was only worth 400,000 yuan, then it wasn’t a good diamond either.

It was such a rip-off to auction a piece of jewelry like this.

Lin Che sat there and watched. The people around her began to talk among themselves as they looked at her. Lin Che saw that nobody behind reacted and she was starting to worry.

She was done for. If nobody was bidding for it, wouldn’t she have to bid herself?

As she sat there and was about to stand up…

Someone suddenly said from the back, “One million yuan. Don’t fight with me.”

Everybody turned to look at this unknown rich playboy who looked like a tyrannical lad in his twenties.

It looked like he was Lin Che’s fan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so generous.

Everyone was envious. No matter what, to have such a generous fan – and a young second-generation wealthy fan at that – was Lin Che’s fortune.

In the unlikely event that Lin Che ended up dating him, she would eventually marry into a rich family and become a young madam.

However, just as this fan finished speaking, another person stood up, “Why shouldn’t I fight with you? What right do you have to buy it out? I’ll give two million!”

Everyone saw that it was yet another second-generation wealthy person.

“Ah, I know this one. He’s the son of Wansheng Technology.”

Everyone watched as the rather lively auction suddenly became livelier than ever.

Because people were fighting for it, of course, it was going to be more talked about.

The previous bidder saw this, stood up, and said, “Hey, why are you fighting me? Are you Lin Che’s fan? I have seen every single show and movie that Lin Che has acted in. I even booked the whole theater because of Lin Che.”

Lin Che then recalled. Wasn’t this guy still the same passionate fan from the opera concert in France?

He really was persistent, persistent till no end…

Just then, another bidder also called out without waiting for the two to finish talking. Another man also slowly said, “I’ll bid five million yuan.”

Everyone was stunned. They looked at these few people and speechlessly thought that these guys were plain crazy.

That man sat there and even grunted when everyone gazed at him strangely.

These people did not know what was going on at all. These guys knew about Lin Che’s status. All those who attended the WW party knew about Lin Che and Gu Jingze’s relationship.

They usually wouldn’t have bothered with matters regarding the entertainment circle, but Lin Che was different. She could participate in the WW party.

It was not overboard at all to spend some money to please Lin Che.

Thus, he indeed was not Lin Che’s fan. However, this piece of jewelry represented Gu Jingze. Whoever knew that it was Gu Jingze’s would want to buy it.

Furthermore, to these people, a few million yuan was not something that they couldn’t afford.

Once the price soared up to five million yuan, the other guy also did not want to give way. “Damn it. Six million.”

“You? Six million? I’ll raise seven million.”

“Fine. Then I’ll raise ten million!”

“Bastard. Are you really fighting with me? I’ll bid fifteen million.”

“Damn. I don’t believe you. I’ll bid twenty million.”

Those seated were completely going crazy.

Were these people really able to fork out this money?

How come when they said it out loud, it was as if this money was just some numbers?

Lin Che pressed her palm against her forehead, gradually feeling her head ache.

These people were indeed mad.

She knew that these people probably had to do with the WW party. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so generous.

She didn’t have such generous fans.

Now, she didn’t know what to do either. However, she saw that the organizers quickly found someone to mediate things before it could go out of control.

“Besides this item, Miss Lin also donated a gown. Gentlemen, please don’t fight anymore.”

The one whom Lin Che met in France heard this and immediately said, “Gown? I’ll buy it right now for five million. Whoever wants to fight with me… I will gladly fight till the end.”


The people looked at him. The fire went down after the mediation.

This segment finally ended.

In the end, the jewelry was sold for twenty million yuan and the gown was sold for five million yuan. They were both sold to that crazily passionate fan.

This instance made Weili feel that they really underestimated Lin Che’s influential power. Sure enough, it was the right choice to invite Lin Che to this event. The funds raised suddenly increased so much…

The item she donated was really not as strong as Qin Wanwan’s. However, her fans were so powerful.

Later on, people said in private, “No wonder Lin Che brought such a simple item. She had confidence.”

“So many wealthy people are such fans of Lin Che. I wonder what’s so charming about her.”

“We should learn more from Lin Che. It seems useless to follow Qin Wanwan and try to appear like a saint. These wealthy people now like Lin Che’s type.”

They quickly went to look at Lin Che’s style. They decided that they would wear however Lin Che wore.

Finally, this year’s charity auction ended.

Nobody expected the biggest winner to be Lin Che.

Even though Qin Wanwan donated her million-dollar item, she still couldn’t win against Lin Che.

When she left, she was fuming in her heart. She ignored everyone and entered her own car.

Sister Zhang already heard about what happened and quickly said to Qin Wanwan, “Alright, don’t be angry. Didn’t we already know that Lin Che likes to play dirty tricks? She doesn’t reveal anything at the start. She is way too cunning and we are indeed not her match in this aspect. However, the fact that she treats you as an opponent proves that you do have the ability and that is why she is going against you so much. We may not have won this time, but there’s always the next time, right?”

Qin Wanwan heard this and then nodded, “That’s right. She is simply out to get me. She wants to ruin me so badly but there’s no way I’m going to die right in front of her. Hmph. Go check and see if there is any mole in our crew. Why does she always seem to know our situation? How can she always be able to retaliate?”


Lin Che was innocent. She didn’t have any mole at all.

However, Qin Wanwan really treated her as the enemy and began to falsely think of other plots.




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