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Season 6

Episode 23

(At Least You Shouldn’t Have Any Guilt In Your Heart)

Yang Lingxin was a mess when she fell on the ground. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she glared at Lin Che. It was as if she really wanted to kill Lin Che with her stare.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

After she was chased out of the hotel, she tried to go back in but was chased out again.

She thought that they wouldn’t let her see Lin Che anymore. She wouldn’t be able to see… Gu Jingze anymore.

Of course, she knew that these bodyguards were capable. However, the thought of not seeing Gu Jingze ever again made her heart…

Yang Lingxin originally thought that as long as she could get in bed with Gu Jingze today, she would be able to return to the good days. However, she was caught red-handed by Lin Che.

She kept making mistakes. She already knew that she could never have Lin Che’s forgiveness.

However, she really couldn’t take it anymore. She might as well… perish together with Lin Che.

Thus, she rode the scooter and wanted to knock Lin Che dead. Little did she expect that it wouldn’t work.

If she still had any logic in her, she would have known that it wouldn’t work. It was just a scooter. How could it kill Lin Che? However, she had already lost all sense of reasoning.

She looked at Lin Che. “Helped me? Supported me?”

She scoffed coldly, “From that day when you met me at the bridge, you did help me. However, you also ruined me. I was just an ordinary person living in an ordinary house and was surrounded by ordinary people. But you let me see that you had it all so good… You are an ordinary person too. You were the same as me in the beginning. You had nothing, didn’t you?”

She stared at Lin Che as her eyes moved agitatedly. “You were clearly worse off than me! You were just a mistress’s child; you were an illegitimate child. Your studies were rubbish too. You didn’t know anything and you were a completely useless woman. But now, you got everything so easily and it is all because you only met one person!”

“As for me? I have nothing.”

“You didn’t pity me, neither did you want to help me. You just needed a follower. You wanted to show your kindness. Seeing me gives you a sense of superiority. You would feel my envy and jealousy. You would feel that I’ll never be as good as you. You only wanted to use me as a comparison!”

Since when did Lin Che think that way?

She really did not. She only wanted to help her. She only thought that it didn’t take that much effort. Yang Lingxin was very hardworking and had potential. That was why she wanted to support her.

Yes, one could easily change one’s own destiny. Her destiny was changed because of one person and she also wanted to change this tragically-destined life. She wanted to help just one person, but why did it end up being twisted like this?

Lin Che looked speechlessly at Yang Lingxin. “I’ve never asked for your thanks and I’ve never asked for your admiration. I only wanted you to be able to stand up on your own and change your own destiny. I can’t change your destiny because it can only be changed by you alone. I did meet Gu Jingze, but I learned everything on my own diligently. I don’t pin my hopes that he would be able to protect me for the rest of my life. That is why I work hard; I work my ass off without stopping for one second.”

Lin Che looked at Yang Lingxin with amusement. “But you only saw my luck. You didn’t see my efforts.”

Lin Che shook her head. “Forget it. I don’t think that you will see anything at this point now. Since you already think that way, go ahead and think that way. I can’t stop you. You are now someone who has betrayed me, and I don’t give a damn about what you think!”

Yang Lingxin was unstable. She felt unjustified. She scoffed and knew that she was at a dead end.

She gazed at the wide-eyed Yang Lingxin. “It is wrong to pity someone. It is wrong to help someone. You helped me realize this. However, I’m not grateful to you at all.”

She waved her hand dismissively and didn’t want to bother with Yang Lingxin anymore. She left it up to Gu Jingze to deal with her however he wanted.

In any case, everything that she owed previously was already as said upstairs. She was no longer indebted and it was now all on Yang Lingxin. She came knocking on the door on her own and she asked for it. It was nobody else’s fault.

Gu Jingze looked at Yang Lingxin and gestured for his men to take over. After that, he tugged Lin Che along to the car.

After driving for a long distance, Gu Jingze then looked at Lin Che and asked, “Where are we going now?”

Lin Che turned to him and took a deep breath. “We’re going to eat spicy crayfish.”

“We’re still going?”

“Of course! I won’t let this kind of person ruin my mood!”

But his mood was already ruined!


He nodded and let the chauffeur drive there.

When the line of people walked into a small spicy crayfish stall, the owner was so shocked that his knees went weak.

Because Lin Che wasn’t in a good mood, she couldn’t be bothered to care too much. She casually found a table and sat down.

The stall owner trembled as he came to take orders.

Lin Che wanted the spiciest and most tongue-numbing crayfish.

The stall owner quickly went to prepare the order.

The bright red color of the spicy crayfish whet Lin Che’s appetite. She took one and began to eat unceremoniously.

On the other hand, Gu Jingze took one bite…

And gave up.

Lin Che said, “I really never thought that helping someone would be such a huge mistake. Perhaps she raised herself too high and I didn’t notice it. It’s not good to raise oneself too high either actually, right?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. “The human heart is complicated in the first place. If you help her, there’s no guarantee that she would reciprocate. Instead, she might become jealous of your ability to help others. She might also feel that she is of lower status than you and is looking at you from below. However, it is right to help others.”

“Really? Is it right?”

“Of course. It’s just that when you help someone, don’t think about what kind of result you can get.”

“Yeah…” Lin Che sighed. “Anyway, as long as I’m helping others with a clear conscience, it’s okay. I’m not asking for gratitude from whomever I help. If she’s unwilling to thank me, so be it. I’ll just not help her next time. I have a clear conscience and I can only help this far. It’s okay if she doesn’t reciprocate.”

Gu Jingze smiled and patted her head.

Who said that Lin Che was completely useless?

She was such a witty girl. She was optimistic, forward-looking, kind, and she would never be knocked down by anything.

Because of this, that was why she was so lucky. Because luck was a result of a person’s hard work. It was also the beginning of a person’s hard work.

She had good luck because she was firstly ready to accept good luck. Once she was ready, she could grab hold of the good luck when it came.

He smiled. “Don’t you find it spicy?”

Lin Che really did not feel it before. It was only now that she felt that her lips were already numb.

“Oh my, I can’t. I can’t do this anymore. Boss! Boss! Quick give me a glass of sweet beverage. My lips are almost falling off.”

The boss was already waiting at the side. He carefully approached them and handed Lin Che the drink. He didn’t dare to look directly at Gu Jingze. As he put down the drink, he stole a glance and quickly retreated.





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