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Season 6

Episode 5

(I’m Already Very Grateful To Be Famous Now)

“That’s enough. You’re on a vacation. Don’t look at work.”

Lin Che pouted and looked at Gu Jingze. “No, no, let me have one look. I want to see if it has gotten more serious…”

“Just leave it to your studio. If your studio can’t handle a small matter like that, you might as well disband it.”


To him, it was a small matter. Dynamic Pictures was considered a small financial company under the Orange Light Organization. What was it to him?

Orange Light Organization was initially a gaming company that later branched out to do many other things. Dynamic Pictures was one of their branches.

That company was also considered one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. The productions company that came out from them was also top-notch. After all, their money and effort were invested in it.

On Lin Che’s side, it was only a small studio crew that was around for a couple of years. If they wanted to fight against a big company, of course, it was a very difficult thing for them.

Naturally, Gu Jingze definitely did not think that Orange Light Organization was any good company. After all, a major business like Gu Industries wouldn’t oppress a small company like that, much like an old family business.

Lin Che’s phone was snatched away. She was just about to say something when Gu Jingze’s lips pressed against hers.

He stopped her lips from moving and also stopped all of her thoughts.

It must have been that suave action of his that made her feel fired up. She forgot about all other miscellaneous thoughts.

He soon released her and gently touched her hair. “Doesn’t this… made you forget about all other rubbish completely?”


Lin Che’s entire soul was hooked by the kiss. How could she think of anything else?

However, at this moment…

“Oh my, you’re kissing in the car… Seriously, my eyes…”

The two of them froze.

Lin Che quickly looked out and saw that they had already arrived at the hotel entrance. And the person standing at the hotel entrance turned out to be Lu Beichen.

Behind him was Gu Jingyan.

The person who spoke was Lu Beichen. He turned his head mockingly, making her exasperated.

God, why were they here…

Lin Che hastily pushed Gu Jingze away.

Gu Jingze returned to his usual self in no time at all. He plainly tidied Lin Che’s hair and opened the car door.

Lin Che blushed and thought, Damn it. Wasn’t their vacation supposed to be just the two of them? What were they doing here too?

Lu Beichen didn’t expect such a cold man to be so passionate towards a woman.

Gu Jingyan looked at them from behind and said, “I told him not to interrupt you two, but he insisted on coming over.”

Gu Jingze asked plainly, “What are you guys doing in Paris?”

“We came here for work, unlike you guys. You must be here for your honeymoon. We were at St. Petersburg when we heard that you were coming, so we came to see you.”

It looked like the Gu household informed them of their arrival.

The hotel’s bellboy was already taking the luggage.

Lin Che looked at Lu Beichen. She thought about Lu Chuxia and still felt uncomfortable.

That was his sister. Was he alright now?

The few of them went in. Lu Beichen still spoke plainly with Gu Jingze, telling him about why and what they came here for. They were staying at St Petersburg for a few days.

When they went inside, Lu Beichen let the couple go in to rest. The restaurant already made preparations so that they could come down and eat after they rested.

The room was a suite. The decor in the room was very romantic and did not look like a hotel room at all. It looked like a little luxurious palace.

Lin Che put down her things and stood there as she looked outside.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Gu Jingze said behind, “Don’t worry. Beichen is not a pretentious person. Lu Chuxia was in the wrong and I gave the Lu family some face. Nothing happened to Lu Chuxia. She was just taken away. He will not think too much into it.”

After hearing Gu Jingze, Lin Che then relaxed. Whenever she looked at Lu Beichen previously, she would feel slightly awkward.

Gu Jingze and Lin Che settled down in their room before heading downstairs to eat.

There were not many people in the small restaurant. Some people looked at this elegant-looking couple eating and couldn’t resist guessing where they came from. They looked different from other tourists, so they were extremely polite to this couple.

There were too many tourists of their kind, making others feel that C Nation simply had too many people. It was as if they would bump into one everywhere they went. From the outside, some people seemed to recognize Lin Che. They were looking at her but did not dare to go in and confirm it.

The hotel restrictions were very high and they also didn’t allow outsiders to enter.

The people outside were increasing in number. Lin Che speechlessly lowered her head and quickly ate her bread. When she finally finished, she quickly went back up.

It couldn’t even stop in a foreign country…

Gu Jingze looked at her as she laid there. He went over to her and said, “If you don’t like being stared at, I’ll have my men clear the space tomorrow…”

“No, no,” Lin Che replied as she laid there. “This is the problem of being famous. Although it’s annoying, if I think about it, there’s always a price to pay for something. Back when I was in C Nation, I didn’t have to be afraid of being recognized on the streets. Now that I’m overseas and I get recognized by one or two fans here, it means that I’m famous.”

Gu Jingze shook his head and looked at this silly girl.

“Thinking about my past, I don’t even need to talk about being recognized on the streets. I would even be forgotten by the director when I arrived on the set. I was just a little better than a calefare. But now, people can’t possibly forget about me.”

Indeed. Now, whenever she arrived on set, she would have her own room, her own assistant, and her own crew. She was already very satisfied.

Thus, these problems could only be a part of her problems. One had to be satisfied and not expect every single thing to be perfect.

Gu Jingze lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Gu Jingze’s woman was indeed different.

Meanwhile, in C Nation.

After receiving a court order, Dynamic Pictures also began their attack.

The company released a statement saying that Lin Che already decided to hibernate because she violated company regulations.

However, Lin Che’s contract still belonged to Dynamic Pictures. Thus, unless she was really willing to fork out money and pay the penalty, she was not allowed to sign a contract with other companies.

The company also released a statement saying that the company had always treated Lin Che very well. It was just that after Lin Che became famous, she was not happy that the company gave other artistes resources. Therefore, she also began to sign contracts under the table before telling the company. For example, the movie ‘Bandit Fairies’ was actually signed on by Lin Che herself. She did not tell the company, but the company bore with it on account that everybody worked together.

Unexpectedly, now that the company signed a contract with Qin Wanwan, she was not happy about Qin Wanwan’s existence although it was a normal change of people. She wanted to leave the company, so the company had to make this difficult choice.



  1. That company will regret it

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