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Season 6

Episode 40

(I Won’t Let Any Of You Be Happy If I’m Not Happy)

“The child is the product of the love between you and me. Jingze, do you want to touch my belly? Our child is right inside.”


Gu Jingze’s voice was ice-cold and immediately made Mo Huiling freeze.

“What’s wrong…”

Gu Jingze stood up. Step by step, he walked towards Mo Huiling with an air of hostility. “You better get this straight. Your child isn’t mine.”

Mo Huiling looked at him. The first thing she felt was a shock; she had not expected him to suddenly be so aggressive. Then, she felt a chill run through her heart.

“Huh, what did you say? Gu Jingze, do you not even want your own child?”

“I don’t even know where you got this child and now, you’re saying it’s mine. Miss Mo, the reason I’m meeting you today is to clarify things with you so that you’ll stop causing trouble,” Gu Jingze said rudely.

Mo Huiling scoffed, “You’re the one who has to get it straight. Gu Jingze, you seem to have forgotten what you once told me. You stored your sperm away for the sake of our future together. How else do you think I became pregnant with your child? It was because of that! That represents the love between us, so I took it and used it. I kept the product of our love intact, yet you don’t want to acknowledge it? It’s pointless for you to deny it. The child is yours.”

Gu Jingze sneered. “I don’t know how you got the idea that this child is mine. But there’s nothing wrong with the sperm I stored away. It’s in perfect condition. I’m sure that the child in your stomach cannot be mine. So you must be mad if you’re trying to push the child to me.”

“You…” Mo Huiling nearly fainted from anger.

But she knew that the child was definitely Gu Jingze’s. He simply did not want to acknowledge it.

A long time passed before she finally heaved a sigh. “You don’t want to acknowledge this child, right? It’s fine, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter even if you deny it. One day, you’ll definitely admit that the child is yours. It’s yours.”

Gu Jingze said, “Forget it. I have nothing more to say to you. Give birth to it if you want to. But if you give birth to it only because you think it’s mine, I’m telling you to stop being delusional. The child you give birth to will not be mine. But if you still insist that it is, then go look for the father of the child after it’s born. Whoever it is has nothing to do with me.”


Without waiting for Mo Huiling to speak again, Gu Jingze immediately shouted, “Qin Hao, see the guest out.”

Mo Huiling still wanted to struggle, but the bodyguards were already here.

Left with no choice, Mo Huiling could only furiously say, “Fine, fine. Gu Jingze, we’ll see. I can’t believe you’re such a heartless man. In that case, don’t blame me for being harsh to you too!”

Without even sparing her a glance, Gu Jingze gestured directly for the door to be closed.

After leaving, Mo Huiling dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

“I’m warning all of you. I have in my womb the successor to the Gu family. If you so much as touch me and hurt the child, every single one of you can forget about staying alive.”

Everyone looked at one another in astonishment.

What did that mean… could it be that Miss Mo…

Was pregnant with Sir’s child?

Then, what about Madam…

Mo Huiling left in a fit of fury. Her face was still overcast when she met up with Li Mingyu.

As if he had predicted that this would happen, he sighed to her before saying, “I told you that it was pointless. Why? Did Gu Jingze chase you out? We should go back and wait until the child is born…”

“Get lost.” Mo Huiling continued bluntly, “I won’t wait. I want Lin Che gone this instant. A hen that doesn’t lay eggs is useless to the Gu family. It’s been so long but there’s no sign of anything happening in her womb. It’s obvious that she’s a useless woman. On the other hand, I got pregnant so easily. I don’t believe that the Gu family would ignore this child.”

“What about you?” Unable to argue with her, this was the only thing he could say as he looked at her.

Mo Huiling said, “I expected Gu Jingze to be nicer to me on account of our romantic past. I never thought that he would actually be so indifferent towards me. If that’s the case…”


“Even if I can’t have his heart for myself, I absolutely will not allow Lin Che to live a happy life with him. Why should they have that right? Everything that Lin Che has now belongs to me. This child is also something I deserve. It’s what he left for me back then. And now, he won’t acknowledge it? I won’t allow that.”

When Mo Huiling finished speaking, she gestured for Li Mingyu to start the engine. At the same time, she said to him, “Find out for me what the Gu family’s schedule will be like these days.”

Li Mingyu said, “Are you planning to tell the Gu family?”

“Of course.” Mo Huiling sighed and said, “But I can’t get close to the Gu family. Ever since I had that messy breakup with Gu Jingze, it’s been even more impossible. Even before this, the Gu family did not look upon me kindly. Now, it’ll be even more difficult to convince them to meet me. There’s nothing I can do about it either.

Li Mingyu shook his head. Why did she have to insist on meeting members of the Gu family when they had ill feelings towards her?

The Gu family did indeed have schedules over the next few days. They were making preparations for ancestral worship as they would be visiting their ancestors’ graves nearing the Ghost Festival.

In actual fact, they had already visited the graves once during Tomb-Sweeping Day. However, their family was large, their business empire massive, and their rules even more numerous. The men of the Gu family were required to worship their ancestors together. Although the women were not required to go, they still had to return to the Gu residence for a meal.

Gu Jingze had informed Lin Che of this a long time ago. The maids would get everything ready and the only thing she had to do on that day was to choose a plain suit of clothes to wear.

However, before that day arrived, Chen Yucheng called to ask Lin Che if Shen Youran was with her.

Lin Che was extremely confused and simply asked, “What happened to her? Youran isn’t with me. Are you looking for her?”

“You’re right. I’m looking for her, but she isn’t at home.”

“What’s going on? Will you tell me?”

“I…” Chen Yucheng drew in a deep breath and said helplessly, “Actually, my family came back from America. I’m afraid that they went looking for Youran.”

“What? I’ll go over to her house right now to check up on her.”

“Alright, I’ll go over too.”

Lin Che quickly called for someone to bring the car and rushed to Shen Youran’s house first.

As expected, Shen Youran was not at home. Lin Che had been here before when she had run away from home, so she had the keys to the apartment. She had yet to return the keys to Shen Youran. After entering the apartment, she realized that it was spotlessly clean and completely empty.

Just then, Chen Yucheng also arrived and quickly walked in. Seeing that there was no one other than Lin Che inside, he then said, “She didn’t pick up when I called her. Where do you think she could have gone?”

“I don’t know… but are you sure that your family won’t hurt Youran?”

Lin Che was worried that it was actually his family that had taken Shen Youran away.

With his face set in a deep frown, Chen Yucheng did not know what to say. “I hope not.”

“So you mean to say that it’s possible?”

Chen Yucheng said, “I’ve already looked for Youran in all the places that she might have gone to based on my understanding of her. But I still couldn’t find her. Right now, I can’t think of any other place where she might be.”

“Forget it, forget it. We’ll look for her again. Think about who last saw her.”

“I think she left the company this morning,” Chen Yucheng said.

In no time, he left to look for her. However, he received a call from his family while looking for her.

“Yucheng, come back to America with us.”

Chen Yucheng paused. “You really went to look for Youran, right?”




  1. Mo you will be very disappointed, by the time you find out that is not Gu jingze sperm that you used



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