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Season 6

Episode 51

(Gu Jingze Was Too Treacherous)

The two of them looked like they were about to start their last game. Lin Che stood up to watch, wondering if this last game would still be a strike.

But at this moment, Lu Beichen picked up the ball.

Gu Jingze suddenly looked at Lu Beichen said airily, “Oh right, I’m not sure if you’ve seen Jingyan’s diary.”

“…” Lu Beichen looked towards Gu Jingze. “What did you say?”

Gu Jingze looked up. “When Jingyan was in high school, she kept writing in diaries. There are probably at least ten diaries at home. Haven’t you seen them?”

“…” He and Gu Jingyan lived especially independently. He never bothered with these things about Gu Jingyan.

But what about the diaries? Did she write about him?

It wasn’t impossible. In high school, they were very close.

He was curious about what she wrote about him in her diary. He was also curious about where exactly he stood in her heart during high school.

Gu Jingze only said one sentence, smiled at him, and continued playing.


He had never met such a treacherous person like Gu Jingze.

Even in the last game, he had the cheek to…

However, Lu Beichen looked around and slowly threw his ball. Then…

The ball quickly curved to the side and only struck down four pins. The rest of the pins only moved a little but did not go down.

“Oh my… What a pity…” People at the sides exclaimed.

Lin Che immediately stood up and thought, What is going on? It looks like Gu Jingze said something to Lu Beichen just now and after that, Lu Beichen seemed to have… automatically given up.

But what exactly did he say?

It was Gu Jingze’s turn next.

He turned back to look at Lu Beichen. There was a smile on his face that looked very mysterious.

Then, he tossed the ball confidently just like the many times he had done before.

And just as imagined, he hit a strike again.

Gu Jingze won.

Lin Che jumped up and ran to them. “Wow, Lu Beichen, are you admitting defeat now? Are you going to confess to a man?”

Gu Jingyan also said, “I told you that you can’t win against my Second Brother. Seriously… Go on and confess.”

Lu Beichen turned back to glare at Gu Jingyan.

He wiped off the white powder on his hands and then quickly hooked his arm around Gu Jingze’s shoulder. He lowered his head and asked, “Hey, I lost to you. You should tell me now.”

“Tell you what?” Gu Jingze asked.

Lu Beichen said, “You said that you’ve seen Gu Jingyan’s diaries. Tell me. What did she write inside?”

Gu Jingze was also plainly wiping his hands. He looked innocently at Lu Beichen. “Oh, you’re talking about that.”

“Quick, tell me. Don’t play dumb,” Lu Beichen said.

Gu Jingze said, “I have seen her diaries, but I didn’t see the content. Did you think I would be someone who takes and reads someone else’s diary?”

“…” Lu Beichen was so mad that his face turned red. “Gu Jingze!”


“You said that you saw them just now!”

“I said that I’ve seen the diaries. That is indeed the truth.”


Fine. Lu Beichen was tricked by him.

He knew, but he did it on purpose.

Gu Jingyan said, “Hey, what are you doing? Don’t try to claim that you forgot. Go, go. Go and confess.”

Gu Jingyan went over and tugged Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen looked at her speechlessly and could only say, “Tsk… I will practice what I preach, unlike some other people who like to be the little person.”

He was directing it at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze raised his brow and looked in his direction. He picked up his cup gracefully and took a gentle sip.

He didn’t care at all. Anyway, he already won regardless of the trick he used.

Lu Beichen grunted and continued walking out. Gu Jingyan followed after him and pulled Lin Che along with him, “Come, come. Let’s help him find a suitable guy to confess to.”

Both of them were gloating so much as they watched men going in and out of the gym. Gu Jingyan said, “Hey, how about that chubby guy there? He looks very valiant.”

Lin Che said, “Hey, how about that one over there? He has a girlfriend beside him.”

“Hahaha, you’re more evil than me. Okay, okay! Let him confess to that guy with his girlfriend.” She hastily pushed Lu Beichen. “Go on, go on. Lu Beichen, if you agree to bet, you must be willing to lose. Don’t think about backing out now. Go on, quick!”

Lu Beichen looked over there hesitantly. He could only look speechlessly and say, “Fine, fine, I’ll go. Stop pushing me. Since I said that I’ll go, it means that I will go. I won’t go back on my words.”

However, Lu Beichen had really never done such an outrageous thing like confessing to a man.

He looked over there and scratched his head in distress.

He wanted to quickly get it over with, so he decided to walk over.

Lin Che and Gu Jingyan snickered as they watched from behind. They were laughing so much that their stomachs hurt.

Lu Beichen walked to the couple and said, “Hey, wait a minute.”

The guy was rather good-looking and the girl was also quite pretty.

Seeing that Lu Beichen called out to them, they were also puzzled and their faces were filled with confusion.

But seeing that Lu Beichen was handsome and he looked very approachable, the girl then smiled. She looked at him and asked, “What’s up?”

Lu Beichen turned directly to the man and spoke very fast, “I love you and I want to be with you. I never want to leave you for as long as I live!”

“…” The man was completely stumped, “I-I-I… Y-You… What are you talking about…”

The girl froze for a second and then covered her mouth as she tried to hide her amusement.

After Lu Beichen said it, he mumbled, “Idiot, what is this? Gu Jingze, I’ll remember this my whole life…”

Not caring about the couple, he quickly turned around and left.


Lin Che and Gu Jingyan were really dying of laughter.

Especially when they saw that the girl looked so happy. They were extremely tickled.

Clearly, girls nowadays had a very high tolerance.

Gu Jingyan said, “That girl looks very happy. Might as well let Lu Beichen be with that guy.”

Lin Che said, “Yes. The main thing is that Lu Beichen is handsome. If he was ugly, she probably wouldn’t have been very happy. Now, she just got to see two handsome guys together. Of course, she would be happy.”

Just then, Lu Beichen returned. Gu Jingyan quickly said, “Not bad, not bad. Not a bad confession. It looks like you have a gift in this area.”

“Stop it. Don’t say a word about this ever again. Okay, let’s go eat. Gu Jingze is treating and I’ll definitely order a lot.” Lu Beichen took big steps towards Gu Jingze as if he was preparing to attack.

The four of them drove off and very soon reached an expensive Japanese restaurant.

Lu Beichen said, “Sigh, I still can’t bear to do anything to you. Let’s just eat something mid-range. You don’t have to treat us to an expensive meal.”

Lin Che looked up speechlessly.

This was mid-range?

She knew of this place; she had heard about it before. Having a meal here would cost at least ten thousand yuan. It was said that the restaurant imports fresh ingredients air-flown from Japan and all the sashimi and seafood were delivered on the day itself…




  1. Chai So Gu Jingze tricked Lu Beichen and won. Gu Jingze indeed you are something else


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