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Season 6

Episode 43

(She Hit Someone After Getting Drunk)

Yu Minmin said, “I can’t be bothered with you two drunks. I’ll go take a piss.”

After she left for the washroom, Lin Che also had to go.

She was swaying on her feet as she walked out. She felt extremely dazed when she left the washroom. But a high-class hotel was ultimately a high-class hotel. She did not feel particularly terrible, just very dizzy. She felt as if the path was tilted wherever she went.

Then, she crashed into someone by accident.

In her daze, she saw that she had crashed into a person and mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, isn’t this Lin Che?”

“Yes. It’s definitely Lin Che. I’ve seen her in person. It’s definitely her.”

Lin Che looked up when she heard him say her name.

Only to see a plump man with a skinny man beside him.

“Oh, nice to meet you,” Lin Che mumbled.

The plump man immediately crinkled his eyes in a smile as if he was very interested in Lin Che. “Hey, Lin Che. Wow, what a coincidence to bump into you here. Quick, come with us. Let’s go to our private room and have fun. I really liked your costume. What costume was it? Oh, that open skirt in that movie you were in. It was so slutty.”

“…” Lin Che’s expression turned cold as she looked at the man in front of her. “Sir, can you mind your words a little?”

The fat man said, “Oh no, I’m just complimenting you. Men like it when women are slutty, hehehe.”


Lin Che could not be bothered with him. She was here to drink and have fun. Why should she lower herself to his level?

She turned around and wanted to return to her own room.

But the fat man immediately pulled her back. “Hey, I’m talking to you. Come on. Come with us.”

“I’m not going. Move aside. I’m very busy.”

“You’re not coming? Hey, why not? Why? Do you want money?” The man ran in front of Lin Che while speaking.

Lin Che’s mood had really taken a downturn. “This Auntie came here to spend money. Move aside.”

“Hey, who are you talking to? You’re nothing but an actress. But you dare to call yourself my Auntie?”

The fat man immediately said, “You better come over here.”

Lin Che was already trying her best to control her anger down.

However, she was still a little out of sorts because she just drank alcohol.

“Let go of me and move aside. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude,” Lin Che said.

The man said, “Ha. Let me see what you mean by that.” With a perverted expression, the man said, “Are you going to be rude by letting me **** you?”

His face came close to Lin Che’s, so she immediately slapped him without holding herself back.

A resounding slap.

The man instantly flared up upon being hit.

“You… you cheap slut! How dare you hit me?”

He was about to grab Lin Che as he spoke.

Lin Che was feeling tipsy from the alcohol, but she still managed to dodge the fat man’s hand by instinct.

Behind her, a waiter happened to walk past them. Lin Che grabbed the waiter and pushed him directly in front of the fat man.

The fat man grabbed ahold of the waiter. He glanced at the waiter angrily and pushed him to the ground thereafter.

Then, he also shouted at the waiter, “That woman, that one! She actually dared to hit me! Catch her for me and I’ll give you a hundred thousand RMB in tips!”

The waiter turned around only to see Lin Che standing behind him. The waiter said in disbelief, “President Wang, you…”

Seeing that the waiter was not moving, the fat man pushed him aside and tried to grab Lin Che again.

The thin man behind him said frantically, “President Wang, President Wang, don’t get into a scuffle. If you cause any damage here, it won’t be good either…”

But the fat man had gone insane from anger at being slapped by a woman. He paid no heed to his words and chased after Lin Che.

When Lin Che saw him catching up with her, she threw whatever she could find at him.

A bump immediately grew on the fat man’s head after he was hit by a bowl that Lin Che had thrown.

Holding his head, the fat man was so angry that he started to stagger.

“You bitch. I’ll **** you to death if I catch you.”

This man… was seriously shameless.

While Lin Che was running, Yu Minmin and Shen Youran came out of the room behind her as well.

They were a little surprised when they saw what was happening.

“What’s going on? Lin Che, what happened?”

“What did that man say earlier? Did he curse you out? Tsk, how dare he spew vulgarities at you?”

When the people involved recalled the incident thereafter, they really felt that they should never offend women.

Especially women who were crazy when drunk.

Shen Youran immediately pushed her sleeves up. “Does he think he’s invincible?”

Yu Minmin too said, “Precisely. How ridiculous.”

Seeing that she had people to back her up, Lin Che said bluntly, “His mouth is so foul. He deserves to get hit for it.”

The three of them no longer shied away from the confrontation. Leveraging on their numbers, they simply grabbed the fat man and started hitting him.

Of course, the fat man had not expected to be attacked by three women.

Especially not three women who seemed to have gone mad. They used whatever they picked up as a weapon against him.

They even took some of the decorative items and hit him with them.

The noise over here attracted attention in no time.

Someone shouted, “There’s a fight going on at the front! A fight broke out!”

Initially, they had thought that a man was hitting a woman. But upon a closer look, it was unexpectedly some women hitting a man…

Everyone got even more interested in what was happening. They watched on as the man with the surname Wang was surrounded by women and got beaten into a mess.

He was even shouting, “Quick, get help! Save me! Some mad women are hitting me!”

The waiters were anxiously trying to break up the fight as well but could not do it.

He continued shouting, “Stop hitting me! Stop hitting me!.”

“Don’t touch that. That ornament is worth tens of thousands.”

“Oh no, Madames. This bottle is expensive too. Don’t use it as a weapon…”

But the waiter’s words went completely ignored.

The three of them went on hitting the man until his face was blooming with bruises. The fight only stopped when the manager and the security guards of the establishment came to break up the fight.

With one look, everyone saw that there were broken shards scattered all over the corridor floor. No part of the man’s face was left intact; it was completely black and blue and it was obvious that he had been beaten quite badly.

As the manager looked at the things that had been broken, he felt distressed and angry.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t you stop them?” The manager looked up and saw that three drunk women were responsible for this mess.

He was about to say something again when he saw…

A man had arrived with people following behind him and soon attracted even more attention.

Gu Jingze had arrived.

It was not Gu Jingze alone who was here; behind him was Chen Yucheng.

He looked at broken shards scattered all over the floor. He froze before quickly lifting his leg and stepping across the mess.

“How did it get this far…”

Lin Che said, “It’s not our fault. It’s all because of that bastard’s foul mouth!”

Shen Youran joined in and said, “Exactly, exactly. How dare he curse at us? Of course, we’d hit him to death. As if women are so easy to bully.”

Yu Minmin said, “There’s nothing to lose by hitting him anyway!”

Chen Yucheng was truly speechless.

He rushed to Shen Youran and hugged her. “Enough, enough. Come with me first.”

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes at Lin Che.

Lin Che knew that she had caused trouble. She quickly went to Gu Jingze and buried her head in his chest.

“Gu Jingze… I didn’t mean to break their things…”





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