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Season 6

Episode 4

(Yang Lingxin Was Chased Out Of The Gu Residence)

Gu Jingze booked the flight and left with Lin Che. He didn’t bring many things and was planning to have his people make the arrangements when they arrived.

The private plane was already prepared at the airport. France was also already prepared to receive them. Lin Che and Gu Jingze then boarded the plane.

There were many people outside. Lin Che thought, Now that I’m at the airport, I would definitely be recorded by the media if they saw me. Thankfully, Gu Jingze has a private plane so I can avoid these people.


There was news that Lin Che hadn’t gone out in a long time and seemed to be leaving the country to avoid the hype. That was why airport security was particularly tight.

However, the reporters waited around the whole day but didn’t see her at all.

Did Lin Che not take a plane out of this country?

Meanwhile, on Qin Wanwan’s side.

Knowing that Lin Che left the country, she grunted and said, “Her tolerance level is way too low. She’s going into hiding just like this?”

“We only just had a wave of news. There will still be more to come. Now that she’s gone, she won’t be able to see this commotion.”

The next day.

After this matter, Qin Wanwan appeared at the airport for some activity. Actually, the reporters were already secretly informed about it.

Qin Wanwan said, “Stop filming me.”

But the reporters noticed a red mark on Qin Wanwan’s face.

In an instant, an assumption that Qin Wanwan was hit was splashed across the Internet.

Everyone snapped pictures of Qin Wanwan and asked if it had to do with Lin Che’s secret backing. Did Lin Che have a disagreement with the company? Now that it was made public, what was the company going to do now?

The guess about Lin Che’s backing instantly rose to the top.

Qin Wanwan didn’t respond the entire time. She remained silent as she appeared pitiful and left the airport. This made many fans’ hearts ache.

Someone asked, “Who exactly is the person behind Lin Che? They dare to hit Qin Wanwan?”

“In the first place, it was strange for Lin Che to rise to fame at that time. Now, I finally understand. It turns out that she had someone behind her.”

“We must boycott Lin Che. Do not watch any shows with Lin Che in them.”

“Do not look at anything that Lin Che is an ambassador of.”

“Do not buy anything that Lin Che endorsed.”

“Exactly. She is taking our money and acting all high and mighty. Who gave her face?”

Netizens insulted her with enthusiasm, but the studio on Lin Che’s side was quiet.

The plotted rumor online already resulted in people linking Lin Che to the president. Some people said that Lin Che’s manager was Madam President.

She was no longer officially her manager anymore and could only be called her former manager. However, perhaps Lin Che was already being controlled by her former manager long ago. This company was simply too profit-driven. They were setting off a hurricane in the entertainment industry.

Some people even linked plots from the entertainment industry with plots from the government.

All of a sudden, a huge conspiracy theory rose on the Internet.

Qin Wanwan saw this news on the plane and couldn’t help but purse her lips.

Now, Yu Minmin could not use her authority even if she wanted to. Because if she did, it would fulfill this conspiracy even more. What was Lin Che going to do now?

Qin Wanwan was the best at pretending to be pitiful. This time, not only did she manage to step on Lin Che, she even boosted herself up high. Everybody said that she was a victim and wanted justice for her. This hot topic was raised to the top too.

At home, Yang Lingxin suffered every day.

She was still staying in the Gu residence but did not dare to step out. Lin Che simply abandoned her and went on a vacation with Gu Jingze.

Yang Lingxin stayed in her room. She felt weird that the maids kept staring at her, so she didn’t dare to leave her room.

She complained in her heart. How could Lin Che do this? How could she abandon her at this time?

Was she blaming her?

Or was she trying to get rid of her?

Lin Che must be wanting to get rid of her and that was why she left her alone.

Yang Lingxin naturally did not want to leave. However, there was a knock on her door which gave Yang Lingxin a bad feeling.

When Yang Lingxin opened the door, she immediately saw a few of the Gu residence guards standing there oppressively and looking at her.

“What… What are you guys doing?”

“President Gu said it before. Your body is not in good condition. This place is too noisy and unsuitable for your recuperation, so we will send you to another place. There is a professional team of doctors there who can help you recuperate properly.”

Y-you… Where? I’m doing fine here. I don’t need to go anywhere else…”

The guards walked into her room, naturally not caring about her words.

They said, “But Sir has already instructed us. Please follow us out.”

Yang Lingxin looked at the towering guards.

When she usually followed Lin Che, she also saw how they executed orders. These people would kill without batting an eyelid. As long as they received an order, they would absolutely carry it out.

She couldn’t afford to provoke these top-notch guards.

She had no choice but to leave. The maids outside looked at her. None of them liked her either. Now, Sir was finally chasing her out and they were over the moon.

She helped Madam before and her body was implicated. That was why Madam allowed her in and didn’t want to chase her out. However, nobody else owed her anything.

In the end, she stayed here and really took it as her own home.

Yang Lingxin went out and got into a car. She then asked the guard, “Hey you gentlemen, where did you say you were taking me?”

“A nursing home.”

“Nursing home?”

“It’s especially for mental illnesses.”

Didn’t that mean… an asylum?

“No… No, I’m not going there. I… I’m already okay. I’ll go home. I’ll go home right now.”

The guard scoffed coldly, “Alright. Then you have to tell Madam yourself that you don’t wish to continue treatment. You chose to return home.”

“Yes yes… I’ll go home immediately.”

Thus, Yang Lingxin was sent back to her home.

When she reached home, her mother chased her and asked her where she had been.

Yang Lingxin only looked at the mess in her own room and though angrily, Am I really coming back here again?

Why? Why could Lin Che be so fortunate while I am so unlucky?

Why could Lin Che change her own fate while she was constantly despised?

She was really very envious that Lin Che could meet a man like Gu Jingze.

Looking at her home and her own parents now, she somehow felt frustrated and even suspicious. Why was she born to her own parents? Why couldn’t she be born into a rich family? Why were her parents so average…

Lin Che and Gu Jingze alighted from the plan. Before they even got to the hotel, Lin Che couldn’t resist looking at her phone in the car.

She wanted to see how the news was back in their country.

She had long gotten used to it and already conditioned her heart such that it was no longer as fragile anymore. However, seeing those insults jump, she still cared deep down.

But before she could take out her phone, the man beside her snatched it away.




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