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Season 6

Episode 26

(The Man With The Cold Worried About Her)

Thankfully, Glazed Tile Palace was very big. For the night, Yu Minmin and Xu Yi went to talk about investing in her studio and did not bother with the two people outside.

In the middle of the night.

Yu Minmin went out to get water.

After the maids left, the Glazed Tile Palace became very empty at night.

When she stepped out, Yu Minmin froze. Outside, she saw Gu Jingming also pouring water for himself there.

Little did she expect to bump into him at this time.

She pretended as if she didn’t see Gu Jingming and Yin Suya hug. However, she ultimately did see them.

It was rather awkward now. Again, she wanted to pretend that she didn’t see him and hurriedly left the kitchen.

Just as she turned around, she heard a thud.

The flask fell on the ground.

“Gu Jingming, what is up with you…”

Yu Minmin saw Gu Jingming also fall to the ground.

Yu Minmin ran over and helped Gu Jingming up.

He was having a fever and his body was very hot.

Somehow, she managed to drag him all the way to the bedroom and hoisted him onto the bed. Only then did she feel that her back was already drenched in sweat.

She then thought about calling the doctor.

She picked up the phone and was just about to make the call.

Gu Jingming got up dizzily and grabbed her hand.

“There’s no need.” He slowly opened his eyes.

“Don’t panic. There’s medicine in the drawer.”

Yu Minmin looked at him in his dizzy state. His eyes looked misty, like black pearls that had just been fogged. They looked so, so beautiful…

She froze and then quickly pulled open the drawer.

There were all kinds of medicine in there.

But… Was it really a good idea to let Mr. President take these?

What if something happened after he ate them…

That would be a coup. That would be an assassination…

Her mind went wild, but she still quickly took the medicine and found one for his fever.

Then, she speedily took a thermometer and measured his temperature.

It was 39 degrees Celsius.

“Take the fever medicine first. It probably must have been because of the rain. Sigh, you are too careless. You should have taken a good soak in the bath after being caught in the rain. It would have taken away the coldness.”

Gu Jingming closed his eyes again. She did not know if he already fell asleep.

After he took the medicine, she tucked him in with the blanket. She pondered for a while and didn’t dare to go out.

He was probably afraid of shocking others and causing chaos over a cold. Thus, she decided not to call the doctor.

It was true. It was glorious to be the president, but it was also very restricting.

A small matter could blow up into a big one.

One only needed to see all the nutritious food he ate daily. Although there were tens of thousands of people under him and he had an entire country in his hands, he couldn’t even choose what he wanted to eat.

Not to mention his own lover…

Gu Jingming must have fallen asleep.

She leaned against the side and looked at his perfect face.

His face had hardship written all over it. Who knew how much he had been through? Thus, looking at him now, he looked very peaceful but also filled with maturity.

His eyes were very large and his eyelashes were very long. Spread at the bottom, they looked so dark and beautiful.

She said, “You love Miss Yin, but you can only marry me… You must be very sad inside.”

“But who asked you to choose this path? Since you chose power, you have to give up on your woman.”

“I may not be any good, but I’ll be a proper wife to you, really. Of course… I also guarantee that I will immediately get lost during the times you don’t need me. I will absolutely not implicate you…”

Just then, Yu Minmin’s phone rang.

She quickly took out her phone. Not wanting to disturb Gu Jingming’s rest, she hurried out of the room to answer the call.

In her fluster, she didn’t notice where she was going.

She yelped as she tripped over something.

Just when she thought that she was going to fall…

A hand grabbed hold of her arm.

Yu Minmin was pulled back by him and she landed backward on the soft bed…

She opened her eyes and saw Gu Jingming’s face right in front of her.

He only wore pants and his upper body was ****. After he took the fever medicine, he started to sweat very quickly.

The sweat brushed against her body but it did not feel icky.

Instead, it gave her a sense of security.

Even in this state, she didn’t find him drab at all. Instead, there was a manly wildness about him.

It looked like… men could really rely on their appearance to save everything.

He looked at Yu Minmin below.

Yu Minmin froze and then suddenly thought of it.

She almost fell just now but he pulled her over and saved her from falling.


Wasn’t he sleeping? How could he get up in time to pull her?

Didn’t that mean that he wasn’t actually sleeping?

But if he wasn’t sleeping…

Yu Minmin’s eyes widened. All the things she said just now…

Yu Minmin’s face instantly turned red.

“Gu Jingming, actually I was just saying…”

However, he didn’t wait for her to finish.

In his subconsciousness, he already couldn’t control his body. He only wanted to tear away everything obstructing him from her body. Then, with his own ability, he wanted to bite her hard and tease her.

He kissed her chest sloppily.

She could only hug his head and try to stop him, but the clothes on her body were already torn away by him.

“Gu Jingming… Gu Jingming… What are you doing…”

She really could not be bothered with him. She didn’t want to be touched by him.

Because of what she saw that night, it made her believe that it was better not to be touched.

He still had someone else in his heart but he was touching her. This couldn’t be good.

However, he didn’t listen to her. Although he was having a cold, he didn’t know where this brute force was coming from at this moment. He completely and utterly tore off her clothes…

The next day.

When Yu Minmin woke up, she saw that the maids were already tidying the room.

“Good morning, Madam.”

“Madam, you’re up. Sir prepared breakfast for you here.”

Yu Minmin said, “Okay. Where’s Mr. President?”

“He already went out to see the cabinet minister.”


“Mr. President instructed us to prepare tonic soup for you. He said that your body is weak and needs more nourishment.”

Yu Minmin blushed.

Weak body? She fainted last night because of his teasing.

However, she didn’t think that anybody wouldn’t faint from his teasing.

Which woman would be able to take it?

The maid chuckled and said, “It looks like Mr. President is very concerned about you.”

Yu Minmin did not say a word. She picked up the bowl and gulped it down.

The maid saw that she finished drinking it and quickly gave her another bowl.

When Yu Minmin first came here, she had to learn everything and had to go for classes every day.

Although everyone knew that she was Madam President and respected her, they ultimately didn’t like her.

But now, they thought that she was actually very good and Mr. President wasn’t being too fair towards her.

If it had been anyone else, they would have already gone mad because of what happened yesterday.

The maids were all prepared to be at Yu Minmin’s mercy at night. However, she didn’t lose her temper at all. Instead, she was as calm as water and was equally polite and kind to everyone.

This made the maids think even more highly of her.





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