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Season 6

Episode 28

(The Man Behind Her Must Be Very Capable)

Yu Minmin stood there. That was Madam President.

They were angry that she didn’t want to help, but what could they do about it?

They also didn’t dare to say anything bad.

Big Aunt quickly pulled Little Aunt down.

“Alright, alright. We’re having dinner as a family. Seriously… It’s just a joke. You don’t have to be so serious either.”

Little Aunt looked at her. Her guts had retreated back inside her stomach long before that and she didn’t dare to say anything else. She lowered her head and ate her food.

After that, Mother Yu said to her, “Isn’t it not too good to be this way? They are relatives after all.”

Yu Minmin said, “If I agree to matchmake them this time, tomorrow they’ll ask to become officials. What’s next? Are they going to ask for my power and make them the president?”

Her mother was stumped. She thought that it made sense too. They would never be satisfied and if they weren’t stopped now, it would only get worse in the future.

Thankfully, Yu Minmin was Madam President now and she had a heavily weighted position. They wanted to show their anger but they also didn’t dare to say a word. They could only swallow it back down their throats.

When Yu Minmin went back, she already fell sick. It was indeed the cold.

Lin Che could only attend the Gold Medal Awards ceremony alone. It was only now she felt that she really needed a personal assistant.

During the week of the Gold Medal Award, conversations were only going to be about it.

Because Lin Che just went through the contract saga, she was one of those who had more attention on her.

Before she arrived, reporters were already waiting outside.

They had asked the security outside when Lin Che was coming.

The security replied, “Alright, alright. Why are you all asking about Lin Che? I have no idea either. The popular ones are always at the end. Since she’s so famous now, she should be at the back. Shouldn’t you guys know this better than I do?”

The security was annoyed and pointed inside. “Hey, Lin Che isn’t here yet but her rival is.”


Qin Wanwan?

Everyone instantly turned their heads.

Sure enough, Qin Wanwan was here.

This was Qin Wanwan’s first public appearance ever since Lin Che turned the entire event around. Although she stayed in the company and seemed to have successfully pushed Lin Che out of Dynamic Pictures, there wasn’t actually anything left.

Because Lin Che’s news after that made everyone more shocked. Everyone thought that Lin Che didn’t lose this time. She was the ultimate winner.

Everyone initially thought that Qin Wanwan hadn’t shown herself in a long time. But now, she was actually here at the Gold Medal Awards.

She didn’t seem to have been nominated. At that time, Lin Che was suddenly nominated and everyone was still mocking Qin Wanwan for a long time. Now, she actually dared to come here so openly?


When she got out of the car and walked on the red carpet, everyone was shocked.

She was wearing…

Qin Wanwan put one long leg down. Her long black skirt split open all the way up.

Also, it didn’t split from the side. It split from the middle…

She gently spread her legs and the inner area of her thighs was almost visible. The pants inside were no different from a thong. It made one feel as if just a little movement and the private area would be exposed. However, it actually wouldn’t be exposed and it was just like that, tugging at people’s heartstrings and stunning them.


This was too tantalizing.

The reporters were all stunned. They furiously snapped pictures of Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan was going all out this time. She actually wore something so scandalous.

All the cameras turned towards Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan also faced the cameras graciously and revealed the most special part about her dress.

Up ahead, many celebrities also racked their brains to try to snatch tomorrow’s headlines. Plenty of them revealed their chests and their backs, but to reveal themselves like this… sigh…

There really was no one else.

Qin Wanwan instantly pushed all those with bare chests and backs to the sidelines.

Those in front were probably already cursing and swearing silently.

Meanwhile, Qin Wanwan only smiled and maintained her usual demeanor in front of the media.

The media looked at Qin Wanwan and asked, “Qin Wanwan, Lin Che isn’t here yet.”

“Is she… I have no idea.”

“Qin Wanwan, are you the big sister now in Dynamic Pictures?”

“Well… There is no such differentiation. There are still many seniors in Dynamic Pictures and I’m only a junior. How can I call myself a big sister?”

Qin Wanwan looked at the media and smiled. She was dressed beautifully.

Qin Wanwan knew that everyone was waiting for some excitement from her.

Lin Che’s arrival this time would inevitably be a scene.

Everyone all thought that Qin Wanwan wouldn’t dare to come at all.

But she did come.

And not only did she come, but she also did so gloriously.

Even if she wasn’t nominated, she also wanted to snag the headlines tomorrow.

Lin Che thought that she won and already crushed Qin Wanwan under her feet.

But she, Qin Wanwan, was not to be defeated so easily.

Meanwhile, Lin Che…

She was outside and first bumped into Song Shuhai who was in the same company as her previously.

They were both in the same crew, so they met up together.

Song Shuhai was nominated for Best Supporting Female. It was unlikely that she was going to get the award because apart from other aspects, her popularity was obviously not as high.

But she already couldn’t care less for these awards. She looked at Lin Che and said, “You have no idea. After you left the company, Qin Wanwan was bossing people around.”

Lin Che asked, “Really? But it doesn’t matter to me anyway. I have been extremely benevolent to the company. We were all on good terms originally but who knew that the matter would blow up so much?”

Song Shuhai replied, “Indeed. The company was not very nice about this matter. They probably wanted to put you beneath Qin Wanwan initially so that Qin Wanwan could be the big sister. There’s no way you don’t know about it right? Qin Wanwan’s backing is the director of Orange Light.”

“Huh? The director of the whole group?”

“Yes. Why else do you think that President Chen, President Zong, and the rest gave her so much face?”

“I see.” Lin Che thought about it now and thought that it was amusing.

Song Shuhai continued, “They didn’t think that you could get rid of Xin Xiaoyuan if you didn’t have the guts. They all thought that Orange Light’s president was more capable than the people you know. That is why they supported Qin Wanwan so much. Sigh. Now, we’re old and they thought that if you could deal with Xin Xiaoyuan, you would also come after us. They thought that it was inevitable.”

However, Song Shuhai didn’t think that way at all.

Song Shuhai always looked at things very clearly. She believed that the people behind Lin Che were definitely some very impressive people.

This person was a lot more capable than they imagined.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have coordinated so well. They wouldn’t have made Lin Che appear weak, then silently and suddenly turn things around. This was beyond the control of an ordinary mind.

“Come on, it’s going to be your turn. Best Female Lead, you’ll definitely be walking the red carpet alone today. Go on.”

Lin Che heard this and smiled sheepishly. “Well, Sister Shuhai, see you in a while.”





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