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Season 6

Episode 3

(A Complaint Filed Against The Company)

Chen Jingde looked at Lin Che, shook his head, and said, “It is rather good, but leaving the company means you will become our enemy. We are not letting you leave in peace.”

He had to hand it to Qin Wanwan for coming up with such a trick. Lin Che would become a hot search while she would also rise to fame for being the victim. It was as good as stomping on Lin Che while letting herself step up.

The next day, Lin Che received a call from Yu Minmin.

“Qin Wanwan has made her move. You’re in trouble.”


Lin Che went online to see. It turned out that there was a video posted online.

In it was Yang Lingxin and Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan stepped on Yang Lingxin and was insulted until no end. The important thing was Yang Lingxin’s words. It was a full-on rant that made people want to die.

It blew up on the Internet. Lin Che was immediately insulted so much in the top search. Not only the paid posters, but there were also some netizens and fans who couldn’t understand it at all.

Because Yang Lingxin’s words had too much ambiguity. For example, something about Lin Che having someone behind her or that she could be as famous she wanted to be and she didn’t care about the company.

She had someone behind her? Lin Che was being kept?

Now, every other comment online was a suspicious question, “I want to know who is keeping Lin Che? Such big words.”

“I want to know why that crew member under Lin Che is so arrogant?”

“I want to say that Lin Che is really a show-off. Just a crew member could insult Qin Wanwan like this. So arrogant. How does Lin Che manage her people?”

Lin Che was depressed, but she looked at that video…

It was really Yang Lingxin.

Little Xin always spoke rashly. Lin Che only thought that she didn’t cause much trouble because Yu Minmin watched over her strictly. She also didn’t really bother about her because Little Xin was still young.

Who would have thought…

Before she could settle down, Yang Lingxin was already running to Lin Che with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Sister Che… I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to. I was just so angry that she was such a bully. She intentionally bullied me, so I scolded her. I didn’t think… I didn’t think…”

Lin Che also thought that it didn’t feel right, so she asked her what happened that day.

Yang Lingxin told her what happened in detail and knew that she was in the wrong. Standing there now, she looked like a little child admitting to her own mistakes. She looked at Lin Che anxiously, worried that Lin Che would chase her away in her anger.

“Qin Wanwan plotted this long ago. It turns out that this was the purpose of calling me to the company.”

Yu Minmin didn’t go inside the office and headed straight to Lin Che’s house in the afternoon.

Yang Lingxin was still crying and Yu Minmin pretended not to see her. She was the cause of this problem this time. Although it wasn’t entirely her fault, she indeed needed a little lesson.

Yu Minmin said, “It looks like you’re really being insulted badly this time.”

“Yes… But I’m already used to it. Let them insult me. The audience who don’t understand will definitely think that I’m too proud.”

“They even said that you were a hypocrite.”


“They said that you know how to act.”

“Isn’t that a compliment?”

“They said that you acted so purely in your shows, but you’re actually a devil.”


It was almost unbearable…

“Yu Minmin, are you intentionally going against me? Why are you telling me all this?!”

“Okay, okay, relax. It’s for sure that you’ll be scolded, but there are still people who will listen to you. They said that this was a crew member insulting others and not you. It may not have to do with you, but there is a problem with the ‘someone behind you’ part.”

“What should we do now?”

“We’ll take things one at a time. Qin Wanwan is not completely innocent. Nobody in this circle hasn’t been tainted before.”


“Don’t look at the comments for a few days. Just keep your President Gu company at home.”

“Yes, don’t worry. I’d just be torturing myself if I read them. I don’t have a glass heart that will be shattered.”

Yang Lingxin didn’t dare to say a word. When she saw Yu Minmin walk outside, she still didn’t dare to make a sound.

Lin Che decided to rest at home for a few days.

Gu Jingze returned home and looked at Lin Che. He went up to her and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m worried about being yelled at on the streets now. I might as well not go and prepare to rest at home for a few days.”

Gu Jingze said, “Since it’s rare of you to take a break, let’s go on a vacation.”

“Huh? Now?”

“Yes. I told you that I wanted to take you on a vacation, but we’ve never had the time.”

Lin Che immediately jumped up and said, “That’s great! Where to, where to?”

“You can see and decide where you want to go.”

“Oh my, I haven’t been to most places before. I’ve really never gone touring before. Why don’t we go to the Great Barrier Reef? Thailand? Europe? We can go…”

Lin Che began to think about where to go. Gu Jingze looked on from the side with due diligence.

Yang Lingxin listened from behind. Separated by a door, she watched the two of them and couldn’t help but think that Yu Minmin was still blaming her.

However, Lin Che didn’t seem to mind at all.

Gu Jingze was really good to Lin Che. It must have been because he was worried that Lin Che would be unhappy, so he wanted to take Lin Che out to have fun.

Yu Minmin went back on the same day and published a statement on behalf of the studio.

Because of communication problems with the company, Lin Che’s studio decided to leave Dynamic Pictures. They would be seeking legal solutions for the contract issues.

Dynamic Pictures didn’t expect Yu Minmin to issue this statement at this time.

After that, the problem with the financial company coupled with Lin Che’s reputation being tarnished made people wonder if it was a plot by the financial company.

Of course, all these logical guesses were only a small part. The majority of the netizens still preferred to ride the tide.

In a meeting room at Dynamic Pictures.

Chen Jingde looked at Qin Wanwan, “Since they have released the statement now, we should hurry and find a lawyer.”

Qin Wanwan asked, “What’s the point of leaving the company? Which financial company would still dare to want her at this point? Unless she goes solo. If she goes solo, we’ll drown her and say that nobody wants her. Hmph.”

After releasing the statement, Yu Minmin filed a complaint and sued Dynamic Pictures.

However, some people deduced and said that a lawsuit like this against the financial company would have a huge compensation. There was too much unreasonable binding and Lin Che wouldn’t be able to leave the company peacefully. She would have to fork out all the money she earned through the years. She would have to take it as a bet on herself to start fresh. Otherwise, she would need somebody else willing to pay the price. Now that she was on the cusp, there would probably be very few big companies willing to take her in.

Thus, Lin Che’s future now looked really worrying.

On that day, Lin Che decided to go to France with Gu Jingze because the country there was denser and they could go to other countries by taking the train. She thought that it was more worth it since they could visit a few countries all at once.

Naturally, Gu Jingze went along with her decision and didn’t consider much of it.





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