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Season 6

Episode 25

(It Was Not Her In The Romantic Scene At Glazed Tile Palace)

Inside Glazed Tile Palace.

When Gu Jingming returned, he asked the maid, “Is Madam not back yet?”

“Not yet, Mr. President.”

“It’s going to rain outside. Get people to fetch her.”

“Oh, okay Mr. President.”

It was actually already raining outside.

Just then, Gu Jingming received a call.

Yin Suya was with Xu Yi and their car was stranded on the road.

Gu Jingming heard this and quickly said, “I’ll send someone to pick you up now.”

The rain outside had unknowingly become heavier. Gu Jingming looked out and then looked at the time again. It was already past 9:00 P.M. and Yu Minmin was still not back.

After a while, Yin Suya and Xu Yi were finally brought back.

Yin Suya didn’t come to the presidential palace often. After all, Glazed Tile Palace was Gu Jingming’s place. If she always came over and got caught in photos, it wouldn’t be good for him.

She raised her head and looked around. The place was shockingly huge and luxurious beyond comparison.

Xu Yi exclaimed, “Who would have thought that it would rain so suddenly? Just now at the club gathering, we were still saying that it was such a waste that you couldn’t come. However, we also can understand that the big president is busy.” He looked around. “How come I don’t see Madam President?”

Gu Jingming glanced at Xu Yi and didn’t say anything.

Xu Yi said, “It’s raining so heavily. Didn’t you ask your people to fetch her? You’re not a single bit caring towards her at all. How about I drive out and look for her? It’s not such a good thing for a girl to be outside on her own.”

Yin Suya looked at Xu Yi from the side. “The playboy is at it again. You’ve only met her a few times and you’re already starting to show concern for her? Can you not try to walk without moving whenever you meet a woman?”

Gu Jingming’s hand subtly stopped.

Xu Yi said, “I’m not being lustful or anything. I really care about Minmin. She’s a girl and although she always puts on a strong front, she is ultimately still a girl too. Furthermore, I really am starting to feel that she is a rather interesting person. First of all, she not pretentious and she’s especially fierce. She doesn’t have the haughty airs of a girl. Not bad, not bad. Jingming, although you are too aloof as a person and we were always afraid that you wouldn’t be able to find a woman, your luck is really not bad this time.”

Yin Suya’s eyes shifted.

“You change so quickly. You’ve only met her a few times and your impression of her is already so good?” Yin Suya said, “As Madam President, she ultimately still needs some haughtiness and she also can’t be too valiant. After all, she is a representative of our nation.”

Looking at Gu Jingming, Yin Suya continued, “But Miss Yu is definitely different in front of us compared to when she’s in front of the media. I’m also just stating what I see… After all, Jingming is the one looking for a wife and we are only bystanders. Right, Jingming?”

Gu Jingming remained silent as he leaned into his seat, drinking a cup of hot coffee in his hands.

Xu Yi said, “Anyway, I do feel that Minmin is really a good person and she’s very interesting. I like, I like. Heh heh. Hey, while we are on that subject, why isn’t she back yet?”

Yin Suya somehow didn’t feel like listening anymore.

She held onto the sofa beneath her and gritted her teeth.

“Alright, it’s getting late and Madam President will come back soon. It’s not nice of us to stay here. I’m leaving,” Yin Suya spoke as she turned to walk out.

“Hey, Suya! Why are you leaving at this time? The rain is still heavy.”

Yin Suya didn’t seem to hear Xu Yi’s voice. She simply ran out.

Gu Jingming frowned and without waiting for Xu Yi to speak, he followed after her.


Yin Suya looked down as she dashed out.

The raindrops hit against the two of them. It was heavy and stormy as it washed their bodies and drenched them.

“Suya.” He grabbed hold of Yin Suya’s wrist. “Stop it. Come inside with me. I’ll drive you home.”

“No… Let go of me, Jingming.”


She turned to him. He could not tell if the water in her eyes were her tears or the rain. She only gazed at Gu Jingming. “I think I should stay far away. Otherwise, every time I look at you, I look at your life now. I look at the traces of her. I can’t help but think that it was all supposed to be mine. This should have been all mine. If I didn’t choose to continue my life as a designer, wouldn’t I be by your side now?”

Gu Jingming’s arms tightened. His eyes stared intensely at her.

Yin Suya cried and shivered. “What if I regret it…”

Gu Jingming remained standing upright there and did not move.

Yin Suya leaned into him. “I regret it, but it’s too late now right? Isn’t it, Jingming?”

Yes. If this was a year earlier, they would have been married and everything that happened since then wouldn’t have happened.

However, he waited for her for so many years. She insisted on pursuing her career and wasn’t willing to marry him. In the end…

He met Yu Minmin and because of that incident, they had no choice but to marry.

“Suya, enough… It’s all in the past.”

Yin Suya sobbed harder.

She still didn’t want it to be in the past. What could she do…

Yu Minmin got out of the car.

The maid hastily said, “Madam… This side…”

Yu Minmin stopped in her tracks.

Not far in the distance, in the rain…

Yin Suya leaned into Gu Jingming’s arms. The image of them in the rain deeply turned her heart cold.

Alarmed, the maid looked at Yu Minmin. “Madam… Don’t misunderstand. It’s just… It’s just…”

It was just what? She already saw it all with her eyes. There was no point in saying anything.

The maid also didn’t know how to explain it. However, Yu Minmin said plainly, “Alright, come on. Let’s go.”

She switched to another path, held the umbrella, and went in.

Xu Yi immediately saw Yu Minmin and stood up. “Ah, Minmin, you’re back… Well, Jingming he… He…”

“What are you doing here?” Yu Minmin broke off his awkwardness. “It’s raining heavily and I heard Mr. President say that it’s the raining season again. The waterlogging problem is still not solved for some reason and now it’s starting to fluctuate again.”

Seeing that Yu Minmin looked like she didn’t see anything, Xu Yi then pursed his lips and gazed deeply at her. “Yes, it’s a heavy rain. Come, come. Come to Brother. Brother will give you a gift.”

“Go away. Who is Brother?”

“Well, I’m older than you.”

“You are older than me, but Mr. President is older than you. I am Mr. President’s wife, so you should follow the seniority on his side and call me Sister-in-law, no? Come. Say it for me to hear.”

“Go away. That is such a cheap thrill. Come here. Aren’t you working on your studio? I’ll give you a good resource.”

“Really?” The mention of ‘good resource’ made Yu Minmin quickly go to him obediently.

Xu Yi said, “Well, well. Look at you. If you let your husband take action, wouldn’t you be able to film whatever you want? Why do you want to work so hard?”

“What do you know? This is called self-sustenance and being independent without relying on anyone else. Furthermore, why do I need to rely on some man? Men have never been the most reliable. Just look at my father and you would know. A woman should still rely on herself. Do you get it?”




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