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Season 6

Episode 42

(Three Women Make A Market, Four A Fair)

Shen Youran said, “Pass me the money. I’ll return it to them.”

Her mother immediately walked two steps backward. “What do you mean you’re going to return it to them? How can you do that? You can’t. Anyway, I won’t return the money no matter what. Youran, stop being silly. No matter how nice he is to you, he’s just toying with you for the time being. He has no intention of marrying you in the future. He’ll dump you once he’s sick of you. When that time comes, you won’t have him nor the money. Why don’t you just take the money and leave? You can do anything you want with so much money.”

However, Shen Youran grabbed her mother in a fit of fury. “Pass me the money, quick. Tell me where it is.”

“You… how can you do this to me. Shen Youran, did I raise you for nothing?” her mother shouted angrily.

“Mother, will you or will you not give me the money? If you don’t give it to me, I’ll call the cops and report you for detinue.”

“What’s that…” Her mother did not know if such a crime actually existed.

“Hand it to me quickly.”

“Alright, alright. Give it to her,” Shen Youran’s father pulled her hand away and said, “Fine, I’ll give it to her. This unfilial daughter, hmph. She doesn’t think about us at all. She only cares about seeking pleasure. Why don’t you think about how your parents are still suffering over here? If people see you having so much fun outside while your parents are living in such a small house, you’re the one they’ll be laughing at.”

Shen Youran did not understand why they were saying this.

However, it was meaningless to argue with them.

Her father threw the card straight onto the ground. “Get lost. You money-grubbing thing. The password is your sister’s birthday.”

Shen Youran glanced at her father with her lip between her teeth. She looked down and picked the card up before turning around and walking out.

Shen Youran’s mother nearly cried in anger at having lost the money.

Shen Youran’s father said, “Hmph. She’ll regret it one day. The situation won’t be pretty when she gets dumped. Why is she pretending to be virtuous? She should know that her family background is no match compared to his.”

Shen Youran met Chen Yucheng and passed him the card and the password to the card as well. She told him to take out the money and return it to the Chen family.

Chen Yucheng was very angry and immediately said, “I’ll go and sort this out with my mother. Youran, I’m sorry that she caused a disturbance to your family. I didn’t think that she would go this far so soon.”

It no longer bothered Shen Youran. It was her family that had disappointed her by actually taking the money.

Was her love worth only this little in their eyes?

Even though Shen Youlan had made mistakes and had gotten herself into so much debt, they still thought highly of her. But they criticized Shen Youran even though she had never done anything wrong.

That night, Shen Youran asked Lin Che and Yu Minmin out for some drinks.

The three of them entered the private room. The place that they had found was a pretty good club. It was Lin Che who had brought them to this place because she had heard that it was safe for them to drink however much they liked here. After all, all of the customers were wealthy people and it was not a disorderly place.

When they saw three women walk in, the waiters were not too pleased. But they looked closer and realized that one of them was Lin Che and another one was Yu Minmin. Both of them were not at all lacking in money. Celebrities earned a lot, to begin with, and Yu Minmin was even the wife of the president. Thus, they quickly went up to them.

After they opened a private room for the three of them, Lin Che went in and asked, “What should we drink?”

Shen Youran said, “Let’s drink something expensive. All of you are so rich that I won’t drink anything else!”

Yu Minmin asked, “How am I rich? Just ask Lin Che. I get paid so little. Lin Che gets paid more.”

“Ha, you’re the President’s wife and you dare to cry about being poor? I’ll cry right now for you to see.”

“I don’t get paid for being the President’s wife. Lin Che gets paid a few million just to star in a movie. She definitely earns the most among the three of us. She’ll treat us today.”

“Hey, how can you cheat me like that? I’ve just paid my former company all of my money.”

But although she said that, Lin Che knew that she was probably earning the most among them.

Therefore, she good-naturedly took the menu and looked at the options while warning the two of them. “Order less. Don’t spend so much!”

In the end, of course, Shen Youran was not shameless enough to order anything too expensive after looking at the menu. She merely said, “Then, let’s order the cheapest option. Let’s have some beer instead. The other options will make us drunk too quickly and even harm our health.”

The waiters were completely disappointed…

When they left the room, a few other waiters immediately gathered around them after hearing that the President’s wife had actually brought people here for drinks.

The waiter said in disbelief, “They only ordered something that cost a few thousand…”

“No way. She’s the President’s wife. Is she that poor?”

“And they even made Lin Che pay for it, saying that she earned the most among them. They said that she gets paid a few million for a movie.”

“That’s seriously disappointing. Alright then. I actually thought that we would get a huge order today.”

The crowd dissipated in disappointment. Although several of them were curious to see Lin Che and the Madam President, they dared not head inside directly.

However, two of the waiters looked at them out of curiosity when they went in to serve the beer.

The three women drank while gossiping and listening to music.

Shen Youran said, “I really envy the fact that you guys are married. To be honest, I want to get married too. If I get married, I’ll be able to leave the house.”

Lin Che said, “Then do it. Ask Chen Yucheng to marry you and give him no choice in it.”

“But it’s true that the gap between us is pretty big. His family will definitely look down on me. More importantly, their family opposes our relationship. It’ll get too annoying if they keep interfering.”

Yu Minmin said, “It depends mainly on what he thinks. If it really won’t work out, get Gu Jingze to put pressure on them so that the Chen family has no choice but to acknowledge you.”

“Ha, like I have that kind of power to make Gu Jingze help me. Furthermore… romance is a matter for the two people involved. It’s terrifying to get so many involved for no reason.”

“Alright then. In any case, we’ll always be on your side. If that Chen Yucheng bullies you, just say the word and we’ll immediately punish him.”

“Hey, he’s pretty alright…” Shen Youran continued, “It’s just that I was really scared when people from his family came to our office. I don’t even know how I’m going to go back there tomorrow. Everyone saw what happened today and they definitely guessed that these people were from the Chen family. Ah. They already hated me from the start since I’m always with Chen Yucheng. Now, they’ll pay even more attention to me.”

While speaking, Shen Youran gulped down a huge mouthful of beer.

Their beer bottles slowly became empty as they drank.

The three of them also moved from the sofa to the floor.

Lin Che leaned against the sofa and started singing, “It’s a good day today. Whatever you wish for will come true…”

Yu Minmin said in disbelief, “Can you shut up? The whole nation knows that you sing terribly. Why are you still singing?”

“You’re so mean. You’re the one who let the whole nation know about it. If you dare criticize me again, I’ll put a curse on you so that you won’t have a sex life in the future. By the way… you haven’t told us yet. Exactly how good… are Mr. President’s skills?”

“…” Yu Minmin said, “Get lost.”

Shen Youran said, “Come on, tell us. How’s your sex life? Quick, tell us.”





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