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Season 6

Episode 30

(So Many People Liked Her)

Seeing Lin Che turn her head, that young man smiled and waved at her.

Lin Che immediately recalled. Wasn’t he the one at the opera in France?

Who would have thought that she would meet him again here?

An artiste beside immediately asked, “Hey, isn’t that Young Master Xu?”

“It looks like him… Oh my, he even specially brought a chair for Lin Che. So thoughtful… Hehe, don’t tell me he likes Lin Che?”

Lin Che smiled awkwardly and thanked the person who delivered the chair.

But before she could settle down, another person brought her a gift.

“Miss Lin, Miss Lin! This is water from our President Chen. He saw that you must be tired. Drink some warm water. There’s a straw here and a fruit platter. You can sit down and eat some.”


Who was this President Chen?

She turned around to see a completely different-looking man in his thirties. He had a full beard and was beaming and waving at her.

Lin Che could only continue to smile and nod awkwardly.

“Hey, Miss Lin. Our Mr. Zhang would like to give you this incense. There are a lot of people here and the smell must be strong. When you put this beside you while you rest, you’ll feel a lot better…”

These playboys…

Lin Che seemed to understand why Lu Chuxia cared so much about that party. It looked like after becoming the number one socialite, she really… had plenty of fans.

Furthermore, these playboys would only get crazier when they chased after stars.

There was probably some rivalry going on. When one saw others sending gifts, one would also immediately send gifts.

Lu Chuxia enjoyed so many men clamoring over her. That must have been why she lived so proudly.

However, Lin Che did not want to be an object that people would fight over and show off. She felt rather awkward here and didn’t know how to respond.

But the other female stars who did not know what was going on were so envious of her.

“Look! That is the young master of Yong An Enterprise.”

“That is the successor of Da Ming International.”

“Hey, why are they all so gracious towards Lin Che?”

“Yeah. What kind of charm does Lin Che have on her that could make all these men rush to her?”

“Who knows? Anyway, I’m so jealous!”

Everyone watched Lin Che over there as she was being treated like a princess.

Nobody noticed Qin Wanwan’s jealous eyes as she looked resentfully at Lin Che.

In the next moment, Qin Wanwan mockingly asked, “Who would have thought? Lin Che, it turns out that you know so many upper-class people. It looks like today’s award will have to be yours.”

Lin Che looked at Qin Wanwan. “How can that be? I actually didn’t know them either. It’s probably because of the recent contract dispute that I got frequently exposed and my name got out. Talking about it, I must thank you for your help. No matter what, you did have a part to play in this.”

Qin Wanwan heard this and her expression changed.

Within a second, she smiled. “Really? Once you win tonight’s Best Female Lead, you’ll become the queen of movies and nobody will compare us anymore. Actually, I really don’t match up to you. I will never be able to know so many upper-class people. Lin Che, you are capable. I can never learn this.”

Everyone also believed that Lin Che was definitely going to win the award tonight.

No wonder she could be nominated. It turned out that all these people were supporting her from behind.

This award should have been fair, but it looked like that wasn’t the case either.

Lin Che didn’t care about anything else. Just as she sat down, she saw Gu Jingyu finally arrive.

When he entered, he immediately smiled and headed directly towards Lin Che.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Where else am I supposed to be?”

“You’re a nominee. You should be inside, not standing out here.”

“Ah… I didn’t know that.” It turned out that Lin Che was in the wrong place.

Gu Jingyu said, “Look at you, so dumb. All the nominees are at the front so that they can go up the stage easily. Why are you standing at the back? This area is for those who were not nominated and are waiting to perform on stage.”

“Oh okay. It’s my first time! I didn’t know!”

“Let’s go. Come with me,” Gu Jingyu said as he pulled Lin Che out.

At the side, Qin Wanwan naturally heard Gu Jingyu’s words.

Somehow, Qin Wanwan felt as if Gu Jingyu intentionally said it aloud for her to hear.

Sure enough, Lin Che sat in the area with all the other nominees who were great actors. They were shining and she was surrounded by big shots who were all recently very popular.

Qin Wanwan could only stand there and watch. It was not easy for her to get through to someone so that she could come as a guest. However, being a guest now seemed so depressing.

Lin Che was inside. She turned back to look at Qin Wanwan and then snickered at Gu Jingyu, “You seriously… Your words were so obvious. Are you asking for trouble?”

Gu Jingyu asked, “Why are you so courteous to people like her?”

“Alright. I won’t.”

Gu Jingyu said, “But you too… How did you get tangled up with Situ Qiong that kind of guy? You even became his disciple.”

“It was all because of that fencing competition. Alright, don’t talk about it. It makes me depressed. We’re just friends and he only did it to help me.”

Gu Jingyu smiled and looked ahead.

For someone who had countless awards, these awards were nothing to him.

When the awards ceremony began this time, Weibo and the big media companies started their live broadcasts.

The awards were not given out yet, but the red carpet photos were already published.

Sure enough, everyone was amazed by Qin Wanwan. They never noticed that her legs were so long until now.

However, they felt that Lin Che was actually not bad either. She was gracious, decent, and very popular.

And she really did look more and more international.

Finally, the awards segment was broadcasted. One award after another, ‘Bandit Fairies’ gained a lot of recognition and won many awards.

Soon, it was time for the Best Female Lead Award.

Four actresses were nominated. Two were from reality shows, one was from a literary film, and only one was from a commercial film.

Lin Che closed her eyes and listened to the announcer above.

“The award goes to… Lu Yao.”

She was a big shot in the movie industry and acted in a big production for a reality show.

Lin Che took a deep breath.

However, she realized that she actually didn’t feel moody because she did not win the award.

Instead, she even thought calmly that it was actually expected that she didn’t win.

Gu Jingyu said from the side, “Alright. Commercial films don’t usually win awards anyway. The awards we win this time are also just some music awards and picture awards. Those other good segments like director awards and screenwriter awards were all taken by other shows.”

Lin Che turned to look at Gu Jingyu. “Okay. I wasn’t thinking that. I think I’ve matured a lot already. I’ve had a lot of gossips recently and they must have considered all these too. By not giving me the award this time, the entertainment circle will stop circling around me as a topic. Furthermore, every judge has their own criteria and subjective judgment. Just like Little Li, for example. He has the ability to be awarded, but he never got it. For one, he is unlucky. Another reason is that everyone has even higher expectations for him. Isn’t that right?”





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