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Season 6

Episode 27

(Madam President’s Prestige)

Yu Minmin didn’t know if Gu Jingming had already recovered from his cold. She was rather worried that he went to work in his condition.

However, a call from home immediately snapped Yu Minmin back to reality.

Her mother said that ever since they moved to their new home, her father invited many relatives to visit them.

Yu Minmin thought silently that this father of hers was getting more and more troublesome.

Because of her father’s gambling habit, those relatives never kept in contact with them for a very long time. Why did they suddenly come now?

Yu Minmin asked, “Invite guests? The house belongs to Mr. President, not us. Where is he inviting them to?”

Her mother said, “That’s what I told him too. Your dad finally has face to show off now and I didn’t want to ruin his mood.”

If he didn’t like gambling so much, he would have been a primary school teacher. He gambled everything away.

Only now did he think about having face. He had such a good job but he didn’t care about it.

Yu Minmin hurried back home.

At home, the guests who came were her eldest aunt, second aunt, and youngest uncle.

Each one of them even brought their own children here.

Yu Minmin’s car stopped by the roadside. She could already see that it was beyond lively inside and some children were almost raising the roof.

Yu Minmin immediately felt a headache. She wondered if she caught the cold from Mr. President.

Before she could go in, the people inside were already coming out to greet her.

“Oh my, Madam President is here.”

“Quick, come in, come on. Let us take a look at you. Hey, those people following you must be the presidential security. They look so impressive.”

They discovered the car behind and the presidential guards.

“What car is that? It looks so classy.”

“Tsk tsk. Madam President’s belongings are indeed different.”

Yu Minmin could only say, “Big Aunt, Little Aunt, Little Uncle. Hello.”

“Hello, hello. We know your dad got lucky because of you and is now staying in a huge villa. We all quickly came to see. This villa is really different. The floor upstairs is so huge and there’s even a basement below. Is it considered a three-story house? The yard is huge too. This must cost millions.”

Yu Minmin couldn’t be bothered to speak.

Behind, Big Aunt’s daughter asked, “A few millions? You guys are too ignorant about these things. In B City, an average house in this district already costs a few million yuan. This house here should at least be tens of million yuan.”

“Oh my! So expensive? Mr. President is so generous to give such a house to you guys.”

Yu Minmin wanted to say, Since when did he give the house to them?

They were only invited to stay.

It must have been because when Father Yu was bragging, he didn’t go into detail and intentionally made these people misunderstand.

Seeing Yu Minmin’s face darken, Father Yu quickly pulled her in.

“Quick, Minmin, come in. Why are you still standing there?”

Father Yu tugged Yu Minmin inside and said secretively, “Minmin, it’s not every day that we get to show off like this. All of this relies on you. If you say that this house is only for us to stay in temporarily, you will lose face.”

The fact was just that. What face was there to look at?

However, without waiting for them to say anything, the people in the house already changed the topic.

It was so noisy that nothing could be said. After eating, everyone sat together and it became a lot quieter.

Big Aunt looked at that huge table.

“Villas are so huge. Even the table is so big that it can fit so many of us.”

Father Yu said, “We don’t need to mention just a few of you. We can even hold an entire banquet here.”

Little Aunt said from behind, “Alright, Second Brother, stop bragging. If it wasn’t for our Minmin, you wouldn’t be able to stay in such a huge house. We also previously thought that our Minmin was capable. Oh right, Minmin. Your sister just turned 22 years old and haven’t found a boyfriend. Do you know any good men? Why don’t you introduce them to your sister? We are all one family, right? We can all prosper together and you’ll also have face, isn’t that right?”

Yu Minmin sat there and remained calm. “I don’t know any suitable man. If there is, I’ll keep you guys in mind. But there really isn’t anyone I can introduce you to right now.”

Little Aunt heard this and her expression turned a little sour.

“But I keep hearing that the president has a few good buddies at his side, called…”

Beside her, Little Aunt’s daughter spoke excitedly, “One is called Fang Zhongmou and the other is called Xu Yi. They have an especially good family background and are also especially handsome.”

She already went to find out about them.

Thus, she looked at Yu Minmin resentfully.

There clearly were such good men who were so close to Mr. President. Yu Minmin definitely knew them too. However, she claimed that there wasn’t.

Did she intentionally not want to introduce them?

Yu Minmin scoffed coldly in her heart. They already knew about all these.

It was a pity. Did they think that just anyone could fancy Xu Yi and Fang Zhongmou?

Those were no ordinary fold. How could they possibly take a liking to this young lady from Little Aunt’s family?

Xu Yi had no lack of beautiful models by his side. He was a famous playboy.

Fang Zhongmou was like Gu Jingming; he never had any gossip about him. It seemed like he wasn’t lustful and she actually didn’t know if he was just like Gu Jingming. Perhaps his heart already secretly belonged to someone.

They thought that it would be so simple.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m not that familiar with them either. Furthermore, if they want to get to know a girl, they would do it themselves. If they don’t want to get married, there’s no use in me introducing girls to them too.”

Little Aunt heard this and her expression changed even more.

She grunted and looked at Yu Minmin. “Minmin, we watched you grow up. We are your closest relatives and your father is my brother. You are no different from my daughter. Why are you being like this? Isn’t she your sister? You’re capable now, so isn’t it better that you could take your sister along with you? Why are you so selfish?”

Selfish? This was called selfish?

Yu Minmin said, “You should dismiss this idea in your head early. Even if they are looking, they wouldn’t just listen to my arrangement and marry your daughter.”

“You… What do you mean by that? Are you saying that our family doesn’t match up to theirs?”

Yu Minmin smiled and looked at her. “I didn’t say that.”

However, that was exactly what she meant.

Everyone sitting there could understand what they heard.

Little Aunt fumed even more and she said, “Oh my, this is fantastic. Now, you’re putting on airs, eh? We’re just trying to get a little help from you but you aren’t even willing. You won’t even do a small thing for us. I really don’t know what’s so good about you being Madam President…”

Yu Minmin’s face hardened.

She slowly stood up from her seat. “My status as Madam President was personally selected by Mr. President. It is not my duty to do things for you, Little Aunt. I can do this small thing, but I don’t want to do it. What are you going to do about it? Is there anything Little Aunt wants to say?”

The moment Yu Minmin stood up, the atmosphere around the table immediately stagnated.

They forgot that she was now Madam President.

Even in the past, she was not someone to be bullied. How was it any different now?

In the past, they could still look down on her. But now, it was useless to look down on her because she was now the legitimate Madam President.

Little Aunt was frightened. At the start, she didn’t feel that Yu Minmin acted like Madam President. Although it was a fact, they were still not used to it after all. Everything still seemed so surreal. Now, she really felt it…





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