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Season 6

Episode 52

(The Both Of Them Care About Each Other)

When Lu Beichen went in, he seemed to be a regular and knew the place well.

“I want the private room inside,” he said as he pointed to the innermost room.

The private room was Japanese-styled. They entered, sat on the tatami, and he began ordering naturally.

Gu Jingze didn’t seem to mind whatever he ordered.

After the dishes were served, everyone began eating.

Gu Jingyan said, “It was really fun today. Sister-in-law, let’s come out and hang out next time.”

“Yes. There’s no problem in asking Lin Che out. But Lin Che, don’t bring your husband anymore,” Lu Beichen grunted, still bearing a grudge on the recent event.

Gu Jingze said, “If you agree to a bet, you must accept the consequences. Why are you harping on it?”

“That’s because you used a dirty trick.”

“This is a lesson for you. The business industry is full of backstabbers. If you can’t even fend off a little dirty trick from me, how are you going to support Jingyan?”

“Heh. Fine, fine. I’m not as experienced as you. After all, you’ve been in this industry for so many years and you’ve never had any failures.” Talking about it, Lu Beichen really sympathized with his competitors. With such a fellow around, they must have really eaten plenty of dust.

Thankfully, the Lu family had always been close to the Gu family.

Lu Beichen also thought deep down that he must never stand on the opposing side of Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingyan said, “Alright. When we were little, we were played by Second Brother plenty of times. You just haven’t gotten used to it. It’ll be okay once you get used to it.”

Gu Jingyan looked at Lin Che. “You have no idea. When we were young, we had a private tutor come to our home. In the end, Second Brother suggested that all four of us go out to play. He told Gu Jingyu to pretend to have a stomachache to lure the tutor out; it was like luring a tiger out from its cave. After that, the rest of us secretly ran out. Father later found out about it and when we returned, we saw Second Brother sitting obediently there and reading his book. It turns out that before he ran out, he already made an agreement with the security at the entrance. If Father returned, the security would tell him while he would not tell us. He was worried that if Father had nobody to scold, he would investigate the matter and find out that he was the mastermind. As a result, the three of us were punished to write essays while he escaped guilt-free. Sigh…”

Lin Che said, “Wow, you were so cunning…”

Gu Jingze continued eating graciously. “This is called ‘all’s fair in war’.”


Gu Jingyan wanted to say something, but her hand was scalded.

“Ouch…” She tossed the cup and instinctively moved backward.

Lu Beichen quickly threw down his chopsticks. “What happened to you… Oh my. I say, Gu Jingyan. You’re a grown-up already but you can still get scalded. Let me take a look. Where did you get scalded?”

Lu Beichen quickly looked at her hand. Seeing that it was red, he bent his head and blew at it. At the same time, he said, “Look at you. That’s why I say that you never know how to be more cautious. Your attention is always divided. Now, look at what happened.”

“I scalded my hand and you’re still scolding me? Where is the love?”

“What’s the use of showing love to you?”

“Idiot, let go. I don’t need you to see.”

“Hey, I’m already looking at it. Give your hand to me. Let me see it.”

“Go away. I don’t need you to look.”

“I insist on seeing. Let me see!”

Just then, the waiter hurried in.

Looking at the two of them struggling, he didn’t dare to speak.

It was only when the two of them stopped bickering that he said, “Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, here is some medication. We’re really sorry about it. We didn’t notice and accidentally scalded you. We will give you a fifty-percent discount off your bill today.”

Lu Beichen heard this, looked up, and said, “It is your problem for scalding her, but the money doesn’t have to be discounted. It’s President Gu’s treat today. Heh heh. You don’t need to give us a discount later. It’s also alright if you want a little tip.”

“…” The waiter really liked these wealthy people.

If they were other people, they would have flipped out long ago and demanded their meal to be free.

Not only did they not want a free meal, they even said such words.

Wealthy people were simply wealthy people.

Lin Che saw the two of them behave this way and thought that Lu Beichen actually cared about Gu Jingyan too. It was just that they were star-crossed lovers.

Neither of them gave in to each other and it couldn’t be helped.

This meal really did not cost any lesser. The four of them went home separately. Gu Jingze called for his chauffeur and let the two of them leave first.

Lin Che still needed to go back to work. She received a call from Yu Minmin, saying that there would be a star charity gala in a few days and hoped that she could attend.

Lin Che said that she would see how it goes.

After this trip, Lin Che already threw all her worries to the back of her head. The next day, she met up with Yu Minmin to discuss their next step.

After establishing their studio, they were preparing to see which celebrity was worth nurturing and they could work together. They didn’t just want to work on Lin Che as the only star. If they did that, their profits would be very limited. Yu Minmin asked Lin Che for her opinion before. Lin Che said, “If it is profitable, of course, we can.”

Yu Minmin said, “I’m just asking because some stars hope to be the only one around so resources aren’t given to others.”

Lin Che said, “I always believed that resources should be fought over among ourselves. If everyone worked together to snag resources outside, that would be more worthwhile. If I’m the only star around, then our style would only be set like this. The resources will also be more fixed and it won’t have a chance to increase. If we have more stars, wouldn’t it be different? We would have all kinds of resources that will help us grow together, right?”

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che. “Not bad. You indeed have improved after hanging out with Gu Jingze.”

“Well, I have a smart brain that I don’t usually use. That’s because I’m giving others a chance. Otherwise, you would say that I’m too smart and nobody else should have a chance.”

“Alright, alright. Your head is already getting big just from one compliment. However, the Witch’s Diary is going to be filmed in some dangerous places. You have to be more careful. Your days are going to be very tough.”

“It’s okay. I understand. Filming is a tough thing, to begin with. I don’t care how hard it’s going to be. Everyone is going through the same thing anyway.”

“Sigh.” Yu Minmin patted Lin Che’s shoulder. “Do you think that Dynamic Pictures is regretting their decision now? You’re such an obedient and understanding artist who is not afraid of hardship and they didn’t want you. They even wanted some Qin Wanwan who is such a troublesome artist.”

“It’s okay. I will show them through my actions that I’m better off without them.”

“That’s right,” Yu Minmin said. “Let’s work hard together.”

The charity gala was organized by a very formidable fashion magazine called Weili.

This fashion magazine had always been highly regarded by many fashionistas who always believed that this magazine was the benchmark for fashion trends.

Thus, many stars also participated in their shoots.

Some big shots also became proud after appearing on the cover of the magazine. It was as if they were selected and it meant that they were fashionistas who could lead the fashion trends. It was as if their tastes in fashion were acknowledged.

However, Lin Che actually had never been selected for such a shooting.

It was probably because Lin Che was not really into fashion trends, so she hadn’t really been noticed.

Yu Minmin let Lin Che look at the itinerary and then told Lin Che in advance, “Oh right, I forgot to tell you. A few days ago, Qin Wanwan was featured on the cover.”





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