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Season 6

Episode 31

(It’s Time For A Random Vacation)

“Alright then. It seems like I worried too much. It’s true that you’ve matured a lot.”

Lin Che smiled. “Of course.”

Everyone was looking at Lin Che. Although she had not won the award, there was still a lot of attention on her. This was especially so after the ceremony had ended; all the reporters came to ask her how she felt about missing out on the award.

Lin Che said confidently, “I’ve already tried my best to achieve the award, so whether or not I actually attain it is not important. Since the committee didn’t give me the award, it’s a sign that I’m still lacking. I’ll continue to work hard in the future. After all, this was my first film. The fact that we could get such a good script and do so well at the box office, shows that my colleagues and I have already tried our best.”

Everyone again asked, “Then, were you surprised that Qin Wanwan came to attend the award ceremony today?”

“In the first place, celebrities have always been invited to award ceremonies. I won’t be taken aback no matter who I see here.”

She carried herself very well and did not seem uncomfortable at all. Her fans posted comments on the Internet consoling her. She might not have won the award, but they saw how she had matured. Baby Che had already performed very well. In variety programs, she was able to let herself go and enjoy herself. In formal events like these, she could also be such a goddess. She did not look awkward at all and was truly good at dealing with people.

Lin Che got into the car and surfed the Internet. She saw that the comments on the Internet were all very positive. The fact that she had not tried to snatch the spotlight from Qin Wanwan also led people to point out that Lin Che was the one who had been nominated and thus attended the ceremony. On the other hand, what had Qin Wanwan done? She had merely gone there to sing and even took the chance to walk the red carpet. She was truly shameless.

Lin Che smiled when she read this. She thought to herself that although Qin Wanwan had managed to get some attention this time, she had also received a lot of criticism.

It was great. The fact that the netizens were starting to criticize her meant that she had also gained some anti-fans.

Lin Che went to Gu Jingze’s company first before going home with Gu Jingze who had still been at work.

After getting into the car, Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che who was in the rear seat with an expression of complete fatigue. Then, he asked, “Why? Are you disappointed that you didn’t get the award?”

Lin Che said, “It’s not that I’m disappointed. I just feel a little tired. Ah, I know that many people toil for many years before winning an award. This is only my first year…”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. “Are we heading home right now or do you want to go somewhere first?”

Lin Che pondered for a bit before saying, “In that case… I don’t want to go home. Let’s drive somewhere else.”

Gu Jingze said, “Alright.”

He instructed the driver to alight first. Then, he personally drove the car and took Lin Che on a night drive.

Gu Jingze asked her if she had a destination in mind. Lin Che shook her head because she really did not have one.

She looked outside and saw that they were nearly reaching the outskirts. She asked, “Why don’t we go to another city nearby and drive around?”

“At this time?”

“Yes… let’s go on a… random vacation. Isn’t that good?”

A random vacation?


Gu Jingze shook his head. “Let’s go. We’ll go wherever we want to go.”

A life where one did as he pleased seemed very interesting too.

After driving for three hours, they only reached a city nearby in the wee hours of the morning.

Compared to B City, this place was doing pretty well economically. But ultimately, it was a small city and had a lot fewer people. It had a vast territory, a sparse population and seemed very novel.

It was already past midnight. Lin Che yawned and looked around in wonder. Then, she said, “This place is really not bad. Let’s look for a hotel and rest up first. We’ll go out again tomorrow.”

Gu Jingze nodded.

Because it was a small city, Lin Che did not need to cover herself up too much to prevent herself from being recognized. Although everyone would cast a sideways glance at her because they found her attractive, it was inconceivable to them that a celebrity as famous as her would come to this small city for no reason. This city was the type of place where no celebrity would step foot in for many years. When a shopping mall happened to hold some event, even the attendance of some third-rate celebrity was enough to inspire awe among the people.

Thus, Lin Che already felt at ease with just a mask covering her mouth.

When they arrived at the hotel, Lin Che was about to check-in using her identity card when Gu Jingze stopped her and said,

“I’ll check-in.”

Lin Che froze. Then, she remembered that everyone would probably recognize her if they saw the name Lin Che on her identity card.

However, people from small cities did not usually read economic news. Although they might know of Gu Jingze if his name was mentioned, it was unlikely that they would think of him upon seeing the name on his identity card.

Very soon after, Gu Jingze went in to open a room.

The hotel was not big. The receptionist was initially furious when she saw that someone was here to check-in this late at night.

Her eyes immediately brightened when she lifted her head to see that the customer was so handsome.

“A double room or a single room?”

“A double room.”

“Then, I’ll need both of your identity cards.”

“Can we dispense with that?” Gu Jingze looked at her.

The girl instantly gave in under his intent gaze.

Even her face was red when she smiled and said, “Alright, alright. I’ll get you a room.”

He nodded. “Thank you.”

“Would you like a deluxe room or a standard one?”

“A suite.”

“Oh. A suite would cost 880RMB.”

“No problem.”

The receptionist was even more surprised. Usually, people on business trips or officials stayed in the suites because it was too expensive. After all, this was a small city. A standard room cost just 200RMB, but a suite cost 800RMB. It was totally not worth it.

She could not figure out why they needed a suite. Thus, she looked at him before checking him in.

Thereafter, he walked in with his arm around Lin Che. Lin Che head was bowed and she gave off a mysterious and suggestive aura. As the young girl at the front desk watched them, her imagination momentarily ran wild.

Such a handsome man with a woman on his arm checking into a hotel…

Were they having an affair?

Lin Che covered her mouth and started laughing when she stepped into the lift.

Earlier, she had witnessed the entire process. She had immediately noticed that Gu Jingze had been staring at the girl.

She said, “Seriously. If you look good, you’ll have a great advantage wherever you go. Of course, the receptionist couldn’t withstand your constant gaze. She definitely would have agreed to whatever you said.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about what happened just now. She saw that you only had one identity card and didn’t want to check you in. But you stared at her so intently that her face turned red. She would have agreed to whatever you said.”

“When did I look at her intently?”

“Didn’t you just do that?”

“I was thinking about what I would do if she didn’t agree.”


Fine then. So the girl had misunderstood.

In any case, the two of them arrived at the suite upstairs.

The three-starred hotel here was naturally not as luxurious as the Gu family’s seven-starred hotel. The decor was also a little old-fashioned.

It was not that clean either; there was an odor in the room.

After entering the room, Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze worriedly. She thought that he would definitely feel uncomfortable staying in this room.

“What do we do now? This place… has a bit of a smell.”

Gu Jingze looked around and said, “Let’s open the windows for some air.”

“If you feel uncomfortable here, we can look for another hotel. We may be able to find a better one.”

“Forget it. It’s so late. It’s about time for you to sleep too. Besides, staying in a place like this once in a while is alright.”

He pulled back the covers.





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