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Season 6

Episode 54

(I Don’t Have Any Feelings Toward Fashion)

Lin Che and Qin Wanwan stood together. The organizers intentionally pushed them to the front and even smiled and said, “Come, come. You two have a close relationship. Stand closer together. Be more intimate.”

Close relationship?

Lin Che was completely aware of the organizers’ intention. They probably wanted to cause a bigger stir this way.

But Lin Che was also nonchalant about it. They could compare for all they wanted. She was not afraid of it.

Anyway, she felt that she and Qin Wanwan were starting to become less comparable. Whether it was acting skills or image, they were both developing independently now and they were already becoming more stable. It wasn’t the same as when she couldn’t find her direction in the past when both of their images probably still had some similarities. Now, Lin Che was leaning more towards the neutral and down-to-earth style while Qin Wanwan was still heading for the feminine route of a national goddess.

Both of them stood together. Qin Wanwan glanced at Lin Che. “Nice outfit today.”

“Yeah, you too,” Lin Che replied.

Qin Wanwan said, “I heard that you actually have never been in a photoshoot for Weili. You should get your manager to ask around. You’re so famous. How could you have never done a photoshoot with Weili?”

Lin Che said, “It’s okay. I don’t really care too much about fashion anyway. I’ve never done a photoshoot and so be it.”

Qin Wanwan wanted to spite her, but since she said that, Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything on the outside. However, she scoffed in her heart and felt even more triumphant.

After that, Qin Wanwan once again asked Lin Che with a curious expression, “Oh right, I heard that we had to donate something today. Did you prepare anything?”

“Yeah. Some decorative items from home.”

“Decorative items? That should probably be very valuable, right?”

Lin Che said, “Not really. Didn’t they say that they hoped that we would donate things that we don’t need so that fans can buy them?”

Qin Wanwan heard this and said speechlessly, “Don’t tell me you really believe such nonsense? We don’t have any particularly rich fan who is willing to buy our stuff. Other items can only be auctioned off for a few hundred thousand yuan at most. Unless you already found some bidders beforehand to act as your fan, you’d have to spend your own money to buy it back.”

She tilted her head upwards as she looked at Lin Che as if confirming that Lin Che already did that.

Lin Che responded, “You can even do that? I haven’t thought too much about it. It’s a charity anyway. I just do whatever is within my means. If I really have that much money to buy my own stuff, then this money will also be considered as a donation to charity, isn’t it?”

Qin Wanwan could only smile tight-lipped. She thought that Lin Che couldn’t really be that simple-minded.

Whatever you donated, whoever bid and its price would all be published by the media. Those who donate little would definitely be mocked by reporters.

However, looking at Lin Che, she thought that Lin Che wasn’t very smart in the first place.

Thus, she didn’t say anything. The cameraman said, “Everybody, look to the front. Okay, stand still, please.”

With that, everyone took a group photo.

Later in the media reports, they also realized that the four young starlets were all present here.

However, the four of them all developed differently. Qin Wanwan and Lin Che had a better progress. Thus, at this moment, Lin Che and Qin Wanwan were the only ones talking and they completely ignored the other two.

Lin Che later saw the report and also felt exasperated.

She wasn’t familiar with the other two and they were complete strangers. Why would she awkwardly strike up a conversation with them?

These media people really knew how to write.

After the photo was taken, everyone then returned to their own seats.

Beside Lin Che were people she was not familiar with. Qin Wanwan was a few seats away.

Gu Jingyu did not come back because he was filming overseas. Mu Feiran also did not come because of personal matters. These were also probably why Lin Che and Qin Wanwan would become the main focus of the media.


The auction soon started.

The items for auction looked very expensive. Lin Che was also looking and was prepared to bid for her own item.

She was only worried that nobody would want to bid for her item. That would be extremely embarrassing.

She thought that if nobody wanted to bid, then she would have to bid for it herself and take it that she was donating to charity. This way, it wouldn’t be as embarrassing.

Lin Che turned back to look. This area was filled with celebrities while the other side had some fans participating in the auction. These fans all looked like they were rich as they sat very elegantly.

Lin Che watched as the host at the front started auctioning Wang Qingchu’s item. It was an expensive bag that was apparently limited edition and cannot be bought anywhere else. It could only be obtained through auction and was valued at 400,000 yuan. Very quickly, the bid rose up to millions and was eventually sold to some lecherous forty-year-old man behind.

Lin Che thought, Oh my God, a bag can be auctioned for millions…

She thought that she really should have flipped through Gu Jingze’s things for something more expensive. She shouldn’t have simply picked this decorative item.

But it was too late now anyway. She could only harden her skin.

Then, the host said excitedly, “Next, our generous Miss Qin Wanwan has donated her luxury car for the auction. She has driven it personally for a year and I believe there’s probably still some traces of Wanwan’s perfume lingering inside. Qin Wanwan said that this car is her favorite, but because of charity, she was incumbent and decided to donate this beloved car of hers. A luxury car worth four million yuan and it was used by Qin Wanwan!”

“Wow, Qin Wanwan is so rich.” A small artist couldn’t resist talking softly.

“Well, she has a backing. How can she have so much money just from a little bit of acting? Not to mention, she has only been out in the industry for a few years. The financial company always takes the bigger cut and the artist herself never gets that much profit.”

“It’s also a feat to have someone supporting you behind. Sigh, People like us will never be able to find a supporter.”

Those few people looked at Lin Che at the side and shut their mouths.

In their eyes, Lin Che was like Qin Wanwan. They all had a powerful backing and that was how they were becoming more and more famous.

As for them, they had support but it was not enough. That was why they simply couldn’t catch up to the two ladies and all the good resources went to them. They could only pick up the leftovers that the two ladies did not want.

Thus, seeing that Lin Che was there, they also didn’t say anything else. They were from two different worlds anyway. She was a big celebrity while they were not.

The prices of their appearances were all already out there.

Lin Che looked ahead and saw that Qin Wanwan indeed had people helping her. In the end, the car was auctioned off at a high price of eight million yuan.

The bidder looked like a rather young second-generation wealthy man.

Qin Wanwan even specially stood up to thank him.

After that, the host took out Lin Che’s item.





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