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Season 6

Episode 38

(Gu Jingze, You Old-Fashioned Man)

Gu Jingze watched as she downloaded an application and registered him for a WeChat account.

Lin Che said, “Let me think. What username should I give you… oh, I know. You’ll be called “Crazy Cool President”.

“…” Gu Jingze asked darkly, “What stupid name is that?!”

“It’s such an apt name for you.”

“I don’t like it.” Gu Jingze continued, “Just randomly choose a name.”

“Fine then. I’ll give you an English name.”

Lin Che smiled at him eerily. Gu Jingze had a skeptical look on his face. Did she even know any English?

Smiling, Lin Che spelled out his username in pinyin: kuangzhuaikuba

Gu Jingze frowned while looking at it. “What does this mean?”

“I just… randomly wrote some alphabets. What do you think it says?”

“This sequence of alphabets doesn’t really sound like an English word.”

“It’s French, then. Whatever. Anyway, we’ll just use this.” Right after setting this as his username, she saw many people requesting to add him.

They were likely people in Gu Jingze’s contact list.

After registering for a WeChat account with this phone number, his WeChat account was automatically recommended to the people in his contact list on their WeChats.

Lin Che glanced at his phone and saw quite a number of people requesting to add him. She turned her head and asked, “Who are these people? Do you want to add them?”

“Oh, sure. All of them are my relatives and friends.”

“Hn. They’re probably the people in your contact list.”


Gu Jingze was not very familiar with how WeChat worked and merely stood by watching.

Lin Che added many people at once. Someone immediately sent a message expressing surprise, stating, “No way, Jingze. I can’t believe a ten-thousand-year-old antique like you actually opened a WeChat account.”

Even Lu Beichen sent a message asking in astonishment, “Jingze, is that you? Or has your phone been stolen?”

Lin Che replied disbelievingly, “It’s me, Lin Che. I opened a WeChat account for him to try. I’m teaching him how to keep up with the latest trends.”

After reading this, Lu Beichen replied, “I knew it. There’s no way he would open a WeChat account. He scared me to death. I thought I was dreaming.”

“Hehe. I hope you contact him often on WeChat in the future!”

After setting everything up, Lin Che took a photo on the spot. The photo she had taken was of their dinner. Then, she posted the photo on her Moments page with the caption, “Dinner was really delicious, as expected of the Glazed Tile Palace~”

She would not have dared to say on her Moments page that she was in the Glazed Tile Palace. She knew that doing so would trigger a massive reaction.

Recently, she had been involved in many scandals. Thus, it was not appropriate for her to post boastful photos all the time, lest she receive even more criticism.

But it was probably fine to use Gu Jingze’s account to boast.

However, the moment she uploaded the photo, many people quickly left comments.

“What the hell, Gu Jingze. Are you crazy?”

“Someone tell me whether or not this is Gu Jingze. Could he have lost his phone?”

“Gu Jingze, I can’t believe you posted on your Moments page, you…”

In just a short time, he got dozens of comments.

Lin Che burst out in laughter reading them. In the blink of an eye, she saw that Lu Beichen had added Gu Jingze into a group.

Lin Che sent a message on WeChat asking, “What group is this?”

“It’s a group for our club. We’re all business people. Don’t worry. There are no outsiders.”

Because Lin Che was sending the messages in Gu Jingze’s name, everyone else in the group immediately appeared.

“Gu Jingze was added into the group?”

“Is this Gu Jingze?”

“No way. President Gu, long time no see. Why are you always not around when I go to your company?”

“President Gu, the 2 billion RMB in funds haven’t been transferred. Please speed it up a bit.”

“President Gu, I’ve seen the progress on that big bridge your family is building. Construction is too slow. You should have asked to work with me back then. It’s impossible to work with small companies. If it were my company, there would be thirty teams working on construction every minute of the day. We would build the bridge for you within a month.”

Lin Che could only respond with a sad emoticon…

At the same time, she privately messaged Lu Beichen, “No way. Who are all these people?”

“It’s just a business group. Relax. All of them know Jingze and often make deals with him. They can contact Gu Jingze even if they’re not in the group. Just tell Jingze and he’ll know. Of course, I wouldn’t randomly let people unrelated to him disturb him.”

“That wasn’t what I meant either. I just thought that what they said was really strange.”

“Of course. The group comprises people from C Nation’s top construction companies, the President of Rongji Engineering, the President of MK Group… the President of Stratford. Anyway, just these people.”

“Wow. That’s impressive.”

Seeing those names, they did indeed seem to be names that Lin Che often saw on the television and on the Internet.

She instantly felt very superior.

Seeing that she was still chatting away, Gu Jingze moved closer to her and asked, “What are you doing?”

Lin Che said, “He just added you into a business chatgroup. If anything crops up, just settle it yourself. I’ve already set up the basic things.”

She returned Gu Jingze his phone and said, “All of them were already in the WeChat group, but you didn’t even have a WeChat account. You’re seriously too behind the times.”

Gu Jingze looked at her. “It’s just that I’ve never really participated in group activities, so I never made a WeChat account either.”

Fine then. It was because he was used to keeping a low profile.

She said, “If you don’t want to take part in the conversation, you can just turn your screen off. You don’t necessarily have to take part. On the other hand, you can still look at their conversation whenever you want to. Now that we’re in an information society, you may come across some information from them. If you see any business opportunities or things like that, you can make use of the information. That would be good too.”

Gu Jingze figured that she was right. He could ignore it if he wanted to anyway. He could also open the chat if he wanted to.

However, just then, Lu Beichen suddenly sent another message.

“Jingze, what’s up with your WeChat username…”

There was no way he would believe that Gu Jingze himself had decided on this username.

Gu Jingze responded with, “?”

“Crazy cool master? It is in fact quite fitting, but it isn’t good to be so blunt, right?” Lu Beichen said.

Only then did Gu Jingze realize…

“Lin Che!”

Behind him, Lin Che had seen Lu Beichen’s message and was already making a quick escape…

Gu Jingze shook his head disbelievingly. In any case, given his extraordinary capabilities, he was able to quickly locate the setting and change his username although he had never used WeChat.

This Lin Che!

Thereafter, Lin Che quickly added Gu Jingze to her list of contacts too and said, “I already saved my username in your contact list. You can send me a message on WeChat if anything’s up.”

“Can’t I just call you if anything’s up?”

“If I miss the call, you can still leave me a comment. I’ll see it the moment I use my phone.”

The two of them began discussing their WeChat pages. The others watched the married couple across them and could not believe what they were seeing.

Yu Minmin escorted them out of the Glazed Tile Palace.

Lin Che said, “That’s enough. I feel so bad having Madam President personally escort me out.

“If you dare say another word of nonsense… hey. Since Gu Jingze registered for a WeChat account, why didn’t you get him to add me?”

Lin Che said, “Why do you need to add him?”

“With Gu Jingze in my WeChat contact list, my level of pretentiousness will be greatly increased.”


“If Gu Jingze posts something on his page, I’ll be able to see it too.”

Lin Che said, “I reckon Gu Jingze won’t do such a thing of his own accord.”

Yu Minmin narrowed her eyes and held Lin Che by the neck, threatening her. “I don’t care. Quick, go and add me to his contact list. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you’re always busy next month so that you won’t have time to go home and have sex with him.”





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