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Season 6

Episode 53

(The Charity Gala Must Be Attended)

“Well…” Lin Che understood that Yu Minmin was worried that people would make comparisons and laugh at her since she never shot one before.

Lin Che asked, “But isn’t it rare to be invited?”

“Yes. Because you’re famous one of the more outstanding artists this year who is rising yet again, they invited you. Normally when small artistes are invited, they don’t have the rights to stand in the front row for photos. You’re practically going to be in front, so this shows how much they value you. We can also see from the itinerary that they are very sincere in inviting you over.”

Lin Che said, “Then I’d better go. If I don’t, offending a major fashion magazine like this would surely make me blacklisted for life.”


Yu Minmin helped her to plan her style for the gala.

Since it was a fashion magazine gala, many people would probably be dressed very fashionably.

Lin Che felt that she was an actor and never really focused on fashion. She could not quite grasp it.

After consulting Yu Minmin and the stylist, they decided to make her go with a simpler outfit.

Yu Minmin said, “Androgynity has been the trend for the past two years. Many people will probably be in little black suits. Many female stars showed up like that previously and gained good reviews. Thus, let’s not join in the fun.”

In the end, she chose a pair of pure black wide-legged pants with a spaghetti-strapped top for Lin Che to reveal her small waist and beautiful collarbones.

Coupled with chunky heels and a bright little bag, the entire style would be very simple but also accentuate her figure.

On the day of the gala, Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che and asked, “What are you donating for the auction?”

Lin Che said, “I’ve asked Gu Jingze what I can donate. It’s a charity anyway, so it’ll also be helping him gain some good karma if I donate his items. Gu Jingze said that I could choose whatever decorative item I wanted in the house. I took the gown that I wore to Gold Medal Awards and I’ll see if any fan wants it. Since I wore it before, it should get some money…”

Yu Minmin heard this and speechlessly said, “Choose whatever you want… Won’t he be afraid that you’ll tear down the house?”

“Gu Jingze doesn’t care about all these. He said that the things in our house were decided by his grandmother. He doesn’t have that kind of time to participate in its design.”


Yu Minmin then took out the decorative item she brought. It was a rather normal-looking crystal ornament that didn’t look like it was worth that much.

“Okay. If you were someone else, I’d be worried that the item you brought wouldn’t be worth that much and you’d become a laughing stock. But since it’s you, I really worry that the things you bring would be worth too much money. If Gu Jingze knows about it, his heart will ache.”

“No way. When I left, I even specially asked him if I could take this. He looked at it once and said ‘anything’… I highly suspect that he doesn’t even know what this is.”

The two of them laughed and chatted as they walked in.

They immediately saw reporters already approaching them.

Without hesitation, a reporter looked and Lin Che and asked directly, “What did you bring for the auction today?”

Lin Che smiled and replied, “Just some decorative item. We’ll just see if anyone wants it.”

“Is it a decorative item from your home? Can you show it to us? Can we have a glimpse of it?”

“Oh. Of course. No problem.” She took out the crystal for everyone to see.

The reporters saw and immediately lost interest.

Such a simple thing?

“Lin Che, this is your first time attending Weili’s charity gala right?” the reporter asked with a scornful tone that Lin Che caught hold of.

“Yes, it’s my first time. Is there a problem?”

The reporters implied that it was her first time and she didn’t know, so she brought such a lame item for auction.

She did casually bring an item. In the first place, charity should be done within one’s own capability.

It was not a competition.

Seeing Lin Che’s unfazed gaze, the reporters felt uncomfortable and immediately backed down.

Everyone now thought that Lin Che was also not easy to fool anymore. She was no longer the talkative young lady when she just became famous in the past. Since she was famous now, whoever dared to speak to her with such disdain should be new.

However, a report behind immediately asked again, “Lin Che, have you not been in a photoshoot with Weili yet?”

Lin Che replied, “That’s right. I have not.”

“Do you want to?”

“I do, but nobody has asked me to. It’s also probably because I’m not very fashionable actually. I like to wear whatever is comfortable, so if I’m in a photoshoot for a fashion magazine, I also feel as if I’m lying to my fans… However, I still do wish to have a photoshoot. Perhaps if Weili does a celebrity fashion makeover, then I can join in the shoot.”

Lin Che knew that these people would always be comparing her with Qin Wanwan and mock her for not being fashionable enough for a magazine photoshoot. Thus, she might as well have said it herself first so that she could shut them all up.

Sure enough, the reporters had nothing else to say. Everyone laughed about it and let Lin Che off.

When Lin Che went in, she overheard someone say, “I heard that Qin Wanwan donated a car for the auction. It’s worth a few million yuan.”

“So generous?”


So Qin Wanwan donated a luxury car worth millions. She was really rich…

Lin Che did not think too much. She heard that when wealthy fans bid for celebrities’ personal items, they were willing to fork out millions of yuan. Lin Che thought that she could only rely on these wealthy fans to help her out. However, she didn’t seem to have many wealthy fans.

She rarely met her fans and she also didn’t cultivate a relationship with any loyal and wealthy fans. It was said that Qin Wanwan had numerous wealthy fans. No matter where she went to film, they would always follow her to take a look. Furthermore, they would fork out their own money to buy things for members of the fan club.

But besides becoming a star, Lin Che also needed to tackle various other responsibilities such as the Gu family matters. Thus, she really ignored her fans.

It was impossible to do anything at the last minute now. She could only sigh and find her own place to sit down.

Before the event started, she heard an organizer call out, “Lin Che, Lin Che you’re here! Don’t rush to sit down. Go to the front and take a group photo first now that everyone is here.”

“Huh? Okay.” Lin Che got up. Not everybody could be included in the group photo.

Many small celebrities who were still not famous enough remained seated. They watched Lin Che stand up and felt extremely envious in their hearts.

Lin Che looked around and went over. When she got to the front, she saw that all these celebrities standing at the front to be in the group photo were indeed already well-known. Furthermore, they were also more famous recently.

The organizer kindly started the topic. Seeing that Lin Che was here, he immediately said, “Hey, you people who have similar ages; stand closer together. Heh, all four young starlets are here today. Not bad at all.”

Qin Wanwan was also one of them. She looked at Lin Che and smiled. Beside her were Wang Qingchu and another young starlet. Among the four of them now, the other two were not as famous as these two. Thus, when they looked at Lin Che and Qin Wanwan, their expressions were weird. It was as if they grunted in contempt, showing that they didn’t want to work together. They didn’t even say hello.




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