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Season 6

Episode 29

(She Did Not Care To Compare With Others)

Before she could go over, she heard someone at the side say, “Qin Wanwan actually came.”

“Not only did she come, she even dressed especially invitingly. Didn’t you see it? It was especially sexy. Her long legs and slender waist were so inviting.”

“No way. It was that good? I’m going to take a look.”

Lin Che indeed saw Qin Wanwan in the distance. When she noticed that dress, she was also stunned. It was… outrageous.

Okay, she would never do this no matter what.

Lin Che was still pondering. She looked down at her own dress which was rather revealing. After much thought, she said to her assistant, “Go take that silver dress from the back.”

The assistant was surprised. “Ah, the one meant to be the spare? But that dress…”

Was not as revealing as this piece.

Initially, when they saw Qin Wanwan wear such a dress, everyone was already anxious and worried that Lin Che’s dress would not be enough.

It was definitely not as outstanding at Qin Wanwan’s.

But now, she didn’t even want this piece. Instead, she wanted the other one which was so conservative.

“Just go and get it,” Lin Che said. “I won’t win that anyway. I might as well keep a low profile.”

The assistant could only go and retrieve it.

After some time, she changed her outfit.

At the front, she saw her assistant coming to her and telling her that it was her turn.

Lin Che was walking alone on such an important red carpet and it was just after the whole storm of events. She was feeling rather worried.

However, she faced the lights and when she first stepped onto the red carpet, her thoughts suddenly cleared.

“Quick, look! Lin Che is here.”

“Yes. Hey, Lin Che’s dress looks very conservative.”

“Qin Wanwan wore something so revealing while she still wore so conservatively. But she also probably didn’t expect that Qin Wanwan would come.”

Everyone looked at Lin Che and noticed her dress. It looked very normal, but when she walked, it shined and glimmered. The silver and grey colors interchanged and when she walked, it reflected light in all directions. She looked as pretty as the starlight.

A small part of her body was revealed just above the waist. The dress did not cling to her body and as she walked, bits of her waist was revealed gloriously every now and then. Her slender waist did not have a bit of fat. One could even see a little of her abdominal muscles. They looked firm and it looked like she had been working out.

Reporters behind said, “Who would have guessed that Lin Che would still keep a rather low profile? She doesn’t seem to want to compare with Qin Wanwan. Looking at Qin Wanwan, she even took out her battle dress and is intentionally trying to grab the spotlight.”

“Yes, and look! Lin Che looks rather different now.”

“Are you talking about plastic surgery?”

“No, her face is still the same, but her body looks more toned. Looking at her now, she does seem to have been working out. She looks even more poised too.”

“It’s really true. There’s an international air about her that is just like those foreign artists. She looks so much healthier.”

Everyone looked on and they felt even more that Lin Che’s appearance this time was really different.

Previously when her studio first opened for business, she only appeared that once time at the entrance. She looked alright, but because she was in a rush, she only answered a few interview questions and left. She wore very simple clothes too. Today’s dress fitted her figure very well. If an average person wore a dress like this, the color would make one look fat. However, not only did she not look fat, it made her figure even more slender.

It looked like her figure was indeed great beyond words.

Lin Che was not as eye-catching as Qin Wanwan on the red carpet. However, she was nominated for Best Female Lead and it was her first time being nominated. When a young starlet like her stood in the middle, she was instantly surrounded by applause. The reporters and media at the side also treated her with more grandeur than anyone else.

On the big screen, they kept replaying Lin Che’s introduction and achievements. They played Lin Che’s past works and some data, making her seem even greater.

After the red carpet walk, she saw a few celebrities whom she knew come over to greet her.

“Have you bee working out, Lin Che? Your small waist is even smaller now.”

“Yes, I’ve been training a bit.”

“You really want to force us out of the competition. Now, the audience also changed. They used to love a willow-like figure that is soft and bendy. Now, the trend has suddenly changed to firm abs. It’s so hard to achieve that.”

Looking at Lin Che’s better figure, everyone was very envious.

They thought that Lin Che was keeping up with the trend and quickly trained her abs. Everyone sincerely admired her, but they did not know that Lin Che had never thought about all these. It was just a coincidence that she was learning ballet, fencing, and horseback riding at that time. After that, she thought that it was good to learn these few skills properly, so she didn’t stop her lessons and continued practicing every once in a while.

Who would have thought that the effects would really be this good?

Just then, from across her, Qin Wanwan approached.

Everybody knew about their recent story. They instantly anticipated more drama now as they watched the two of them.

Qin Wanwan walked over and also thought, This Lin Che is really scheming. She still pretends as if she doesn’t know anything while she quietly changes her image and starts training her abs as a sportsgirl. On the other hand, she is even in contact with Situ Qiong.

Qin Wanwan didn’t know about this in the company and indeed fell for her trap.

During that month Lin Che disappeared, perhaps she went to plan these things.

She retreated in order to advance.

Qin Wanwan looked at Lin Che, smiled, and said, “Lin Che, long time no see. Where is that little assistant who is so protective of you?”

Knowing that she was talking about Yang Lingxin, Lin Che didn’t say anything.

“I need to give others a chance to gain experience.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Oh right. I hope the problem with our company won’t affect the two of us. People would think that we’re really not getting along when it’s actually just the problem with the company’s stand. I hope this will not affect our friendship.”

“Yes, yes,” Lin Che smiled and didn’t want to say anything else. However, Qin Wanwan continually fidgeted and switched poses, showing off the openness of her dress. In her words, she said that they weren’t in discord, but it was actually provocative. She wanted to show the uniqueness of her dress to say that tomorrow’s headlines would definitely be hers.

“Oh right, Lin Che you’re nominated today. I’m actually just here to sing as a guest performer. I didn’t expect these reporters to point their cameras at me that much. I already told them not to give me such a revealing dress. A pure and simple dress like yours would be good or at least maybe leave a little something at the end.”

Lin Che smiled coldly. She really didn’t want to see this hypocritical and boastful face any longer.

However, at this moment…

Someone suddenly came over.

“Miss Lin Che, please sit, please sit. Our Young Master sent you this chair. He said that you must definitely feel uncomfortable standing in high heels.”

Lin Che froze and turned her head to look. It was a complete stranger.




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